The Wine Industry Adapts with Virtual Wine Tasting Events

by Jason Suttie 2 months ago in wine

Wine experience website adds virtual wine events to help wine lovers around the world.

The Wine Industry Adapts with Virtual Wine Tasting Events
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For wine lovers all over the world one of the best innovations to come out of lockdown has been virtual wine tasting events.

In some cases, it's also allowed them to step out of their usual wine tasting circles and travel the world experiencing wines and vineyards they might not have otherwise known about. All from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual wine tasting events have brought wine educators, winemakers and vineyards into the homes of people who appreciate their knowledge and experience.

However, one of the biggest challenges wine lovers experienced post lockdown was the existence of one central website where they could find a broad range of virtual wine tasting events.

Wine Experience Directory

Seeing the opportunity to help more people experience wine, in line with their aim, Get Tasting adapted their existing directory to include virtual wine tasting. started in late 2019 as a wine experience site, listing wine tasting events and wine courses. It developed an easy portal where event and course hosts could submit their listing to the site to be included in the searchable directory. Get Tasting would review the listing, and once approved it would be posted on their directory.

The wine experience website grew in popularity over Christmas 2019 and was getting thousands of visits from wine lovers looking for events where they could learn more about wine.

Then in March 2020 the world was hit with COVID 19 and the wine tasting world changed completely.

All of a sudden venues around the world were unable to host tastings or courses due to social distancing rules.

Almost overnight searches for wine tasting events stopped and traffic disappeared. The saddest part was that although Get Tasting had lost traffic, event hosts saw their businesses dry up as they were forced to cancel or postponed their events.

Some hosts were able to adapt their businesses quickly and start running virtual wine tastings almost straight away. Others took a little longer to develop suitable tasting programmes. But now were seeing a broad range of events available to wine lovers.

A Broad Range of Virtual Tasting Events

The events listed on Get Tasting range from basic wine introductions for beginners all the way through to expert level wine production techniques masterclasses.

So whatever your level there is sure to be an event that will meet your desire to learn more about enjoying wine.

Many of the hosts are also able to supply wines to attendees. Depending on the type of tasting, these sometimes come as full bottles. Where the event is looking at tasting a broader range of wines or perhaps more expensive wines, the hosts have come up with innovative ways to distribute these into smaller measures.

Innovation in the wine industry has seen huge changes over the last few years and this method of running wine tasting events will continue to develop as hosts and brands look for opportunities to better educate and engage wine lovers.

The challenge for any host is to continue to provide engaging events. So it will be interesting to see how events change over the coming months and how this new format of wine tasting will work alongside traditional in-person events. is already seeing a broader range of virtual wine tasting events and continually update their site to adapt to changes and innovations in the wine industry.

The latest changes have seen event times show in your local timezone, so visitors from all over the world can see when an event is happening. They've also added bookmarking, so you can flag future events you'd like to attend.

If you've not yet had a chance to experience a virtual wine tasting, visit and find a wine tasting event that pairs well with your experience and interest.

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Jason Suttie
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