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Hold yourself to the standards of your boss

by 起飞 2 months ago in Humanity
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Hold yourself to the standards of your boss

Hold yourself to the standards of your boss

An aging carpenter is ready to retire. His employer was grateful for his years of service and asked if he could build one last house. The carpenter agreed. However, the carpenter's mind was no longer on the job, and he worked sloppily, cutting corners and using poor quality materials to build the house casually. After finishing the work, the employer patted the carpenter's shoulder and said sincerely: the house is yours, this is my gift to you.

The carpenter was stunned. If he had known he was building a house for himself, he would have used the best quality building materials and the best technology, but now he had built a tofu-dreg project! But it was too late.

Each of us could be this carpenter.

Every day, we lay a brick, nail a plank, build a wall, and finally, we find that we actually have to live in the house we built. However, by this time, everything is already predetermined, and we can no longer turn back. This is life. Full of regret and mockery.

Nothing hurts us more than the notion that I am only working for someone else.

The most important thing in life is to realize early on that we are the sowers of our own destiny. Everything we do today will deeply affect our own destiny in the future. You reap what you sow, and you reap what you sow. With a little bit of plowing, you get a little bit of harvest.

Realizing that we are working for ourselves means self-responsibility and self-motivation. A person can only control his own destiny if he can take responsibility for himself and motivate himself to progress. This is the fundamental issue. If we are not even willing to be responsible for ourselves and to urge ourselves to progress, there will be no more power that will enable us to stand in this society.

Don't let you stay in your comfort zone and stop growing and progressing. Some people are just going through the motions, being a monk for a day, and muddling through the day. Their mind is not on the work, only in front of the boss will pretend to look. Some people seem to be busy, but not really attentive, but only with this busy illusion to deceive themselves. Some people see responsibility and hide, refusing to do more. Some people can not face the challenge, they set limits for themselves, that they can not do this, that can not do, a little bit of difficulty in the work of their own first beaten retreat. No pay, of course, there will be no return, so they will comfort themselves, such a life they have been very satisfied.

Do not let the environment lead you by the nose. Even if your environment, your job, your boss, your colleagues have more and more unsatisfactory places, you should know that what you do, is for your own sake, not for theirs. This is our own work, our own life, all the vices, the last person who suffers can only be ourselves.

From today onwards, live for yourself, work for yourself. You are your own master. You are your own mentor. You are your own boss. From today, you decide your own destiny.

From today, set your own goals for yourself. Know where you want to go. Know where your future lies. Our wishes must come true, and our wishes will come true.

From today, loyalty is for ourselves, dedication is for ourselves, hard work is for ourselves, giving is for ourselves, credit is for ourselves. Do not ask for any return, because it is for ourselves.

From today, cherish time, cherish everyone who helps you, who may help you in the future, who advises you, who pushes you to grow, your family and yourself.

Start a good and positive life today, starting with the realization that you work for yourself.


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