What Should I Avoid During a Drug Test?

Things to get rid of before doing a drug test..

What Should I Avoid During a Drug Test?

Successfully passing a drug test can be really important at some point in your life. It may determine if you get the job you have been dreaming about your entire life or it can save you from getting involved in unfortunate situations. People having to pass an impending drug test can really feel powerless and disappointed. After all, passing this test is not that simple. However, there are several methods that can help you pass a drug test and some vital things you should avoid before the day of your test.

Tonic water and cold medicines

Even if you drink a small amount of tonic water, you can have some false-positive results on your drug test. This type of water contains a specific compound, named quinine. Quinine is typically mixed with hard drugs, like cocaine and heroin to lower their quality. For this reason, it is a parameter that's being tested during a urine drug test. Cold medicine, used mainly by those suffering from a cold or sinus congestion can also make you fail a drug test. Why is that? Because this type of medicine usually consists of a compound, named pseudoephedrine. That compound is actually a synthetic of amphetamine, commonly known as meth.

Antibiotics and supplements

There are certain antibiotics, like Fluoroquinolones that can lead to false-positive results if you need to undertake a drug test. Particularly if you get tested for opiates, it is possible that you fail the test without having actually consumed any type of illegal substances. Supplements, including vitamin B or riboflavin, should also, be avoided before a drug test. They can make lab technicians trace small amounts of THC because they are usually produced from plants containing traces of this compound. On the other hand, when we think about how to pass a drug test, a good idea is to consume another category of supplements, known as detoxification products. Those products can help our body get rid of toxins and they usually possess a diuretic ability, as well. Therefore, they can help our body produce more urine and get rid of any type of illegal substance we may have consumed.

Baby soap

It may sound a bit weird at first thought, but there are examples of people getting false results just because they cleansed themselves with baby soap. Some of those products, launched by large companies, contain compounds that resemble illegal substances, like marijuana in structure. The various chemicals included in those soaps can also alter a lot the way those drug tests work.

Dehydration and lack of exercise

Among the most serious mistakes, you can make when you have to pass a drug test is to stay dehydrated and without regular exercise. In fact, you should drink at least 10 cups of water daily in order to flush your system of everything that travels through your bladder, including the metabolites of illegal substances, like THC. Daily exercise can also help you increase the rate in which you burn fat cells. Quick walking, riding a bike, jumping rope and jogging are all good exercise options.

People are required to take drug tests for a lot of reasons. Many employers require randomized tests once in a while and a lot of insurance companies may ask you to undertake such a test in case of an accident. The way you prefer for a drug test will determine the final result. For this reason, avoiding certain types of food, supplements, and activities before such a test is really important.

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