How Many Is Enough?

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Did you know that over 15 million people suffer with alcohol addiction? In our day and age, getting plastered is becoming a popular trend and an obvious way to spend your Friday night. But where do you draw the line and where do you stop?

How Many Is Enough?

As obvious as it may sound, the best way of avoiding alcohol addiction is to drink in moderation or not drink at all. It is vital to educate young people about the consequences alcohol abuse can have on them. What is the most common answer you heard when you ask a young person what they are doing Friday night? Exactly.

Dying from alcoholism is an awful and devastating death that could have been stopped if the correct treatment was given in time. Liver disease, kidney failure, brain damage, pancreatitis, cancer, and the list goes on. People typically prefer to ignore this information until they begin to suffer in extreme pain but find themselves too far gone.

So where does the dependency start?

If you really not sure if alcohol is taking a bigger part of your life than it should, ask yourself:

  • Do you find your self drinking more than you have planned?
  • Have you ever attempted to quit alcohol drinking and were not successful?
  • How much do you drink daily or weekly?
  • Do you ever feel like craving for alcohol?
  • Does alcohol affect your work and family life?
  • Have you given up doing all the things you used to love before?
  • Does alcohol put you in uncomfortable and harmful situations?
  • Do you feel like life without alcohol is not the same and you just cannot get by?
  • Do you feel like alcohol is affecting your health?
  • Do you worry where the next drink is going to come from?
  • Do you find yourself drinking in order to relax?
  • Do you crave for a drink before a stressful situation?
  • Do you 'blank out?'

If the answer to most of this is yes, please take a break from alcohol and attempt to change your life whilst you can. There are plenty of ways to start living a healthier life.

Sometimes people who do suffer from the addiction say that it doesn't bother them and they enjoy this macho lifestyle. They pride themselves from being able to drink more and encourage others to join.

But have you ever thought about the sufferings we make our family member and friend go through?

Sometimes being next to someone who demonstrates inadequate behavior is just embarrassing but you don't tell them that to provoke any further unwanted actions. There is probably nothing more painful watching your friend or family member destroy their body, mind, and life. There is nothing more devastating that losing a family member to this awful disease and knowing that something could have been done about this at the right time.

How many families have been ruined over a bottle of spirit? How many young lives have been ruined? What could be worse than organizing a funeral of your children, whose life could have been so much brighter and full of adventures?

If you don't think about your self, please think about your loved ones.

Are you ready to get help?

In UK, you can call these wonderful people on a free drinking help line. Call 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9AM to 8PM, weekends 11AM to 4PM).If you are worried about yourself or your loved ones, they are there for you.

You can also join an alcoholics anonymous (AA), it is a 12 weeks program and is designed to help you get sober with the help of others.

There are plenty of services in the UK and are free. They are confidential of you do feel like you cannot open up your addiction.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is required to go through an intensive rehabilitation by medical professionals. It may be tough but the further you go the worse it gets.

It's okay to get help, millions of people around the world battle with this terrible disease. If you are suffering, you are not alone.

Today our family have received one of the worst news in our live s.It has been a tough battle, which we have sadly lost. This blog has been a lot more personal than usual. I would like to encourage people to speak out and do something about such problems. Alcoholism is not cool, it kills people and it splits families apart. I truly wish to each and everyone of you to never ever face this enemies.

Alex Korr
Alex Korr
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