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The Perfect Two: Chocolate Covered Cherries and Red Wine

Can you tie a knott with the cherry stem only using your mouth?

By Ms.Jessica NayeliPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The perfect two

Chocolate covered cherries and red wine are the perfect pairing.

This is a spin on the classic chocoate covered strawberries. We all know that strawberries are an aphrodisiac, so it's a pairing that I offten have with wine. Chocolate covered strawberries are a staple for Valentines's day as a gift of love an admiration, It's romantic! Is chocolate also an aphrodisiac ? no. But is is so tasty you can cover almost anything in chocolate and make it twice as delicious. No wonder we have fountains dedicated to chocolate, and again it's a romantic sweet treat that we can enjoy to sweeten our world. We can all use more romance in our lives after-all.

Now that you're craving a sweet and sexy evening with your partner let me tell you about the magic of chocolate covered cherries and a glass of red wine.

Picture this, the light is dim from the candle lights. You've just had the most delicious meal, savory and filling. Now you're chattting about life and goals with your partner. They tell you a funny joke and you smile sweetly. The ask if you'd like a chilled glass of lovely red wine, you say "yes I'd love a glass of red wine." The evening is going even better than you thought. They bring over two chilled glasses and a beautiful wine bottle from Bright Cellars. They began to pour delicately as the smile at you and lock eyes. How can this evening get any better? That's went they say "wait! I have the perfect pairing," and bring out a platter of the most beautiful plump cherries you've ever stumbles upon AND they're chocolate covered.

Now your pallet is dancing, the zing from the cherries taste and the sweetness of the chocolate is perfect. You can inhance the taste by sipping on some red wine (extra points if the red wine already has hints of cherry.) It's absolutle delicious! The wine I personally recommend is Zweigelt 2019 it's a light-bodied bottle that gives you the perfect balance between the acidity of the cherries and wine with the counter taste of the sweet chocolate. It makes a perfect pairing. This evening will be one for the books.

Choosing cherries for me began in a less romantic way, I had not gone grocery shopping for a few days too many and my sweet tooth got the best of me. The only thing I had in my house that could give me the relief and enjoyment of a sweet treat was chocolate made for dipping. What would I dip? Penuts? no too salty. I had ran out of options when I realized I had a mason jar full of pretty cherries. I ran with the idea so fast that by the time I was done with dinner my mouth ws watering for the perfect treat. The benifts of eating cherries are also great they have lots of antioxidant properties and carry lots of potassium in them. I love cherries! and covering them in chocolate and adding a glass of red wine was the perfect pairing.

How to recreate this:

The wine part is easy:

just go to and pick out your own bottle of wine! yum

Chocolate covered cherries:

Visit your local grocery store and pick out the best looking cheeries (I recommend those with no seed! it's easier to eat them this way) and chocolate made for dipping.

Next sanitize your hands, tools, and fruit properly and lay out all the ingredients

(chocolate, cherries, tray,)

Now beging the dipping process and cover the cherries one by one and place them gently on the tray.

Finally take your tray full of chocolate covered cherries and place it inside the freezer to chill for longer than 25 minutes until chocolate is fully harden.


I highly recommend trying this one. And as an added challege: Can you tie a knott with the cherry stem only using your mouth? If you can it's commonly known that having this ability makes you a great kisser. It'll be another thing you and your partner can find out while having this perfect paring. XOXO


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