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After drinking, if the body appears these 5 phenomena, that you are not suitable for drinking, suggest early abstaining

by Na Dunshie 26 days ago in alcohol
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After drinking, if the body appears these 5 phenomena, that you are not suitable for drinking, suggest early abstaining

Wine culture has been spread in many people's family gatherings, because they are busy with entertainment, wine is indispensable in family gatherings. On some important occasions, they inevitably become cocktail party friends.

After drinking, if the body appears these 5 phenomena, that you are not suitable for drinking, suggest early abstaining

Harmful drinking behavior is defined as consuming 61g or more of pure alcohol per day for men and 41g or more for women, according to the data.

These risks are essential for long-term drinking

1, damage the liver

After alcohol enters the body, it needs to be broken down and metabolized according to regulations. Long-term heavy drinking will undoubtedly increase the burden of the liver, as time goes by, it will also reduce liver function and induce liver disease. The most common diseases are fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and so on. If you do not stop drinking alcohol in time during these two stages, it is easy to induce cirrhosis. After this stage, you basically can't recover.

2. Elevated blood pressure

If you drink alcohol for a long time, it's easy to raise your blood pressure, especially in older people, and your blood pressure will be unstable. If you drink a lot at this time, alcohol can be extremely stimulating, increasing blood pressure and affecting heart health. If you want to stay away from high blood pressure, you have to stay away from alcohol.

3, damage the intestines and stomach

Alcohol is a kind of excitant food, drinking excessive need gastrointestinal digestion and metabolism. To some extent, it can still damage the gastrointestinal system, increase the burden of the stomach, induce gastritis. It also inhibits the absorption of beneficial substances in the stomach, causing gastrointestinal damage.

After drinking, if the body appears these 5 phenomena, that you are not suitable for drinking, suggest early abstaining

1. Persistent abdominal pain

The occurrence of abdominal pain after alcohol consumption should be considered to be caused by alcoholic gastritis. It may also be due to primary gastritis or stomach ulcers, after drinking aggravated symptoms. Alcohol can destroy the mucous barrier in the stomach and directly contact with the gastric mucosa, because the stimulation of alcohol can induce acute alcoholic gastritis, and even lead to gastric mucosa shedding.

The occurrence of stomachache after drinking may be due to the strong stimulation of the gastric mucosa by alcohol, resulting in gastric mucosa edema and inflammatory lesions, or the pain caused by gastric mucosa spasm. If you have chronic gastritis, the symptoms of gastritis may be aggravated by the stimulation of alcohol.

2. Chest pain

Ethyl ether and ethanol in alcohol are metabolized by the liver and absorbed by the stomach after entering the human body, so it will damage stomach and stomach cells and liver cells first. After the human body ingestion too much alcohol, along with the blood circulation and body operation, will also affect the heart function, easy to cause the symptoms of alcoholic liver and alcoholic myocarditis. When men experience difficulty breathing, sore limbs and chest pain after drinking, it may be a warning sign from the heart to the body that we need to stop drinking in time to be healthier for our health.

3, liver pain

It can be caused by excessive drinking. There's a lot of alcohol in the wine. Long-term heavy drinking can damage liver function, which in turn can lead to pain in the liver area after drinking.

In addition, alcoholism also has certain harm to human health, so abstinence is particularly important. After drinking, the liver will appear dull pain and discomfort, mainly caused by alcoholic hepatitis. Alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis are more likely to occur if patients drink alcohol for a long period of time, and patients' pain is more associated with alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

4. Dizziness and headache

When alcohol is broken down to the appropriate extent, it produces stimulant components in various tissues and organs circulating in the blood. Blood vessels in the brain dilate for a short time, leading to increased intracranial pressure and increased blood flow. As a result, persistent headaches can occur after drinking. If you often feel dizziness and headache after drinking, attention should be paid to prevent alcohol from causing blood vessel dilation and a series of vascular diseases.

5, the amount of alcohol becomes worse

If you drink too much, don't think it's a good thing. Heavy drinking shows that your liver is healthy, but if your drinking drops suddenly over a short period of time, it's probably caused by liver disease. More than 90% of the alcohol consumed by the body will be injected into the liver to dissolve metabolism, causing great damage to the liver. Once you notice a decrease in your alcohol consumption, you must be vigilant. This suggests that long-term drinking has caused very serious damage to the liver. If you continue to drink, you will only cause more and more damage to your liver, eventually threatening your overall health.

Regular drinking is harmful to health. When drinking, avoid mixed drinking, do not drink too fast, too hasty. In addition, when drinking alcohol, you can also eat more vegetables, and drink a cup of yogurt before drinking this can also help reduce the effects of drunkenness. In addition, more water diuretic, can promote the discharge of alcohol. You can also neutralize alcohol with foods such as milk, honey, water, fruit, tea, etc. Of course, if there are still some people like to buy some related sober drugs to neutralize and relieve the symptoms of drunkenness.


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