Top 10 Beers of All Time

by Nate Quellhorst 12 months ago in beer

Not the Best Brands, but the Best Times to Have a Beer

Top 10 Beers of All Time

Beer. We all love it. Until we don't. This isn't about those mornings after a few too many pops. This is about the times that the delicious combo of hops and barley comes together and fits the situation perfectly.

So without further ado and in no particular order, the best beers (shoutout KFCRadio for the idea).

The Cooking Beer

Some people have some wine while they're cooking. I prefer the hops. Pop that towel over your shoulder, crack open a beer, and cook you and your lady (or just yourself) a lovely meal.

If your cooking game is in the dumpster, learn how to make some bomb meals and not break the bank from the $20 Chef.

The Beach Beer

It's hot. There's sand EVERYWHERE. But you've got some great tunes going, that salt air smells amazing, you're in a happy place. Crack that cerveza, pop in a lime, and throw away all sense of time.

The Airport Beer

I hate flying. I'm not saying alcohol is a good way to numb your fears but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus airports exist free of time and space. Nobody knows if you're coming back from a work trip or heading out to Vegas. There's no judgement with this beer.

The Holiday Beer

You've got a few days out of the office. Paid vacation. Hanging with family can be stressful, you're gonna need a drink. Whether its Blackout Wednesday (Wednesday before Thanksgiving) or a cold one at Easter Brunch, you need this beer.

The Tailgate Beer

Waking up at 7 AM sucks. But waking up at 7 AM to hang with your friends and celebrate your team doesn't. Ice down a few dozens brews and hit the parking lot.

The Shower Beer

I said these weren't in any particular order but this is number 1. If I ever get to the age where I don't enjoy an ice cold adult pop in a hot shower, go ahead and put me out of my misery. The Shower Beer is the ultimate pregame beverage, and my good friends at Shakoolie are here to help you out.

The First Beer of Happy Hour

Work sucks. Your boss sucks. Your co-workers suck (some of them, not you Mike, you're cool). Get to the bar at 5, meet your buddies, and enjoy the first frothy sip that takes you away from your mind-numbing 9 to 5.

The Post-Mid-Race-Nap Beer

This one is a personal one. If you've never attended the Indianapolis 500, you need to remedy that ASAFP. Bring 10-50 of your closest family and friends, haul in no less than 150 cold to lukewarm beers, and enjoy. Take a nap around lap 100, wake up at lap 150-200 to your buddy chucking a beer at your chest telling you to get back in the game. Hop up, chug that bad boy, and celebrate the fact that you live in a country where we honor the rebels and outlaws that used to outrun the law hauling bootleg booze.

The First Beer of Football Season

Doesn't matter if you're a Patriots fan (evil empire) looking forward to another Super Bowl run or a Browns fan enjoying your first win in two years. That first beer in September when Al Michaels welcomes football back into our lives just tastes so good, so full of hope. No season ending injuries, no cockamamy rules ruining the game, none of the downsides just the upsides.

The Post Yard Work Beer

There is something so satisfying after finishing up mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, cleaning out the gutters, whatever and cracking open a cold one and looking out over your domain. Even if you just rent it. Pop a top, open up a lawn chair, crank the tunes and enjoy.

So get out there. Try all of these beers, try them all as often as you can. Life is too short. Drink that beer, call that girl/guy, quit that job. Live your life the best that you can. "You're alive but are you living" - Pat McAfee

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