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What Are the Best CBD Strains?

by Craig Middleton 12 months ago in strains

Finding the best strain for you

If you’re asking what is the best strain of CBD, well you might be missing the point. No one can definitively state that one CBD strain is better than the rest because ultimately it comes down to personal preference. A better question to ask yourself might be “what is the best strain for me?”

A large number of jurisdictions in the United States now allow the legal sale of CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. Despite the low THC, or a psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, many of these strains contain remarkably high concentrations of CBD. You can purchase cannabis with all the benefits of CBD and little to no psychoactive side effects. When looking for a CBD strain, think first about what you’re trying to treat. Some strains focus more on anxiety and depression, while others are sleep aids or good for pain relief. Which CBD strains are right for you and the benefits they provide, come down to your tastes, preferences, and desires.

CBD Options

As the use of CBD becomes more mainstream, there can be a lot of confusion out there as to what options exist and which is best. The type that often comes up in the news is cbd oil and for good reason. CBD can be very beneficial toward treating anxiety and sleep disorders, but you have to make sure to check how the oil was processed. In order to extract the oil, some companies use chemicals, while others use a safer method. Buying high-quality oil is often a higher-priced, but this is for the best.

Another common way to find CBD is in gummies and other edibles. Dosage generally involves eating one or two more gummies, which can be pretty tasty. Be careful, though, and only take more if needed after waiting the appropriate amount of time for the effects to kick in. You’ll also need to keep these treats out of the way of children as they can be mistaken for candy. However, this is an easy and user-friendly way to experience the healthy effects of CBD.

The most widely known way to use cannabis and experience the benefits of CBD is to smoke it or vape it. This does not necessarily mean it is the best way, but it is the preferred way of many. While the delivery system is effective, smoking still carries inherent risk. If done responsibly, smoking and vaping cannabis flowers can be a very pleasurable experience involving smells and tastes that you can only get this way. Some cannabis buds smell citrusy and others have a hint of fruit. It’s easy to find a CBD strain that appeals to your senses and creates your desired effect.

Lastly, you can ingest CBD. This is a little different than edibles in that these aren’t pre-manufactured treats. You may have seen the movies with “pot brownies,” but this is completely different. Many people cook with cannabis to add the richness of the flavor, as well as reaping the benefits. Whole businesses center around this idea and offer everything from baked goods to gourmet meals. This could be an easy and enjoyable way to experience the calming effects of CBD for the first time.

Popular CBD Strains

While there are hundreds of different cannabis strains on the market, there are a few very popular, very well-known types – the most famous of which is Charlotte’s Web. Lesser-known strains to the uninitiated would be things like Cherry Wine, Elektra, ACDC, Lifter, Ringo’s Gift, and Sour Tsunami. Each strain has a different ratio of CBD to THC. The strains listed here are all available within the legal limits of THC, but some have very high levels of CBD (up to 22%). If you are trying CBD for the first time, you may want to stick to a strain that has very low THC and lower CBD. Work your way up to more CBD if needed to reach the desired effect, whether that is pain relief or stress-reducing.

First, think about what you are looking for when it comes to symptom relief. Are you looking for pain management or just a sleep aid? Find a CBD product that focuses on that symptom. Next, find a medium you’re comfortable with, whether it’s edibles or vaping. Lastly, find the dosage that’s right for you. After you have done all that, you might just find the best CBD strain.

Craig Middleton
Craig Middleton
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