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Erdinger Alkoholfrei Review

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

By Joe SmithPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

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Although Erdinger Weißbräu has a long rich history dating back the brewery’s founding in 1886 by Johann Kienle, Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a much more recent but still highly successful endeavour. Within five years of its introduction in 2001 Erdinger Alkoholfrei become the best-selling alcohol-free beer in the German market, due to placing itself uniquely as not just an alcohol-free beer but an isotonic sports recovery drink.

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By serving Erdinger Alkoholfrei for free at sporting event the brewery quickly established itself as the beer for athletes, holding a long partnership with endurance events such as the Berlin Marathon.

This focus on being primarily being a sports recovery drink comes across within the flavour and consistency of Erdinger Alkoholfrei. The beer is not simply Erdinger Weiβbier with the alcohol removed so those looking for the strong flavours of a Bavarian wheat beer may be left somewhat disappointed. As a whole Erdinger Alkoholfrei should be considered its own distinct beverages rather than a non-alcoholic variant of another drink.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei, is notably more carbonated than a typical wheat beer. As a sports orientated drink Erdinger Alkoholfrei has a very light body making it very refreshing and easy to drink. Erdinger succeeds in creating a “Refreshing Isotonic Drink”, a description Erdinger proudly places in big text on the shimmering blue labels of the Erdinger Alkoholfrei. The promotion of the reduced calories and the presence of vitamins B9 and B12. places Erdinger Alkoholfrei in competition with sports and energy rather than other beers.

While Erdinger Alkoholfrei’s carbonation is closer to that of an energy drink, the strong malty flavour of Erdinger Alkoholfrei is much more pleasant and natural tasting compared to the artificial and overly sweet flavourings of most sports and energy drinks. With Erdinger claiming the included vitamins reduce tired and promote the healthy functioning of the body’s immunes system Erdinger Alkoholfrei ideal for those undertaking Dry January for the health benefits.

While the flavour is distinct from over offerings from Erdinger such as Erdinger Weiβier and Erdinger Dunkel the experience of drinking Erdinger Alkoholfrei is familiar. Whether pouring from the familiar Erdinger brown bottle or Erdinger Alkoholfrei’s silver and blue can, the quality remains consistently high.

Like with the brewery’s wheat beer Erdinger Alkoholfrei is golden in colour and possesses a notably large and lasting head which, lest you feel the wrath of Erdinger ambassador Jürgen Klopp, should never be skimmed. With all off Erdinger’s beer being brewed and then imported from their own brewery in Erding, it is clear that Erdinger takes great care to remain consistent in quality and that remains true with Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

Erdinger Brewery in Erding

Overall, as far as non-alchoholic beers go, Erdinger one of the easiest to recommend. Those looking for the same flavour of Erdinger Weiβbier may be disappointed, but Erdinger’s deliberate approach to make Erdinger Alkoholfrei distinct with its own flavour profile is to the benefit of the drinker. Rather than being a worse version of an alcoholic beer, Erdinger Alkoholfrei stands as its own refreshing and crisp drink that for those looking for something to drink in dry January is worth at least giving a try.


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