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Cheapest Brews in the Maritimes

Trying to help maintain a pre-drunk without spending a fortune at the bar? You've come to the right place.

By Spencer MacAdamPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

If you, like me, reside in the Eastern Provinces of the Great North, chances are you have come across the taxes which plague our liquor stores. With such elevated prices, how can you still catch a buzz without breaking the bank?

Moosehead Dry Ice

The title may have the word dry in it but that is as far as it will go. With cans standing at $22.02 and bottles selling for $21.81, Moosehood offers one of the best deals on the list. The $5 difference from the overpriced alternatives may not seem like a huge difference to the average Joe, however, when you're surviving on your part-time job or pocket change from your summer job you completed months ago, a couple dollars can make a huge difference for the way your budget your weekend funds.

Busch Ice

Busch Ice is a staple in any partiers supply list. Canadian born, I was introduced to Busch when I moved to Halifax for school. After living on an alcoholic diet of Keiths and Molson, I quickly learned the effect the prices of these beers had on my bank account. Standing at $22.02, a customer is able to acquire a six percent twelve pack. Busch is recognized campus-wide as a standard for cheap beer.

Cold Shots

Selling at $12.99, Cold Shots are by far one of the cheapest options. You can leave the store with two packs of eight incurring a finical depletion of just $25. Although you may get a larger quantity, the size of the cans is recognizably smaller. While some argue you have to drink them faster, others persist abandoning them altogether and investing in a case of Busch Ice is more worth it.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

If you know your weekend is only going to consist of one night out, an eight-pack of Pabst may be all you need. Selling at $17.98, Pabst delivers the perfect level of intoxication before heading downtown.

Budweiser Shot

Offering an alternative to Molson's Cold Shots, Budweiser presents a seven percent beer. Budweiser Shot consists of a half a dozen cans that, like Cold Shots, promise a punch as long as they are consumed fast. However, unlike the Cold Shots which provide eight, Budweiser only promises six in a pack. One may be left wondering if the $2 saved is worth it or whether they would rather retrieve two additional drinks.

Tall Boys

Tall Boys are great as they can alter your order to its precise number without requiring you to have to borrow any extra money from your buddy for another pack. Tall Boys come at various prices depending on their prices but usually stay between $2-4.


Although not a wine connoisseur, I am not one to turn down a good deal. There are times when you have to sacrifice personal preference for the good of the evening. Confirming the credentials for a wine-o does not automatically make you a wine expert, however, it does ensure that you are aware of the finical advantage it can give you. Don't feel too guilty about abandoning your traditional brew, sometimes you have to sacrifice for a greater cause. This category does not only consist of wine it also encompasses any alcohol that is unusually cheap. A bottle of Girls Night Out stands at $9.99.

The above list is merely a suggestion, sales and the quantity you buy in have the ability to alter your bank account balance. However, if you are located in Nova Scotia, I can guarantee if you follow my instructions your evening will not only consist of alcohol but rather cover money as well as a post-midnight pizza.


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