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My favorite drinking games

by Dyllon Rodillon 2 years ago in list
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Remember; always drink responsibly

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I feel like every time I write one of these articles I have to remind everybody multiple times, please drink responsibly and if you have a problem to immediately get help. Now if you're planning to throw a party and want some drinking games to play, I hope this list helps.

Beer pong

Let's start off with a classic, it's beer pong. Everybody loves beer pong, you get a bunch of solo cups, and try to sink a ping pong ball into the solo cup. It's that simple. What I love most about beer pong is that you can play solo or in pairs.


Another classic, the goal is very simple. You bang a quarter on a table and try to get it into a cup, it is literally that simple. Which I guess is why I love quarters so much.


In order to play "Titanic" you'll need a shot glass and a beer glass. Then you get a beer of your choice and a hard liquor to match. First you poor your beer into the glass. Next you place the empty shot glass into the beer so it floats. Then what you'll do is fill the shot glass with the hard liquor as little or as much as you want. In order to win the game though, you cannot sink the shot glass and whoever eventually sinks the shot glass must chug the drink.

Cheers to the Governor

Cheers to the governor is a group game. The point of this game is to count to 21, however as time goes on each number will be modified somehow someway. So very simply at first the numbers 7 and 14 are switched, so the order actually goes 1,2,3,4,5,6 and then 14. Now once a cycle is completed the group takes a drink. Now in order for a number to be changed, either the governor which is the person who finished on 21 or even just messes up on any other number has to replace said number and take a drink. So let's say you're counting; 5,6 14, 8 and then someone messes up and says 10 instead of nine. They can say okay, for number 9 from here on out you have to clap instead of say the number 9. I'll be honest it takes a while to get used to but is an absolute blast.


"What's the name of this game?? THUMPER!! And why do we play?? To get drunk!" That line gets me so hype every time, very simply thumper is another memory game similarly to "Cheers To The Governor". Now everyone sits in a circle, and everyone has their "call sign" or signature move that they do. First you'll start off with your signature, then signal the next person by using their signature. Then the person you selected has to go until someone uses the wrong sign and then they have to drink. This game can be played solo or by teams.

Liar's Dice

If you've seen Pirates of the Caribbean or played "Red Dead Redemption 2" you might be familiar with this game. Although not traditionally a drinking game, I do modify this game to be a drinking game where every time a player loses a dice you take a shot. Now for those unfamiliar on how to play liars dice it can seem like a complicated game. I'll let Wikipedia explain the concept real quick through this link I'll post real quick.

So now that you've gotten a quick explanation as to how liar's dice works, just imagine all of that. Except every time you lose a dice, you'll also have to take a shot. Now that's going to cause some great times.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed what you have read today. I have plenty of different articles on many different topics. Feel free to give those other articles a read or two. Also if you'd be so kind, I'd greatly appreciate a heart and if you really feel so inclined tips are always appreciated but by no means required.


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