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Tangled in You

by Abigail Elyse Anderson 2 months ago in Relationships
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Forbidden love is best found on your best friend's lips, or more specifically her gilded dragon tongue.

Tangled in You
Photo by Camden & Hailey George on Unsplash

“There weren’t always dragons in the valley, otherwise known as New Gildar, but now the city streets are filled with them. Dragons migrated to Alacia (a-lay-she-a) about 1000 years ago when their home planet of Graneer faced extinction. The Dragon people faced great prejudice when they first landed. Their heavily armed warships did not make them appear very peaceful to the human leadership, but over time they gained the trust of the Jiirai Republic. After even more time the respect of the Alacian people. Now they are one of the most populous and advanced races in New Gildar. As for me personally, I’m so thankful we coexist harmoniously now because when I look at Zephera, I can’t imagine my life without her.”

I put the pen down after the last line, not intending for it to sound so mushy. As I begin to erase the last sentence, a flash of gold catches my attention. Zephera saunters up to me, gilded scales gleaming in the mid afternoon sun. She’s breathtaking and she knows it. Her smile beams almost as brightly as her scales.

Today she's chosen one of her more simple ensembles, a dark blue top, with billowing matching pants. The blue looks good on her, but the gold stitching really sets off her scales.

“Tornae! What are you still doing here girl?” Zeph calls brightly.

“Oh you know me, I’m just finishing up a paper.” I respond, as I quickly shove my things back into my bag.

As I turn around, I’m face to face with her brilliant eyes. They’re ice blue and huge, impossible to take your eyes off of. Nearly as impossible as her pink full lips.

A lot of dragons have naturally stunning features, especially compared to a human like me. But Zephera is gorgeous even for her own peoples’ standards. I’ll never understand why she chose me as her best friend.

“Work work work. Is that all you think about? Don’t you wanna go out tonight with your bestest friend in the whole galaxy?” She twirls and bats her long lashes at me while she talks. Knowing damn well she always gets her way.

I feign rolling my eyes, “Of course I’ll go out with you Zephy. I know that look all too well. I don’t truly have a choice do I?”

“No you truly don’t. I’m glad you’ve finally learned baby.” She smirks at me with the edition of the last word.

My cheeks flush as I turn back to my bench quickly looking for a pen I know isn’t there.

I sense her warmth before I feel her lips graze my ear.

“Does it embarrass you when I call you baby? I thought you liked it last night?” Her voice almost purrs into my ear.

Before I can even think or breathe she places a kiss to my neck, making me shudder. She laughs at that, a bright clear addictive sound.

Finally I turn around, and Zeph has closed so much distance our bodies are practically glued to each other. As I try to take a step back, her hand finds my waist and pull me closer.

Those ice-blue eyes of hers are bearing into me, asking for so much more than I know how to give, when I hear a voice that makes my stomach drop.

“Tornae?” The cold male voice drips with distaste.

I separate myself from Zeph so fast that I fall back onto the bench, looking up into my boss’ very displeased face.

“You know the rules about fraternization Ms. Wilder. You’ll do well to remember them.” With that, Professor Carmichael storms off, dark grey robes billowing behind him.

Before I can even sigh my relief, Zeph starts going off.

“What the fuck was that Tornae? You jumped away from me? What are you ashamed of me?” Gone was the sweet seducing tone of before. It was now replaced with sharp bitter anger.

“No absolutely not!" I respond quickly and continue, "You’re my best friend in the world you know that. I could never and have never been ashamed of you. I just freaked out when I heard Carmichael’s voice. You know how he is about University rules. A total prick.”

“I don’t give a fuck about university rules. Their rules are bullshit and and…” Zeph stop mid-sentence as I put my hand to her face. Her exquisite eyes tearing up, making them even more impossible than usual.

“You are the most important person in my life Zeph, always. I’m so sorry my reaction made you feel like anything less. Forgive me.” I tilt her head up so I can look into her eyes.

Her voice trembles as she begins, “We never talked about last night, I…I know I like to have fun, but it wasn’t about that for me. You’re my best friend and it felt…different.” She says it quietly looking away, despite my hand on her chin.

“Zephera…I…I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to say the wrong thing here.” Zeph’s eyes angrily flash up at me. She begins to open her mouth, surely to yell at me, so I kiss her. In broad daylight, on my university campus, where I could very much so get expelled, but I don’t care. She has to know...has to know how I feel.

My hands tangle in her long white hair as I kiss her deeper. Her lips impossibly soft and her sweet scent intoxicating.

Finally, I pull away and look into her eyes, as I place both hands on her face I whisper, “That. That is how I feel about you.”

She smiles coyly. “You could’ve just said so…but I’m glad you didn’t.” She kisses me on the cheek quickly and laces her fingers with mine.

“I can’t believe you just did that, you could’ve been expelled.”

“I know, but you’re more important.” I graze her cheek one more time before grabbing my bag and leaving the university park, hand in hand with my dragon.


This club is so loud, I want to go home, ew what is that smell. That about sums up my thoughts as Zephera leads me through the throng of people and onto the middle of the dance floor. We’re at Mach 20, the most popular club in the whole city. The first time I came, it met all my expectations, in the worst way. It’s dark, stuffy, smells of sweat and booze, and is generally gross. Overall one of my least favorite places in all of New Gildar, but it’s one of Zeph’s favorites.

She doesn’t see the stuffiness and smell, she sees freedom and joy, people coming together. I love her for that. She’s always balanced me in that way. We’ve always balanced each other. She’s freedom and wildness incarnate and I’m safety, security, and practicality.

Zeph pulls me out of my thoughts as she places a hand on my lower back. Oh Gods she wants to dance. Of course, she wants to dance, it’s a club Tornae get your act together.

Her eyes, I just need to find her eyes. It only takes a moment and it all melts away. The people, the noise, the too-tight dress she put me in. Now it’s just her eyes, almost luminous in the darkness.

I begin to move with her, hips back and forth. The only touch is her hand on my back and my arms around her shoulders. Until she suddenly pulls me close, like in the courtyard, only no one stops us this time. Everyone here is touching, kissing, or more. They don’t notice us.

My breath hitches as I feel her body, curved, so gloriously curved. I feel her generous chest pressed against mine, and I can’t help myself as my hands roam from her shoulders down to her waist and then her hips. Her hips drive me insane and she knows it. A smirk is on her lips as she leans in and kisses my neck. This is not the same kiss as before, her tongue lashes my skin, heating my body and causing a sound to escape my mouth. I can feel her smile against my skin.

“You’re mine.” She breathes biting my ear.

Suddenly I’m not in the club anymore. The words triggering a memory, so long forgotten…


Clear as day, I witness my first day of primary school. My mother walking me through the doors while I beg her not to leave. My tiny self crying and holding onto her legs, her quickly shooing me off and leaving. I watch as five-year-old me just stares after her, tears running down my little face. Then a tiny hand grabs mine, smooth and golden.

The next words changed my life, my whole world started at this moment.

“Hi I’m Zephera! Do you want to play with me?” Young Zeph’s face looks so sweet and genuine.

“Are you sure?” Little me asks, quietly playing with her braid and staring at her shoes.

“Of course!” Zeph exclaims. “It’s super hard when your mommy leaves you the first time, but we’ll have so much fun! You’re mine now. My new best friend!”

I watch as my little face breaks into a huge smile, and I run off with Zeph hand in hand for the first time.


“Tornae? Tornae?” Zeph’s smooth adult voice brings me back to reality.

“Oh sorry.” I blush with the words. “I..I don’t know what happened, all of a sudden I was watching the day we met, but it was like I was really there.”

“Don’t worry. I think I know what happened. I’ll explain, let’s get to a table.” Zephera says cooly, grabbing my hand and guiding me through the crowd once more until we find a secluded booth in the back.

As we sit down a waitress comes and takes our order. We get drinks and two baskets of fries as always. After she leaves we’re left alone once more.

Then Zeph turns to me, her face more serious than normal.

“I should’ve told you this last night..but well I was distracted.” A mischievous grin spreads across her red-painted lips.

I smile and raise an eyebrow, gesturing for her to continue.

“So…when a dragon joins with someone and there’s real emotion there and shared experiences…sometimes some of our magic gets transferred…our memory recall. So I think you saw our joint memory." Zeph’s eyes meet mine, but her hands give away her nervousness. She always wrings them when she’s anxious.

“What’s wrong Zephy?" I ask gently. "You seem nervous about telling me this?”

“Well…it’s not common knowledge that this happens during dragon mating because…well then the person you’re with knows…they know it’s more than just sex. That makes a person vulnerable.”

“But you already told me it was more than just sex Zeph. So why does it freak you out?”

“Because okay…I’ve never had it happen with anyone else. You’re the only one, and that means something and I..I..I never do this! You know I never get serious with anyone. But you’re not just anyone! You're you, you're Tornae! You’re my best friend, so this is a huge deal and so gods damned complicated. I didn't need the memory sharing on top of everything else. It’s just a lot, it’s a lot and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I can handle it.” Her eyes are desperate and pleading. I know she’s begging me to understand, to not be hurt.

“I don’t understand. You’re the one who called me baby today. You’re the one who yelled about Professor Carmichael and now you don’t think you can handle this? I know you like to run away Zeph, but it’s not supposed to be from me.” My tone is biting and cold, but I can’t help it. After everything we’ve been through she wants to pull this shit?

“That’s not fair," Zeph says in a shaky voice. “I’m not running away I’m just confused and overwhelmed. It’s not that I don’t love you. You know I do. I just don’t know if we should continue this, what if it ruins everything?”

“I gotta get out of here,” I say not meeting her eyes. As I begin to get up, she grabs my wrist.

“Who’s running away now? We need to talk about this Tornae!” Her voice becoming forceful and desperate.

Finally, I meet her eyes, the feeling of her skin pulling me back to her like a magnet. My eyes fill with tears.

“I can handle a lot Zeph, but I can’t handle being rejected by you. I can’t handle not being enough for you. Please let me leave.”

“That’s not what this is!” Zeph practically yells gripping my wrist harder.

“It’s the opposite. You’re too good for me. You always have been. I..I…I think I’ve always been in love with you and I’ve always known I wasn’t good enough and I can’t handle you finding that out.” Her voice was so raw with emotion, that it hurt to hear, so much pain filling her beautiful eyes.

In a moment I was holding her. Her tears spilling onto my chest as I held her.

“Shh,” I soothed petting her silky hair.

“I love you Zephera. I always have and I always will. Let’s stop being afraid of each other and just be with each other.”

Then Zeph looked up at me and suddenly her mouth was upon me. Not soft and sweet, but passionate and claiming. Her tongue exploring every part of my mouth.

We’re in public, in public, I try to remind myself. Then suddenly Zeph sucks and bites on my bottom lip and I lose it. My tongue tangles with hers and my hands go down to her hips where I grip them hard, eliciting a high-pitched breathy squeak. As I start to move my mouth to her neck, her hand goes to the back of my hair and pulls hard. I moan, so much louder than I wanted to.

“You want to be bad?” Zeph’s breathy voice taunts.

When I don’t answer she pulls my hair harder.

“Do you want to be bad?” She asks again, every syllable dripping with power.

“Yes.” I manage to get out.

“Let’s go. I’m taking you home.”


About the author

Abigail Elyse Anderson

My deepest loves are poetry, fantasy, and people. My goal in everything I write is to connect people, heal people, and make them feel loved and seen. I hope my writing reminds you that, you're not alone, you're valuable, and you matter.

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