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My Walk With Fibromyalgia

My journey to self-health

By Anne EvelandPublished 23 days ago 3 min read
When nerves are inflamed, they feel like lightning.

How does it feel for someone to have it? Speaking from experience, it feels like a lightning inflamed nerves shooting across the body. No, it is not just one part of the body, but all in one side or even the whole body itself. It like experiencing torture, without knowing who is hurting you. Only making you want to latch out, just to make it stop.

People have argued about what made people have Fibromyalgia. Believe me, I wouldn’t want it. From what I have learned, it could be caused by trama of any kind, stress of heavy amounts, or even illness of the worst kind. If that was true, I would think more people would end up having Fibromyalgai in the future. Like a bad fashion statement.

But I can declose that at least trama and stress, could be the reason I have it. I have seen enough in life to know what real trama can be. Without going into the military or be apart of the police force, or even firefighting and paramedics. I have to wonder, do any of them end up with more than just trama, after their years on the job.

The average age for people who end up with Fibromyalgia is reported to between 35 and 45 years of age. I can safely say that yes that was true for me. But I may have had earlier than that, because every winter I would have really bad hip pain. Once the tempers went up from late Spring to Summer, I was no longer in pain. But it was not until my mid thirties that it wouldn’t stop after the temperature had gone up and I went in to see a doctor.

Since the moment of discovery, I would be put on every medication that my insurance would allow. Only to find that I would be the 1% that wouldn’t be able to either take them due to being sick from them. Or my body could no longer handle the medication to ignore the pain. Oh, I forgot to mention, I do have a high tallariance to pain. And with that, none in the known market with my insurance, I was not able to find any releaf.

Yes there are options like CBD treatments, but even them got a little more expensive due to my pain intallariance. I have researched a lot of things. Only to find that turmeric and lavender do help, but even they don’t do much. They only managed to take the surface amount of pain. At least enough to walk.

Living with Fibromyalgia has become a pain. I can’t really go anywhere without being tired. If I did managed to get chores done in the house. I already feel high amounts of pain, just doing simple things. Like bending to pick something up or even carry something heavy.

I had also found that yelling and high entance environments, have been enough to cause even higher amounts of pain. It had gotten so bad in my own home. I had asked my husband at the time, three years prior that we need help or I am thinking of leaving. Three years pass, nothing changed from the yelling and screaming, between my huband and our teenage girl. I finally had enough, sick of feeling pain, due to my environment around me and I asked for a divorce.

I did it for the fact, yes, I was sick and tired of being in pain. I also had enough of hearing that yes, I was in pain. But my then husband, growled out about his own pain back at him. So, I walked away. I did the best thing for my health and I feel the pain, but it’s not because of the stress around me, just the cold weather mainly.

I have done research and I am planning on going to Spain and get medical help there. Besides United Kingdom and Austriallia, I have found that Spain has found reliable input on helping people with Fibromyalgia. When I had told this to my mother and friends, many did not like that I would be overseas. But, I am doing this to find some peace from pain. I had enough of it telling me what I can’t do, which is limited.


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