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5 Best Cocktail Straws for My Birthday Party

by Mohammad Barkati 2 years ago in product review
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Cocktail Straws

Cocktail Straws
Silver Straw

Cocktail straws might be one of the most misunderstood accessories known to mankind. On one hand, they are looked at with distrust because rumors about them leaching chemicals into your drinks persist on the internet. However, that is not at all true, and it is plastic straws on the other hand that can release chemicals, especially if over used.

A Cocktail straw can be reused as many times as a person wants, without having to worry about chemicals, or degradation of any sort. Further, another myth that has persisted for a long time is that metal straws tend to get people drunk over alcoholic drinks quicker. Some people say that it is a solid fact, while others think it is more of a psychological effect that people face.

Well, as far as our research is concerned, there is absolutely no evidence of such an effect, although I am not sure whether that is positive or negative news. Regardless of these rumors, the trend of using metal Cocktail straws has garnered great traction among people in recent years, and there are quite a few reasons for the same.

First and foremost, people all over the world are working towards creating a more sustainable environment, and one of the major aspects of the same is to stop the usage of plastic. Well, most alternatives for plastic straws are not really fit for everyday use. While there are more sustainable and reusable straws made out of bamboo shoots, for example, the only well-accessible alternative is paper.

While paper is certainly better than plastic, it does pollute the environment, and cannot effectively replace plastic. Further, paper straws are not reusable. A metal straw, on the other hand, can be the only straw that you will need for years together, does not tarnish or degrade over time, and is a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Finally, cocktail straws have a lot of aesthetic value, are fit to be given to people as gifts, and are often looked at as collectible items. In this article, I look at five of the best cocktail straws that you can buy for occasions such as a birthday.

Silver Cocktail Straw

The Silver Cocktail straw is plain, simple and elegant. It is extremely suitable for people who are always on the move, and can be used for all kinds of drinks. This includes wines, sodas, and other cocktail drinks. The straw is short and handy, and has a subtle yet royal elegance about it.

Of course, the long term benefit of the silver cocktail straw is not only experienced by the customer, but the environment itself!

14k Rose Gold and Silver Heart Swirl Cocktail Straw

Rose Gold Straw

Moving on, I have a trendier piece which has a rather hypnotic design. This rose gold straw has an eye catching design with a swirling curled metal line travelling all the way to the top. On the top, the rose gold design twirls into the shape of a heart.

Of course, the straw comes with all the other benefits that are associated with metal swirl straws, and is an environmentally efficient product, just like all the others that you will find in this list.

18k Gold and Silver Grape Vine Wine Straw

Wine Straw

Well, the next product on the list is like no other, and combines three metals of different colors to create a unique assorted design. The wine straw itself is made of high quality Sterling silver, while the grape design towards the top is made of rose gold. Further, the grape wine is made out of a mesmerizing line of yellow gold.

Overall, the design is probably the most creative and unique that you can find in the market, and as always, comes with all the other benefits that I have already talked about.

Silver Art Nouveau Cocktail Straw

Silver Art Nouveau Cocktail Straw

Every piece created in the ‘Art Nouveau’ style effectively ensures a certain level of elegance and natural beauty. This silver straw has a subtle twirling design through the body, and is made of the highest quality sterling silver which does not tarnish at all.

Further, as always, all of the products that you find on the Marla Trudine website have been personally handcrafted by me. Further, I use only 100% natural metals and gemstones procured from the most dependable of sources. If you are looking for truly unique one of a kind handcrafted jewelry, the Marla Trudine website is definitely the place to look at.

18k Gold Tipped Silver Drinking Straw

Gold Straw

This Silver and gold straw has a tilt towards the top in order to ease the drinking process, and has a subtle golden tip which ensures that every drop that you drink is literally touched by gold! The design itself is simple and sleek, and comes with three choices for gold embellishments.

The tip can be rose gold, green gold, or made out of yellow gold. Regardless, all three designs are unique and beautiful. Finally, every piece mentioned above comes with a cleaner and a case for easy use.

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