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There Are Not Two Sides Of The Story When It Comes To Hate

by yanina maysonet 7 months ago in Empowerment
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Dave Chappelle is a bigot and I am tired of people dismissing this over his talent

It remains unbelievable to me the lengths ignorant people will go to in order to defend their favorite artists. Just today, Vocal published an article that then went on to become a Top Story about how everyone offended over Dave Chappelle's ridiculous Netflix comedy special should think of both sides here solely because the man is funny. Basically, we should let Netflix and Dave Chappelle continue their blatantly wrong hate speech towards Trans people simply because the man is talented and profitable.

Things like this remind me that the gay rights movement is still so young. Though people have been fighting for LGBTQ+A rights in the public forums since the 60s and 70s, and even long before that with less success, people still view our lives as political choices.

With the violence against trans people only escalating, it is imperative that the progressive people of this world stand up against the archaic, barbaric and tasteless comedy that is being defended. It is easy to dismiss this as a matter that has two equally moral sides. After all, uneducated people still believe that to be trans or gender nonconforming is a mental illness rather than a perfectly normal state of being that has been documented from the beginning of recorded time.

Clinging to the offensive past ways of doing comedy has had many comedians "Cancelled" and their work no longer being seen as the pinnacle of their genre. Some of them fight to make comebacks with whiny, grating work that no longer connects with their audience. Dave Chappelle clearly still has an audience that is hell-bent on allowing his ignorant comments to stand.

So what can we do besides "cancel" these people that refuse to see beyond their own prejudice?

One thing we can do is show our support for Trans people and help them share their stories to promote understanding.

With a quick google search, I have found a list of documentaries that tell the story of Transgender people. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST. After all, it is not difficult to become educated on such a subject. Endless sources exists to help people understand the LGBTQ+A experience. When people still choose to be ignorant as well as hurtful towards Trans people it is because they lack the courage and the will to be decent people.

We do not have to put up with this blatant hatred any longer. As a member of the LGBTQ+A community I encourage other members and allies to stand up against this kind of hatred. It doesn't matter the popularity of the artist, we have to stand together against those that wish to hold us back. To me, it doesn't matter if the man is funny in other aspects of his show or if he misguidedly tries to "bring the tribes" together after so much disconnect.

He has failed in his mission and we need to stop allowing room for these kinds of hateful people to have a platform. They only use it to spread their malevolent and inaccurate viewpoints that only serve to hurt the struggle for peace and equality. It is inhumane to allow others to suffer simply because you want to support your faves. This does not an ally make, and though we have all been subjected to the queasy feeling of finding out someone we once supported is a bigot or harmful (I was literally a huge Kevin Spacey and JK Rowling fan so trust me, I get it), we have to be strong and show we will not allow this kind of monstrous behavior to continue unchecked.

For those still struggling with doing the decent thing, please consider the value of a person's life over other people's politics or preferences.

This is always the argument when it comes to LGBTQ+A issues. There are not two sides to oppression. There are only the oppressed and the oppressors that use neutral people's silence and ignorance to further their own destructive prerogative. As a nation, we need to grow up and past this need to victimize manipulators. This gaslighting of real issues with real-life deadly consequences for Trans people needs to be addressed.

It is 2021, and though it astounds me that this still needs to be said, LGBTQ+A people should not pay the price for other people's disregard and stupidity. Silence only helps the opressors keep power and support of their hatred, even if you do not agree with it yourself, only helps spread the message of hatred further. This seems rather obvious but apparently it needs to be stated in the simplest terms so people can begin to understand.

I am clearly angry as I write this because literally nothing is funny enough for people to be killed over.

Enough is enough with these defenses of toxic celebrities with agendas of hate and continuing disparity. the mark was clearly missed in bringing the tribe together though obviously it is clear that this was never Dave Chappelle's intentions. He wants to stubbornly stick to a form of comedy that should no longer be accepted because it simply is not funny anymore. If people wish to stay behind on the times with him that is their choice but they do add to the problem.

We have to stop pretending that it is alright for people to be transphobic. This is not a passable flaw in their character, it is not something we can accept as something odd or quirky, and it is certainly not just a contrary opinion. Hatred has no place in being put in the same level as people just struggling to survive. It is not logical to be hateful, it is not acceptable, and we as a community here on Vocal have to be more understanding and progressive.

This community is not supposed to accept and highlight hate speech.

We have to do better, we have to be more informed, and most of all we have to be the voice for the voiceless. Prejudice has no place in our stories and we must be vigilant to make sure Trans people can still find comfort and understanding in this community.

If people like Dave Chappelle and his supporters do not wish to change then we must simply remove them from the conversation. They only add disconnect and spread false narratives that no one needs to listen to, especially Trans people who are dealing with enough insanity in their day-to-day lives. Enough with listening to nazis and ignorant folks spread their hatred. We need to go back to punching them in the face and shaming them for their hateful beliefs.

The famous comic panel of Captain America punching the poster boy of nazis, Adolph Hitler, in the face

Here are some transgender resources for those affected by this unnecessary and hurtful onslaught:

GLAAD Approved Transgender Resources

PFLAG Transgender Resources

Trans Lifeline


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I love to write fiction stories of the supernatural, romance, high fantasy, or science fiction variety. A bit of a baby, a bit of a rolling stone, just doing my best to avoid getting arrested. @ziggyer5 on the instagram.

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