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Pointers to Ease a New Year's Hangover

by Sue C 5 years ago in list
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Our top 5 most creative and unique remedies.

New Year's Eve is here and you are ready for the festivities. All you drinkers out there know tonight will be fun tomorrow morning is payday for it, especially if you have to work.

There are many ways people choose to deal with a hangover, some live by their remedies while others who are desperate for anything to get rid of the throbbing headache will try just about anything. We’ve interviewed over a hundred people for this article and have chosen our favorite and most unique top 5 remedies. Do they really work? We will leave that to your determination!


The hair off the dog's back.

An oldie but very popular goodie referring to drinking alcohol to cure a hangover. This response was favored by more than half of the people we surveyed so we began to probe a little deeper to find the origin of it. Erica D. from Manchester reports that it is another way of saying “eating a hair off the dog that bit you.” According to Erica it dates back to an old wise tale when people felt that eating a hair of a dog with rabies that bit you mixed in a potion would keep you from getting rabies. With alcohol it’s the same as saying to cure what afflicts you, put more of it into your body. Although super popular it is not a recommended remedy, can lead to a worse hangover than what you started with and daytime drinking. Does it really work ? It works just as well as any hangover remedy.


Chicken noodle soup with hot sauce and lime.

This was a well known remedy in parts of the Hispanic community we interviewed, particularly Ecuadorians and Peruvians. We couldn’t get an exact science behind this one. However, many said the soup mixed with hot sauce helped them sweat out the alcohol thus helping the hangover. They also prefer to cook the soup the night before and leave it ready for the next morning after drinking as they would feel to ill to cook it.

This remedy is a deep rooted cultural belief, definitely worth a shot. Be to leave your pot of soup ready before heading our tonight.


This was the most practical suggestion we heard from Amy RN in Cherry Hill NJ. Fluids, rest and Tylenol or Advil. Amy says nothing cures her hangover except Father Time. Alcohol dehydrates you and that causes many of the hangover symptoms Amy states. You need to replenish and give your body a chance to recover. Amy suggests staying away from caffeine and sugary drinks as they can further dehydrate you and rehydrating water and Gatorade. Please note note we are not doctors and do no offer medical advice. Always check with your doctor before taking any medication.


While interviewing my close friend from Puerto Rico I not could hide my amusement and her laughter was contagious as she told me about this next remedy. As a child growing up in Puerto Rico she recalls watching her Uncle and her Father rub a lemon or lime under the armpit of the holding arm. If you hold your drink in your left hand, then you rub it under your left armpit to prevent a hangover. There’s no rationale to this one, except for the adamant insistence my friend listened to for years that it was effective. We highly recommend bringing an extra piece of lemon or lime with you.

Among chaos of the festivities you may just pick up your drink with the wrong hand and want to rub a little juice under your other arm. We loved this remedy, it’s safe, easy and sure to make for a good conversation piece during the evening.


Tbe interestingly and slightly bougie approach to a hangover cure came from long time upper West Side New Yorker Frankie. He introduced us to the NY way of curing hangovers. A company called the Hangover Club can have a registered nurse at your residence within 30-45 minutes to administer a cocktail of IV fluids relieving your hangover. There are a few IV fluids to choose from, and you can boom your appointment right online.

For more information on this service see this link.

Wishing you a memorable New Year's Eve that’s filled with laughter and spirits. If you dare, try one of our top 5 remedies for if you have a hangover. As always, we love hearing from you and appreciate your share of our article on your social media network.

**It is of utmost importance to this blogger that you arrive home safely wherever you find your self on New Year’s Eve. Please see this link for a state by state list of people/agencies available to get you home safely if you have been drinking**


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