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Holiday Wines

Best holiday wines 2020

Holiday Wines

This has been a year where wine is a must have so I would like to share three of my favorite wines that can be purchased at your local wine stores or ordered online. First let's start with what type of wines I enjoy. I love a full bodied wine that is sweet and smooth. I am also a fan of sparkling wines once again if it is sweet to the taste. So the first wine on my list for 2020 favorites is the Caposaldo sparkling peach, this wine is produced in Italy where the grapes used are grown on the cool hilltops of northern Italy’s Lombardy region. You can drink this for a special occasion of any kind and would pair perfectly at bridle showers, weddings, birthday parties and dessert tastings. It is super versatile in a celebratory setting and its priced very well under $15.00 USD a bottle. I love the pop cork that does not require a wine cork opener and the exciting pop you get as you lightly twist the cork. I'm quite sure if you shake it up you will get a surprise burst of wine from the bottle so be careful or shake up and celebrate. I really loved how the peach flavor is strong and the aroma lingers on the cork. With this wine you are sure to be pleased and it is packaged in a lovely clear bottle showing off it bold peach color with decorative peach colors and shimmering golds. This is a great gift wine or again perfect for celebrations.



PH: 3.15

ACIDITY: 4.4 g/l

ABV: 6.4%


My next wine is one I fell in love with at the Virginia wine festival in 2014. It is made by a local winery here in Virginia and is known for a variety of fruit flavored. My favorite specialty wine from Horton is the Blanco XOCO. This is a white chocolate wine that is so delicious you can drink the entire bottle in a matter of minutes, so pace yourself. The Blanco XOCO does have a cork that required a cork screw to remove it. It is priced just over $15.00 USD a bottle but it is still affordable and not expensive. It comes in a sleek simple bottle that hides its true burst of flavor that will leave you wanting more. They also have a chocolate version as well, but the white chocolate is just my ultimate favorite of the two. This wine is for me a date wine its the dessert to the dessert at the end of a romantic date. Pair this with strawberries or something that turns up the mood and I can promise your taste buds will be super excited.

Specifications - Xoco Blanco (non-vintage)

Name: Xoco Blanco

Bottle Size:500ml


Now for my last wine it was not on my original list but its for the sweet wine lover on a budget. Its super fruity and has a twist off cap. Comes in a variety of flavors from a vineyard in California, but my favorite is the Strawberry. Its Dive Bar Strawberry Moscato, a light-bodied wine bursting with lots of fruit flavors like strawberry, watermelon and kiwi. I found this wine in the refrigerated section and in the dessert wine section of the wine store. Its priced below $9.00 USD a bottle and its easy to mistake this for a soft drink with no alcohol because it so light and refreshing. This is for gatherings where you don't want to spend a whole lot of money but you want something people will enjoy. I would add this to the list as a secondary wine for parties or make it the wine of choice for get togethers, summer cookouts, or ladies night.


BRAND :Dive Bar Wine

COUNTRY / STATE : California

WINE TYPE : White Wine

STYLE : Sweet Moscato

ABV : 6.5%

TASTE : Strawberry, Kiwi

BODY :Light-bodied

I hope you get a chance to try all three of these delicious dessert wines this holiday season as we continue to social distance and work through these tough times. The good thing is wine goes with any thing so even if you are curled up with a bowl of fruit, your favorite book, watching a romantic flick or simply soaking in a bubble bath any of these wines would be the perfect companion or compliment to your quarantine days and nights. Always remember to drink responsibly and let's celebrate responsibly as well. Happy Holidays and hope you all get to enjoy great memories, or moments over a glass of wine.

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