What Your Favourite Spirit Says About You

Spirits are of course the quickest and most economical way of getting drunk. But what does your choice of spirit say about you?

What Your Favourite Spirit Says About You

Sometimes, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, you crave something that’s a little lighter than a lager, ale, or cider ("hard cider," if you’re American). Thankfully, that’s where spirits come in. Either drink them neat like a little daredevil, or mix them with your favourite soft drink ("soda," if you’re American), and they’re perfect on a night out, with a meal, or just when you’re relaxing at home. So what does your favourite spirit tell you about what you’re like as a person? Let’s find out.


Your taste buds probably haven’t been refined yet. It can be seen as the "gateway" spirit, something you use to test your palate before going off and finding more interesting flavours to go with. You’re also the sort of person to mix it in with Coke, because let’s be honest, who’s doing shots of vodka these days when you can have a tequila, a Sambuca or a Jagerbomb? If you did want to venture out into the wider world of spirits without it costing you the Earth, then Promo Codes For has you covered. They have discounts from a whole range of vendors like Sianbury’s, Asda, and Waitrose, meaning you can get more for your money when you start to explore what other spirits can do for you.


You’re the sort of drunk that gets emotional rather than loud, effervescent, or aggressive. You normally have this with tonic, or if you're being adventurous, lemonade. You’re probably someone who doesn’t like leaving the house much; you enjoy the comforts of home and a cheeky G and T most days when you come back from work. Day drinking is fine for you because you’re the sort of person who can mask your drunkenness quite well, whilst at the same time functioning well in your nine-to-five office job, or career in the arts.


If you were living in the olden days, you definitely would've been a pirate. In fact, you only really wanted to drink this in the first place because of that meme from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl. If you’re a spiced rum kind of person, then you see yourself as being out there, adventurous, and noteworthy.


That drink for people who say ‘Oh no, I don’t drink.’ It’s the perfect tipple if you’re looking for something to have after your Sunday roast if you think Brandy is too strong. It’s possible that Bailey’s is the only alcoholic drink you like, because it comes in quite a lot of sweet (and sometimes sickly) flavours, so it doesn’t really taste like booze. They’re always introducing new flavours too to keep you on your toes, including a new salted caramel one.


Style and sophistication, or so you think. If you like a brandy after a hearty meal, then you’re probably doing well for yourself. If you have a decanter and matching brandy glasses then you’re doing even better. It’s an older man’s tipple usually, so if you’re on the younger side then the probability is that you’re wiser than your years—or at least you like to think so.


You enjoy pain. That’s the only reason I can give for why you enjoy the sharp, stinging aftertaste that the aniseed drink gives you. You don’t have it with anything, you always have a shot or two to perk you up at the start of a big night full of heavy drinking. If you drink this and only this, then you’re a bit weird, and you’re the sort of friend to drop into conversations, say something horrific in a deadpan kind of way, and then exit the conversation.


Speed demon. Whatever you like doing, you do it at pace. Running a marathon? Do it quick. Getting dressed in the morning? Do it quick. Delicate open heart surgery? Do it quick. You’re the sort of person who hates slow walkers in the streets and someone who lives for the weekend, so you can visit the same club you always do and smash down three jagerbombs in a row like a boss. You’ll have a thumping hangover the next day, but it doesn’t matter, because you live for the sesh, and you’re going to do the exact same thing next week.


You don’t go for all that ‘namby pamby cocktail nonsense’ you probably say. And with that amount of disregard for anything that doesn’t taste like bitter yeast, there’s no wonder you’ve completely ignored the whole premise of the article. You’re the sort of person to reference the famous yeast extract in saying, ‘I’m like Marmite, you either love me or you hate me.’ Another yeast reference, you’re obsessed. You probably think you’re the life and soul of the party, but you’re the one that gets drunk too quickly and shouts obtusely to the annoyance of all your ‘friends.’

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