5 Best First Date Drinks: What Your Drink Order Says About You

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You have most likely heard the phrase 'we are what we eat.' We can say even more: you are what you drink.

5 Best First Date Drinks: What Your Drink Order Says About You

Indeed, your choice of drinks, especially alcohol-based ones, is more eloquent than your preferred dishes. There are a few reasons for this. First is in alcohol’s relaxing effect activating your true inner nature. Second is in the drink’s being a part of your lifestyle, which represents many aspects of your personality.

Therefore, choosing a certain beverage on the first date you could unwillingly tell your partner more about yourself than you intended. You most likely want to know whether it is possible to leave some of your secrets veiled. Fortunately for you, psychologists know the secret language of drinks and can reveal what the ordered drink says about you.


You can say that wine is a rather trivial choice but do not rush to conclusions. Did you ever think why this beverage was so popular on any occasion, a significant part of any culture and core element in a variety of rituals? The reason for this is quite evident—wine is one of the most sophisticated products. It is strongly associated with everlasting wisdom, romance, tenderness, and love. These associations unwillingly come to the mind of any person.

So, when you order the glass of wine, your partner could not help but think about the depth, multifaceted-ness, and exquisiteness of your personality. He/she could guess they need more than just one date to discover your secrets and figure out who you really are. It is an excellent way to intrigue your partner and creates a solid ground for durable relations.

Moreover, wine has the softest relaxing effect if comparing with other beverages. Drinking it, you become more open to communication while preserving a safe distance. Do you still think this drink is not a worthy choice for your first date? We hope, no.


It does not matter whether you order a tequila or tequila-based cocktail, your partner will know exactly you are a bright person. Psychologists say this drink is among the most eloquent one and it says you love life in all its aspects. It means you are able to enjoy any situation and do not belong to depressed people. Relations with you are always easy and adventurous since you need a bright life experience daily. You are that person who wants to get everything in a minute and are ready to act immediately.

So, if you know exactly the person is your dream partner, this drink is the best choice for the first date. It can help to tell your partner you want him/her to be more active and forget about procrastination.


Emotions are extremely important on the first date, but some people experience emotional block in responsible situations. If this is your case and you are afraid to seem indifferent, a Negroni is just for you. This cocktail contains gin, which triggers emotions and could make your date more sensitive.

Moreover, because of British origin, gin is often associated with this highly considerate nation. So, such choice will accent your attentiveness, care and valuing traditions. At the same time, mixing gin with the other beverages like vermouth in the case of a Negroni demonstrates your open-mindedness and readiness to experiment.

Besides, you both can get a unique aesthetic experience: bright color, lemon slice, and few ice cubes make it the brightest man-made diamond among beverages.

The Manhattan

This drink became famous thanks to the Sex and the City film. Even if you do not like this movie, you should not deprive yourself of the opportunity to taste the favorite beverage of its heroines, because it is quite tasty. It is also very simple to prepare and contains just a few ingredients, which could be found in any bar.

So, there is no risk you would not be able to order what you want. The Manhattan is the best choice for those who do not know much about drinks or feel difficulties with making choice. Moreover, psychologists claim that this beverage is associated with self-sufficient personality types. So, ordering The Manhattan you can tell your partner you are looking for a special person and it is not an easy task to impress you.

Dark & Stormy

If your date occurs after a hard working day and you need a burst of energy, order a Dark and Stormy. This rum-based cocktail causes an incredible refreshing effect. It also is one of those speaking aloud about your personality. It reveals you love fun, perceive life with ease and are the heart of any company.

Thus, by ordering a Dark & Stormy, you demonstrate to your partner that you are his/her best choice since life with you will not be boring.

We hope you have found the best drink for your first date. However, we kindly ask you do not experiment with all the five beverages during a single date. Otherwise, you risk surprising not only your partner but also yourself by revealing new facets of your personality about which you had no idea before.

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