What Matters When You Grow Cannabis?

Growing the Right Way

What Matters When You Grow Cannabis?

Growing marijuana is quite a daunting task, as it requires one to take note of all the little details that can drain both time and resources. So to maximize your skills and effort, it is best to understand the fundamentals of cannabis farming before venturing into it.

Growing Marijuana

The entire cannabis nurturing process naturally takes between three to six months. This might seem like a long time to put all your attention into one thing, but the majority of people who grow their weed, claim that it is an enriching process. The benefits of growing marijuana at home are enormous, as long as you follow the right steps. Nonetheless, the two primary reasons why people plant cannabis include large scale commercial purposes, and for personal consumption to save money in the long run.

What's needed?

Trying to fit every single thing you need to grow strong and healthy buds into one article would make it a long and boring read. To avoid that, here are the major factors to consider when growing your own cannabis:


What's a plant without sunlight? If you studied biology even a little bit, this one wouldn't be new to you. Plants require light to produce energy. When this light comes, chlorophyll, which is the green pigment in plants converts energy generated from the sun into glucose. The plant then feeds on this sugar–Carbohydrates–to develop leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits. This process is known as photosynthesis.

Marijuana buds need as much light as other crops do, be it artificial, or natural lighting. This is to enable them to generate adequate sugars to grow strong. During the flowering stage of the plant, bright light is required to produce the highest levels of THC. Sunlight is sufficient for this, but intense artificial light works like magic, because it is available for extended periods–sunset or cloudy days is not a problem.

Choosing the right lighting conditions for your crops is a great step to a bountiful harvest, the better the lights, the bigger your crops!

Indoor vs Outdoor vs Hydroponics

The indoor vs outdoor saga continues. Many people have asked which works best–growing within a confined space, or out in the open. The truth is that there is no specified evidence to prove any of these methods are superior to the other. They both have their peculiarities that are great for cannabis growth. Indoor-grown flowers, for example, have been recognized to be of excellent quality, because of the ability to control the environment. Hence, making the plants immune to the dangers of rain, wind, or any other natural element that can cause damage to an outdoor plant.

The outdoor environment, on the other hand, has its pros; for example, there are factors in the natural environment that can't be replicated. No amounts of LED lights can compare to sunlight, and the elements of nature, e.g., bugs, which eat mites off plants is an unpaid privilege you won't get indoors.

Irrespective of the environment you choose, cannabis will grow well if you follow the right procedures. Just like the results a skilled botanist would have!

Quality of Cannabis Grown Strain, and Its Genetics

Ask an experienced farmer, and they would tell you that the quality of the harvest is partially determined even before you sow the first seed, and this also applies to cannabis. Seed selection greatly influences the bud outcome. Whether you're using an original seed, a clone, or an auto flower is a determining factor in your harvest. Clones take less time, but can carry harmful genes of the mother plant. Using seeds will require a lot of patience, because you have to wait for the seed to sprout, for the plant to grow, and then for it to flower and build up THC. You have to decide which you want to work with.

Another thing is you have to choose a strain that suits the type of weed you want to produce. For a rich and robust smoke, cerebral sativa could be your best bet, and if you want something mild, a stoney indicia will do it.

Curing and Pruning

So you've taken extra care to grow your weed into a big and healthy plant, and the buds have produced their THC vibrant flowers, it's time for harvesting, and then the quality defining moment called "curing." You might have been careful all along, but errors at this stage can cost you your entire harvest. Curing is the jarring of buds after they have been dried to heighten their potency. Buds can be placed in wide mason jars for this to be done correctly, but you must ensure to check them regularly in case there is a mold, which could ruin the overall quality of flowers.

Final thoughts

There is a whole lot to consider when growing cannabis, but we hope that you have gained some knowledge from these major points that takes you a step further to becoming an excellent cannabis farmer. Shake off thoughts of it being too expensive, or complicated. A fun-filled and rewarding experience awaits you to dare!

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