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Fruit-Based Spirits to Try this Season

Fruit-Based Spirits

By Georgie HawthornePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Fruit based spirits like Strawberry or Raspberry liqueur are a great way to add flavor to drinks and cooking. They can be made from fruits that you might not normally think of, like apples or pears. The alcohol is infused with the flavors of the fruit, so they give your drink an interesting twist without adding too much sweetness.

Here are a few fruity tropical liqueurs and spirits to try out in your cooking as well as a refreshing beverage.

1. Applejack

Applejack is made from concentrated apple juice. It is traditionally distilled, then aged in oak casks for a few years. Applejack has notes of vanilla and toffee that are brought out by the aging process. Try it with other flavors like cinnamon or nutmeg for an enhanced taste experience.

Some people prefer mixing Applejack with cider instead of drinking it on its own because it gives their drink an interesting flavor without being too sweet. It can be used in cocktails such as the traditional Brooklyn Cocktail that is made with dry vermouth, applejack, and maraschino liqueur.

Applejack offers flavors that are unexpected in a spirit, and this allows it to be used when cooking. It can add sweetness which is great for glazes or reduced sauces on meat dishes such as pork chops, beef tenderloin, pheasant, venison steak etc.

Alternatively, apple brandy is made out of fermented apple juice that has been distilled into hard cider then aged in oak barrels. It tastes like apples but with an extra kick because of the high proof (80-100). The higher ABV also means you don't need to use much, just about one shot per cocktail recipe should be sufficient. Some people enjoy drinking apple brandy straight up while others prefer using it in cocktails where they can appreciate its flavor more since there are other ingredients involved too. Its mild taste and aroma also mean it won't interfere with the other flavors in your drink so feel free to experiment. Just mix some apple brandy into a whiskey cocktail or even vodka and cranberry juice if you want something lighter.

2. Apricot Brandy

Apricot Brandy is another great fruit-based spirit that can be used in a wide variety of cocktails. It is also great when served up with some ice and soda water or an orange peel garnish. There's no reason why you should only drink it straight though so try using apricot brandy to spice things up.

This fruity beverage has a sweeter taste than apple brandy but still maintains that characteristic fruit flavor which makes it ideal for spicing up simple drinks like vodka and soda, gin & tonics or rum & coke by adding this spirit instead of regular spirits. You can even add a dash into your favorite cocktail recipes too. Remember there are only small amounts needed per recipe since the flavors will really come through if you use one shot per drink; don't put in too much of it though or the drink will taste really sweet and not very nice.

Apricot Brandy is a liqueur made from apricots, either from concentrate, puree or dried. It differs from other fruit-based spirits in that it isn't aged in wood like most others which gives it a sweeter flavor than most others.

3. Blackberry Liqueur

Blackberry Liqueur offers a great taste of the fruit that you don't get when using blackberries in other forms. It's great for adding into cocktails or used to make delicious desserts with too. Blackberry Liqueur is made using fresh blackberries with a vodka base. If you are looking for an easy way to add flavor into your drinks then this might just be the one for you.

4. Cherry Vodka

Cherry Vodka is also a fruit-based spirit, this time made using cherries with a vodka base. It can be used in cocktails or for cooking recipes that call for fruit-based spirits to add some delicious flavor.

Cherry Vodka offers a beautiful taste of cherry without overpowering other ingredients thanks to its smooth vodka backbone. It is also perfect when added to desserts or even poured on top of ice cream. If you're a sweet cherry fan then you can't go wrong with Cherry Vodka.

5. Cranberry Liqueur

Cranberry Liqueur, like the fruit, offers a tart and sour taste. It's made by macerating cranberries, sugar, water and vodka together before filtering out the solids to leave a liqueur ready for drinking. Cranberry Liqueur can be used in many different cocktails or on its own for sipping over ice, perhaps with some soda water. If you're serving drinks at Christmas time then why not experiment with Cranberry Liqueur mixed with your favorite spirit.

6. Grapefruit Rum

Grapefruit is used in a lot of fruit-based spirits, but one that stands out is Grapefruit Rum. Fresh grapefruit juice is used in the process, giving it a unique flavor. Ideal for making citrus-based cocktails or adding to other drinks.

Grapefruit Rum can be mixed with bitter lemon, lime and also tonic water, which makes an incredibly refreshing drink. Alternatively, you could try using Grapefruit Rum in place of vodka when preparing your favorite food recipes too. Perfect for barbeques in the summer.

7. Strawberry Liqueur

Strawberry Liqueur is a firm favorite among sweet-toothed liquor lovers. The bright red fruit is used in the production process, giving it a vivid color and unique flavor. Strawberry Liqueur can be mixed with other spirits to create drinks or cocktails; try adding strawberry liqueur instead of triple sec when making margaritas.

This flavored Liqueur is also great for cooking recipes that use strawberries too, including cakes, biscuits and desserts. Try using Strawberry Liqueur as an alternative to balsamic vinegar when preparing salads which adds wonderful flavorsome sweetness.

8. Raspberry Liqueur

The tangy Raspberry is another sweet fruit that is used in the production process of liqueurs and spirits. Often described as a ‘summery’ taste, raspberry gives drinks which it has been added to a unique flavor.

Raspberry Liqueur can be mixed with other types of alcohol or even soda water for cocktails or drinking straight from the bottle by itself. Raspberry Liqueur goes great when making cosmopolitans too. Raspberries are also incredibly healthy, being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, perfect ingredients to add into your drinks if you want an extra nutritional boost.

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of fruit-based spirits and will find them to be a great addition to your home bar. Not only are they delicious, but their bright colors add excitement and fun to any party or gathering. Sharing these drinks is also a wonderful way for people to get together and connect.


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