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5 Cocktails with Seriously High Alcohol Content

by Peter Jones 2 years ago in cocktails

Buckle up for these delicious and boozy drinks

5 Cocktails with Seriously High Alcohol Content
Photo by Joseph Pisicchio on Unsplash

Cocktails are usually mixed from various spirits, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, soft drinks and ice. This results in an independent, often fruity taste that puts the alcohol taste in the background, making it difficult to estimate how much alcohol you are actually drinking. Today I would like to share a list of high alcohol drinks that should be drunken with care. The following cocktails when done well can be, simply put, dangerously tasty.

1. Long Island Iced Tea

By Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

This harmless-looking cocktail that has a color similar to black tea was first served at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island. Hence its name. To make it you just have to mix in a shaker 30 ml each of the following ingredients: tequila, white rum, vodka, gin and triple sec. Then add 15 ml of lemon juice, sugar syrup and cola. Serve in a tall glass over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge. With a 28% alcohol content, the cocktail is just perfect for parties.

Detailed recipe here.

2. Aunt Roberta

If someone does not like to mix alcohol and juices, this cocktail is for them. This is a 100% alcoholic drink without fruits and juices. The composition includes absinthe, vodka, gin, brandy and blackberry liquor. The cocktail hails from Alabama and it is not for the fainthearted. You need to mix 2 parts absinthe, 1 part brandy, 3 parts vodka, 1.5 parts gin and 1 part blackberry liquor.

Recipe and details here.

3. The Zombie

The Zombie is a well known Tiki cocktail. There are many non-alcoholic elements in it: lime, pineapple and orange juice, but its basis is Bacardi rum 151, dark Bacardi, light Bacardi and other light rums. The cocktail was first made in 1934. For all the time, the recipe changed until we found the perfect composition. To make a cocktail, you need to take 30 ml of pineapple, lime, orange juices, 15 ml of Bacardi 151 rum, 60 ml of light rum, 15 ml of apricot juice and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Recipe can be found on here.

4. Cocktail Caribou Lou

This cocktail became famous after the song of the rapper Tech No. 9. It's like Pina Colada, but it’s easier to prepare. The cocktail contains Bacardi 151 overproof rum, which is known for its strength, pineapple juice and Malibu rum. You should be careful with these alcoholic drinks! It is better to combine them with fruit juices.

Recipe here.

5. Sazerac Cocktail

There are several options for preparing a Sazerac cocktail, but the most successful option can be found in the book "The Black Book of the Bartender." You need to take 60 -120 ml of Peychaud's beer, 60 ml of rye whiskey or bourbon and a piece of sugar. It can be decorated with cherry on top, which goes well with absinthe, which is used to pre-rinse the chilled glass. If anyone has tried absinthe, they would know its strength and effect.

View recipe here.


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