Taking a U-Turn

by Morganne Thayer 2 years ago in humanity

Why I decided alcohol is no longer worth it.

Taking a U-Turn

First of all, I want to clarify that this piece is not about a struggle with alcohol or an addiction but rather my decision to take a long-term break from the sauce. As I sit here, sipping my morning coffee and pounding away at the keys on my laptop, I find myself thinking about alcohol, moreover, whiskey and just the thought of that getting into my system is making me nauseous. The mere thought of smelling or tasting it makes me want to vomit right here, all over my new rug.

This was the sign that showed itself to me a while back but I wasn't sure if it was just something I ate or something deeper than what I had thought. I was unaware of the real consequences when I was younger, (aren't we all?). Alcohol was the center of conversation in college between my friends, teammates, and classmates, it was a story that started with "So I was pretty drunk, right?" or "We all went out and got hammered and this girl starts-" so on and so forth. It all ends up with someone vomiting, someone crying, or some sort of altercation, and sometimes a loss of personal belongings and a little self-respect. Needless to say, I was over it quickly. I wanted nothing more to do with the partying lifestyle all within less than two years.

I am at the point now where Alcohol makes me feel shitty rather than making me feel good.

According to Healthline some of the effects on the body include heart and liver damage, Atrophia, (or decrease in mass of a bodily organ or tissue such as the brain), as well as infertility, lung infections, and stomach problems including ulcers. Needless to say, I would rather live a longer life than potentially getting caught up in a web of poor health due to an irresponsible lifestyle. To me, alcohol just isn't worth the hangovers, the headaches, and the lack of control over one's own body and mind.

It has been three days since my last drink and even that evening, sitting at my friend's house, sipping some white wine, I realized I didn't care to drink anymore, I didn't care to waste money on a substance that would make me sick after a few glasses. I don't care to go on with my life putting myself in danger of all of the potential issues I could have with alcohol and the risks to my health that I think "won't happen" until they do, until someday when it's too late. I want a career in writing, a happier, more fun-filled existence with little worry or stress. I wish to live my life better, for those I love and those who love me and that is why Alcohol is kicked to the curb. It isn't because I've been arrested and woken up in a dark alley with blood dried on my clothes or because someone told me I had to for my own sake; but because I never want it to get that far, I never want to be someone who didn't have a choice. I've always believed that one always has a choice but somewhere along the line when it comes to alcohol, you eventually don't.

So today, as I take the last sips of my coffee, look at what chores need to be done around the house, and if I should hit the gym or do an at-home workout, I remember the fact that I gave myself a choice and I made the right one, to be sober with the choice of whether or not I have a drink now and then. I can go on with my day and know I am making steps toward better health, longer life, and many more choices down the road.

Morganne Thayer
Morganne Thayer
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