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vodka & gimlet

by Caitlin Nightingale 26 days ago in vodka
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keeping it simple, one opinion at a time

fresh kills, 161 grand street brooklyn

life is about balance. the citrus to the alcohol. the flirtation to the elusion. the sour to the sweet. the play to the work.

welcome to vodka & gimlet: a series.

vodka is fussy, well-connected & well drunk.

gimlet is kind, warm & the truth serum to your terrible mixology.

accidentally, we started a tour of mixologists & bartenders in manhattan that can successfully make the classics. those timeless cocktails that are simple. they are not syrupy. they make a hard work day just a little bit better. anything, over a cocktail & bar nuts becomes a digress of what exactly happened on the teams & moments of the work day, lets things balance out & adjust.

a few years ago, vodka wandered into saint theo in west village and ordered as follows, “i’d like something tart, not sweet at all, and preferably a vodka drink. what can you manage?” the bartender spoke her language & said “what you want is a gimlet, but with vodka.”

hence started vodka’s gimlet run … she can’t handle more than one gin a night, & all her girls have a one gin rule per “school night.”ie, a night before needing to go to work tomorrow … (ordering this drink, or any gin based drink is kept to one. {we love to say})

discovering the gimlet with vodka opened a world of tart boozy goodness without the “make work impossible” hangover. let’s remember that gin is made of juniper berries (the poison of shakespeare & co).

since then, vodka has ordered a “vodka gimlet” wherever she goes. rather like that old audrey hepburn movie “music where ever she goes” only vodka, & underwhelmed bartenders. let’s mention, they are only confused if amateur mixologists …

because you will not be surprised to find that 85% of mixologists (or those that call themselves so) don’t know that a gimlet is spirit, lime juice, & shake … on a less boozy day a bit of soda water with aforementioned ingredients. the uninformed add copious amounts of syrup or sweetener, making it a boozy, stressed & disgusting.

gimlet enjoys something clean, preferably a good wine, but happy to venture into the realm of cocktails & properly balanced drinks.

wandering down our various ways, we both realized we have an inordinate enjoyment of asking questions of every human next to us, every bartender we’re honored to have mix our drinks & every random person we chat with while sneaking a smoke outside. (american spirits for life, preferably the celadon blue pack)

occasionally there will be guest appearances by other players … there is a mysterious & elusive Amaro, the wild Vodka Tonic, our very own Tequila, & the beloved Skinny Margarita. Oohhhh but wait, I must not forget Champagne, & the effervescent hydrated “Water Please.”

please enjoy … & also don’t tell me you don’t understand … we all have these alter egos … sometimes bubbles, sometimes gimlet …. either way, here to wander, ask questions, observe, critique, satirize.

all with love. because at the end of the day … this plethora of alter egos … or maybe we are different humans completely ... we are salty at times & here for a good drink, a long chat, with lots of love.

enjoy this satire.

enjoy this critique.

enjoy this tour of New York City, & so many beautiful spaces beyond.

xx Vodka & Gimlet … for all the Spirits 🫶


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Caitlin Nightingale

The many moods of a moon child.

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