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She felt deeply that God had

She felt deeply that God had

By regina anthonyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Although Aladdin's reputation and position became more and more prominent, he still did not change his true character, and kept some of the habits of the past, and still kept close association with his old friends. He insisted on horseback riding and often galloped in the square in front of the palace to participate in riding competitions presided over by the emperor. Princess Badinu Butoru was lively, lively, and fond of play. Every time she saw Aladdin's vigorous figure and excellent riding skills, her heart was filled with love. She felt deeply that God had arranged it so well for her. It was her husband Aladdin who protected her and kept her virginity when she was entangled with the prime minister's son. And the fact that she was now in love with Aladdin, as she had wished, was an example of God's grace to her.

Aladdin's reputation spread far and wide, and the people loved and trusted him day by day. In the minds of the common people, he has become a great and extraordinary figure, and has won the admiration and support of the world.

One day, A suddenly heard the news of an enemy invasion from the border. The emperor immediately transferred troops, and let Aladdin hang the commander, led the heavily armed troops to the front line against the enemy.

Aladdin obeyed, led the troops, without stopping, day and night to the battlefield, against the strong enemy. He fought bravely in the battleground, taking the lead, risking his own life. The fighting became more and more fierce, with heavy casualties on both sides. On the battlefield, the collision of swords, swords and halberds, the noise of people roaring and horses hosing into a piece of the tragic scene. Finally, Aladdin showed his skill, broke through the enemy, killed the enemy helmet and fled in distress.

Aladdin won a great victory and took many spoils.

The news of Aladdin's victory over the enemy made the town rejoiced.

When he returned triumphantly, the emperor himself went out of the city to meet him, and embraced him lovingly and kissed him. People also rushed out to see their hero, to cheer and celebrate him, the whole city was enveloped in a festive atmosphere.

The emperor and Aladdin went into the city side by side, beaming. Accompanied by the Emperor, Aladdin went back to his palace. Princess Badinu Butoru had been waiting to meet him, and had kissed him on the forehead with great joy, and had kindly given him and the emperor A rest, and had ordered the maidservant to bring out juice and cakes, and to eat and drink with them.

Aladdin annihilated the enemy and won the admiration and love of the government and opposition. To celebrate his victory, the emperor issued an edict ordering cities all over the country to be decorated with lights to celebrate the victory. In this way, Aladdin became so famous that all the officials, the army, and the people looked at him differently. In the eyes of the people, Aladdin was God, and they prayed for him. Because Aladdin was generous and loved by the people, and because of his excellent riding and fighting skills, and because he had defended the country and destroyed the enemy, people respected him.

At this time, Aladdin's reputation, status has reached the point of unmatched.

Moreover, African magicians, ever since they returned home, have been unwilling to accept their failure, always thinking of their own journey to get the magic lamp, especially after so many hardships, almost to get the magic lamp and then disappeared, feeling very sad and angry. He cursed Aladdin for disobeying his orders and causing him regret all his life. He sometimes cried out in anger and grief, but in the end he consoled himself by saying, "The little bastard is dead in the tunnel now. I'll go and get the lamp when I can. It's still there."

The glimmer of hope that had remained in the heart of the African magician was restored after a few days. He was determined to get his act together.


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