In Defence of Drinking Alone

10 excellent reasons to pop that cork!

In Defence of Drinking Alone

Before we begin, a disclaimer: I am not a health blogger. I regularly eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, and I think Tortilla Chips with cheese on them is a completely acceptable meal to eat in bed. I will not ever be the person you come to for tips on the 5:2 diet, and I roll my eyes whenever I hear the phrase ‘gluten-free.’ I sometimes eat salad, I often eat cheese, and when my friends text me incessantly enough I go to spin classes and complain the entire time. I do not understand quinoa, and I will throw things at you if you call any food ‘super.’ Also, wine is joy.

Okay, now that we’ve cleared up any misconceptions, onto the topic of the day: Drinking Alone.

For some reason, this is a topic with a pretty unshakeable stigma attached. Somewhere along the way, drinking alone became synonymous with a) having a crippling alcohol dependancy or b) having some sort of emotional crisis ‘a la’ Bridget Jones.

Drinking with friends, at parties, down the pub, or in more or less any social situation is completely acceptable, even actively encouraged, but pop a girl alone on a sofa with a nice glass of Pinot and you’ve suddenly got a serious problem…

As someone who lived alone for almost four years, I found this extremely problematic, because the social norm would dictate that any time I fancied a lovely glass of wine, I should manufacture some sort of social encounter. This left me with two choices:

A) Leave my lovely warm house to find a more acceptable drinking location, forcing me to change out of my Panda onesie, interact with humans I hadn’t chosen, and miss Scandal.

B) Invite someone into my lovely warm house despite not really being in the mood to socialise—(people who want company every evening do not choose to live alone…) and then watch angrily whilst they drink half of my lovely wine, all the while jabbering at me and making me miss Scandal.

Nowadays, this is not a problem I personally face. I live with my boyfriend, and so society dictates that I may, as a cohabiting adult, enjoy a glass of wine whenever I damn well please. However, in support of all the women out there living alone, staring longingly at their Pinot Noir, wishing things were different, here are just a few of the reasons why drinking alone is amazing:

  • Steak pairs way better with Malbec than orange juice.
  • Enjoying your own company is completely fine.
  • It is a brilliant way to de-stress after a terrible day.
  • It is a brilliant way to celebrate after an excellent day.
  • It gets the creative juices flowing: If you’re a writer this can be helpful!
  • Sometimes everyone sucks, but Chenin Blanc still tastes good.
  • If you get a bit teary-drunk, you can cry without embarrassing yourself.
  • It’s cheaper because you don’t have to share your wine.
  • A glass of wine in the bath with a great playlist is basically a religious experience.
  • Olivia Pope does it all the time, and she’s a total bad-ass lady-boss.

So in conclusion, if it’s a Monday night, and you’re home alone in your own lovely warm home, and you don’t want to go out because *ugh the people,* don’t feel bad for cracking that corkscrew out and treating yourself to a little tipple or two. Life is short, and you’re a bad-ass lady-boss.

“So I stayed in bed and drank. When you drank the world was still out there, but for the moment it didn’t have you by the throat.” – Charles Bukowski

Choice Words by Chantelle
Choice Words by Chantelle
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