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The Pursuit of Hoppiness: An Ode to America's Most Popular Beers

The Choice of Brews is Endless

By Paul AustinPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
The Pursuit of Hoppiness: An Ode to America's Most Popular Beers
Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash

There's a quote I once heard that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. And if that's the case, the almighty must hold a particular affection for the United States. Now, I've journeyed across continents, traversed through cultures, and dabbled in my fair share of fermented beverages, but there's something uniquely American about a cold brew on a hot summer day. Or a crisp fall afternoon. Or a cozy winter evening. Alright, let's face it, any time is beer time. This is my journey through the crowded, colorful, and ever-bubbling landscape of America's most popular beers.

Hops, Barley, and the American Dream

First things first, let's talk about beer in America. With over 8,000 breweries and counting, it's safe to say we have a bit of a thing for the frothy beverage. From craft IPAs to mass-market lagers, our palates have evolved into a rich tapestry of beer-loving bravado. And if you think that all American beer tastes like that watered-down lager your granddad used to drink, boy, are you in for a surprise.

What makes our beer scene special? It's a combo platter of tradition, innovation, and good old American gumption. We love our classic Budweisers and Coors as much as we crave the latest citrus-infused, double-hopped, barrel-aged concoction from the tiny craft brewery down the road. This spectrum, my friends, forms the backbone of America's beer narrative. And if you're a traveler, a foodie, or just someone who appreciates a good pint, you'll find yourself right at home in this hops-heavy story.

The Heavyweights: Budweiser and Coors

Budweiser remains one of the most popular beers in America

Budweiser, or as it's fondly known, 'The King of Beers', holds an iconic place in the American psyche. First brewed in 1876 by Adolphus Busch, it’s a medium-bodied, flavorful, crisp American-style lager. Despite the rising tide of craft beer, Budweiser still holds court in countless bars, cookouts, and baseball games across the country.

Similarly, Coors, the 'Banquet Beer', is another testament to our love for beer that's uncomplicated and enjoyable. Born in the Rockies, Coors brings a certain unpretentiousness that resonates with the hardworking, blue-collar spirit of America. And let’s be honest, there’s a certain charm to cracking open a can of ice-cold Coors after a long day.

The Craft Beer Revolution

But hold on, we aren’t just about mass-market lagers. The past few decades have seen the birth and exponential growth of craft beer in the United States. This isn't just beer; it's art, science, and a little bit of rebellion in a glass. From fruity IPAs to robust stouts, America's craft beer scene is as varied and vibrant as the country itself.

Take Sierra Nevada, for instance. Since 1980, this California-based brewery has been a pioneer in the craft beer revolution, combining traditional brewing methods with a commitment to sustainability. Or look at Dogfish Head, a Delaware-based brewery that has made waves with its offbeat, creative beers that challenge conventions and delight beer lovers. And these are just two examples in a sea of incredible craft breweries dotting the American landscape.

Beer: A Journey, Not a Destination

By Fábio Alves on Unsplash

I can go on about the ever-growing list of American beers, the trends, the flops, and the cult classics. But if there's one thing I've learned from my travels, it's that the joy is in the journey, not the destination. The same goes for beer. Don't just drink it, experience it. Try new brews, explore different styles, join a local beer tasting. Make it part of your own unique food and drink experiences.

Every beer you taste is an opportunity to connect with a place, a tradition, or an idea. That citrusy IPA from your local craft brewery might be a nod to the agricultural heritage of the area. That malty lager might be the result of a century-old family recipe.

A Toast to America’s Beers

A sample of America's popular beers

And so, here's to American beer - the age-old lagers, the innovative ales, the crafty crafts, and the yet-to-be-discovered brews. Here's to the brewers, the beer geeks, the casual pint enthusiasts, and everyone in between. And here's to you, fellow traveler, may you always find a good beer at the end of your journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just a casual drinker, remember, there’s always something brewing in the American beer scene. The possibilities are endless. So, sit back, crack open a cold one, and take a sip of Americana. I promise, it’s worth the trip.


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