How to Drink But Not Get Drunk

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How to Drink But Not Get Drunk

1. Drink that water, eat that meal.

The one thing many people don’t realize is that when they sit down to a meal at which they’ll be drinking wine, by balancing the amount of food with the alcohol intake, this will help to slow the effects the alcohol will have on your body. Also, while you are enjoying your delicious food grilling chicken breast, chicken taco salad, chicken caesar salad recipe your hands will keep busy, and you’ll be lifting that wine glass a lot less. Also a good idea is to have water available, or perhaps some soft drinks. Often water is a good idea to have along with a meal, because it will fill you up, and not affect you in any way. Remember that if you do not wish to drink alcohol with your meal, you have a choice, and if you wish you don’t have to let others know you are abstaining from drinking. So always consider beforehand what you’ll drink with your meal, how much, you'll and still be able to enjoy all the delicious food.

2. Set your limits.

It is always a good idea to decide how many drinks you’ll have before you even start drinking. Keep in mind the times you’ve had a bit too much to drink, and how bad you felt afterwards. This will keep you from having too many. Those who have done research on the effects of alcohol on the body, and how it affects the mind have suggested that people should not drink more than four drinks at one time. However everyone has a different tolerance level, so it also depends on each individual how much they can take. You have to decide for yourself, and even though your friends might be enjoying one drink after another, it does not mean you have to join in. Another thing you should consider is the cost of the drinks. So set a balance for yourself of how much you can afford to spend on alcohol, and do not go over your limit. Another good idea is to keep a level head, and once you start feeling pretty good is probably the best time to stop taking any more drinks.

3. Avoid drinking too quickly.

Always keep in mind that the quicker you drink, the less you can tell how the alcohol is affecting you. Keep a glass of water or soft drink nearby, and take some sips of this in between drinks. Take it slow, and enjoy your drinks, but don’t guzzle them. By drinking slower, and by drinking less, you’ll be better in control of how much you should, or should not drink. You’ll be able to tell how the alcohol is affecting you, and you’ll know when you’ve had enough.

4. Try saying no.

When you're out drinking with friends, it is always easy to forget yourself. Your friends insist you drink some more, and you’re willing to agree. This is never a good choice. Keep in mind how much you have already had, and stop for a while if you feel like it. No, is a good word to keep you from drinking too much and eventually getting drunk. Make sure you follow along, and know how much you have already had, and never go over the limit you set for yourself. You can still enjoy your time with your friends, just stop drinking.

5. Avoid drinking rounds and shots.

Depending on how many friends go out, always remember that if you start buying some drinks for your friends, it could get expensive. Keep in mind the budget you have set for yourself when it comes to drinking. A good idea is to avoid shots, which go quickly, but have a greater affect on your body. If you want to keep control of your drinking, avoid these, and if your friends insist, either tell them you’re not having any, or tell them you have had enough and leave. Remember, if the fun gets out of hand, being there for the shots can mean you forget your limits much quicker, and you can wind up getting very drunk.

6. Focus on other things.

When you’re out drinking, try to get your friends to enjoy some activities instead of just sitting around and drinking. If the bar has a pool table, or a darts board, set up a game. Perhaps there is dancing, and you can enjoy yourself between drinks. The more you drink, and do other things, the less you’ll be drinking. Enjoy your time out, and have some lively conversations between the laughing and joking–you’ll find that you’re less likely to keep lifting your glass so much.

7. Have a plan B

When you do go out drinking with friends always have a backup plan.

  • It is especially important for women to have a friend keep track of how much they’re drinking, and to make sure no stranger hits on them, and separates them from their friends.
  • It is also important for the male buddies to look out for one another, so that they do not drink way too much, and get too boisterous. Keeping a lookout for one another can help prevent a bar fight, which can happen when the drinking gets out of hand.
  • Make sure you, and your friends, know how you’ll all get home, and that no one drives under the influence of a drink.
  • Always have extra money on hand for taxis, or car services so that everyone gets home safe and sound.
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