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Met him at the video arcade

by Lawrence Edward Hinchee 8 months ago in Relationships
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He was as horny as I was

It was a cold, cloudy, snowy December night in Denver, CO. I was in need of sexual relief of tension. My wife hadn't had sex with for over six months and Susie palm and her five sisters was not helping relieve my tensions any more. I worked at Dominoes' as a delivery driver. I decided to go to The Galaxy Video Arcade. After having oral sex with several men, I saw him. He came into the booth with me and we had oral sex. Then it happened, he invited me too his apartment. I called home and said I would be later than normal.

His name was James, After arriving at his apartment we got undressed and started making love. We both had multiple orgasms each. I left his apartment around twenty-two hundred. I arrived home and wen to the shower, to wash his smell off of me. I could not stop from tasting his sperm on my lips. I made sure I cleaned myself out before I left James' apartment. I didn't want to have to explain semen stains in my underwear to my wife.

James and I met up many more times at the video arcade. I was an ongoing affair. I couldn't get enough of his large member. Every time we went back to his apartment for a repeat performance of the last times. We continued to meet, but James started to back off and wasn't as aggressive as he was before. He wasn't as excited by my touch like before. I asked him if everything was ok and he shook his head no. I asked him what was wrong, was it me? He said no.

He explained that he found another man named Phillip and they planned to marry. I told him I was happy for them both, but James was torn because Phillip wanted to have several threesomes involving me. I was game for that, but James had his reservations. I told James if he felt uncomfortable at all then we wouldn't do a threesome. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek, but said he had built me up to Phillip and he wanted the threesome. I told James that it was their decision to make and not mine. I explained I would respect their decision.

They said they would discuss this issue between them and let me know in a couple of weeks. I was ok with it, but then again, I wasn't because I just lost my stress relief. My wife asked me what was wrong when I arrived home and I explained work issues was all. I don't know if she could tell if I was telling the truth or not.

After six months together, James and Phillip decided to get married. I was invited to their wedding. It was a lovely ceremony and it was the first ever gay wedding I had ever attended. As to whether we had the threesome or not, I was invited over for numerous threesomes with those two which I readily accepted. I was called when some one broke into their apartment and they were afraid to enter on their own. I think it was just an excuse to get me in the bed with them, because that is what happened.

After being married for six months, Phillips job relocated him to Portland, Oregon because they were closing operations in Colorado. I still think of those big monsters each man had and the good time I had when I had sex with Phillip and James. I still think of them of them entering my body and I smile wishing I could have them again.


About the author

Lawrence Edward Hinchee

I am a new author. I wrote my memoir Silent Cries and it is available on I am new to writing and most of my writing has been for academia. I possess an MBA from Regis University in Denver, CO. I reside in Roanoke, VA.

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