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Deny: A Dream Come True

A Touching Story of a Boy Who Changed His Fate by Studying Hard and Getting a Scholarship to Study Medicine at a Famous University.

By Deny AlviansyahPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

Deny was a boy who never felt loved by his parents. His father was an alcoholic who often drank and gambled away their money. His mother was a depressed woman who often blamed and abused him for their misery. They never cared for him, nurtured him, or protected him. They never showed him any affection, attention, or appreciation. They never encouraged him, supported him, or praised him. They only criticized him, insulted him, or beat him.

Deny felt hurt and angry, but he never hated them. He wanted to love them and be loved by them. He wanted to make them happy and proud of him. He wanted to change their lives and his own. He was a good boy. He always obeyed them and respected them. He always helped them and served them. He always prayed for them and forgave them. He always hoped for them and dreamed for them.

He was also a smart boy. He always studied hard and learned a lot. He always answered questions and solved problems. He always read books and wrote essays. He always scored high and ranked top. He always won competitions and received awards. He always impressed teachers and classmates. He always had a passion and a goal.

But Deny's life was not happy. He faced many difficulties and hardships. He often lacked food, clothes, or shelter. He often suffered from illness, injury, or pain. He often endured bullying, discrimination, or violence. He often felt lonely, scared, or hopeless.

One day, Deny received a letter from a famous university. He had applied for a scholarship to study medicine, his dream and ambition. He opened the letter with eager eyes and read the words:

"Dear Deny,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been awarded a scholarship to study medicine at the University of Glory. You have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, leadership skills, and personal qualities. You have amazed us with your intelligence, diligence, and resilience. You are one of the most talented and promising students we have ever seen, and we are thrilled to have you join our faculty.

Please confirm your acceptance by sending us the enclosed form and documents by the deadline. We look forward to meeting you at the University of Glory and helping you achieve your potential.


The Scholarship Committee"

Deny felt a burst of joy and gratitude. He read the letter over and over, making sure it was real and true. He had finally reached his destination. He had finally fulfilled his dream. He had finally made his parents proud.

He ran to his parents' house, holding the letter in his hand. He wanted to share the good news with them. He wanted to see their faces and hear their voices. He wanted to feel their hugs and kisses. He wanted to celebrate with them and thank them.

He knocked on the door and entered. He saw his parents lying on the floor, surrounded by bottles and trash. They were unconscious and smelled bad. They did not notice him or welcome him. He shook them and shouted at them:

"Mom, Dad, wake up! I have something to tell you. I have some amazing news. I got a scholarship to study medicine at the University of Glory. I'm going to be a doctor. It's one of the best universities in the world. I worked really hard for this. I'm so happy. Aren't you proud of me?"

His parents did not respond. They did not seem to hear him or understand him. They did not seem to care.

He tried again and again, hoping they would wake up and react. He cried and pleaded, wishing they would show some emotion and interest. He hugged and kissed them, longing for some warmth and love.

But it was in vain. His parents remained silent and still. They were not alive. They were dead.

They had died of alcohol poisoning. They had drunk too much and too often. They had killed themselves and their son's happiness.

Deny felt a shock and a grief. He could not believe his eyes. He could not accept the truth. He could not bear the loss.

He screamed and sobbed, blaming himself and fate. He cursed and raged, hating his parents and life. He collapsed and fainted, losing his consciousness and will.

He woke up in a hospital. He was surrounded by doctors and nurses. They were kind and gentle. They told him what had happened and what would happen. They said he was lucky and brave. They said he had a future and a purpose.

They said he had a scholarship to study medicine at the University of Glory. They said he had a chance to be a doctor. They said he had a gift to heal and save lives. They said he had a mission to serve and help others. They said he had a reason to live and be happy.

They said they were proud of him.

Deny felt a confusion and a conflict. He did not know what to think or feel. He did not know what to do or say. He did not know whether to be happy or sad.

He looked at the letter in his hand. He remembered his dream and his goal. He remembered his passion and his ambition. He remembered his parents and their words.

He remembered that they had never said they were proud of him.

He decided to go to the University of Glory. He decided to study medicine. He decided to be a doctor. He decided to heal and save lives. He decided to serve and help others. He decided to live and be happy.

He decided to make his parents proud.

He left the hospital and took a taxi to the airport. He boarded a plane to the country where the University of Glory was located. He started a new life.

He studied hard and learned a lot. He made friends and had fun. He joined clubs and activities. He explored the culture and the nature. He discovered new things and new opportunities. He grew as a person and as a doctor. He graduated with honors and received many honors. He got a job at a renowned hospital and worked on challenging cases. He made a difference and made an impact. He was happy and successful.

He never forgot his parents. He never stopped loving them. He never stopped missing them. He never stopped forgiving them. He never stopped hoping for them. He never stopped dreaming for them.

He always carried their picture in his wallet. He always talked to them in his heart. He always dedicated his achievements to them. He always sent his blessings to them. He always thanked them for everything. He always told them he loved them.

He always told them he was proud of them.

He was Deny. And he was happy.

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