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What Are Moon Rocks?

They’ve been growing in popularity and new varieties are being created every day, but what are moon rocks?

By Wendy WeedlerPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Moon rocks are a new form of combined marijuana that have gotten very popular as smoking becomes more mainstream. Gaining in popularity, new varieties are being created every day, and many celebrity tokers have even have publicly declared their love. But what are moon rocks exactly?

When people first hear the term “moon rocks,” many of them think the term refers to a strain of marijuana. In fact, there are a few strains floating around now with similar names. But actual moon rocks are a little more complicated than that, and they are made by combining a few different types of marijuana to be smoked together.

Moon rocks are made by taking a small bud of marijuana, covering it in hash oil, and rolling the ball in kief. Hash oil is a concentre of cannabis, made to extract THC and usually much more potent than buds of marijuana. Kief is the powdery dust from marijuana buds, often left over in grinders or other extractors. Kief contains a high concentration of THC and is another very strong form of marijuana. The recipe for moon rocks is so strong because it brings together three of the most potent varieties of marijuana. When smoked at once, they bring the user an incredibly long and euphoric high.

Moon rocks are a fairly recent trend, but there are a few popular and similar methods that have been popular for years. For example, since the 70s, many people have placed hash oil on rolling papers before adding marijuana and kief, for a similar high. That said, as marijuana farming and use becomes more mainstream, the weed in circulation is actually much more potent than it was even 10 years ago. Because of this trend and the growing availability of hash oil and kief for purchase, moon rocks really are the most potent variety of this method available.

Branded moon rocks are becoming more available as well. Dispensary and mailing services have come up with many combinations and recipes for buyers to try, and the strain Girl Scout Cookies is a popular ingredient in many of them, and there are even reviews online for you to see before you buy. The varieties are out there, but now that you know how moon rocks are made, you have the option of making your own.

How to Make Moon Rocks

As long as you have access to the supplies you need, moon rocks are very easy to make on your own. As you saw above, there are really only three ingredients you need: bud, hash oil, and kief. Get a pair of tweezers to hold your moon rocks and simply grab a small bud, douse it in some hash oil, and roll it in kief. Give it at least a minute to really stick together, and you’re ready to go! Try not to move your moon rocks around, or transport them more than you need to (or you’ll lose some of your kief). It really is that simple.

The benefit of making your own moon rocks is that you can experiment a little. You can save the kief from your favorite strains and combine them with your favorite oils and bud to create the perfect effect. It can also be fun to combine your strains with varieties from your friends, to see how the different combinations turn out. With this method, you can try things out until you find the perfect body buzz for you. Many smokers enjoy experimenting this way. It is much easier alternative than learning to grow your own varieties at home.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Because moon rocks are so potent and make for an expensive high, you want to make sure you are very careful about how you smoke them. Prepare so you don’t lose any of your supplies, and burn them for maximum effect.

First, do not use a grinder. The nug is complete as it is, and the placement of the hash oil is how the kief sticks together, and grinding it will make this all into a mess (it will also turn your grinder into a mess). You might even want to consider having a set of tweezers available to move the moon rocks. Using a glass bong or bubbler is the best way to smoke them (but note, you’ll definitely have to clean out a clogged stem afterwards). Simply put the nug into the glass bowl and smoke it as you would a normal bowl. The moon rock should provide hits for a few people, and you might need to prod it around the bowl to burn it all. Remind all participants to take slow and steady breaths, so you don’t waste any smoke.

Some people also smoke moon rocks in joints. This can be done by carefully chopping up the nugs, or by making smaller nugs that can easily be rolled. Because moon rocks are a little more clumpy than ground weed, be sure to have an ashtray in-hand when smoking them.

The Impact

They are called moon rocks for a reason. This is a strong smoke. Many people who have tried moon rocks have called it the best and strongest high of their life. A moon rock high usually comes with intense euphoria and a happy body-buzz, and an extreme case of the munchies.

To be fair, moon rocks aren’t necessarily the strongest form of THC you can smoke. There are many varieties and recipes that have even higher concentrations of THC. That said, this is serious smoking and is definitely not for the first-time smoker.

When to Try Moon Rocks

Moon rocks do make for an incredible high, and they are quite an indulgence. Moon rocks are best kept for parties, vacations, and free days. Moon rocks have medicinal use, and the expense alone means it isn’t something that is practical to use daily or weekly. As well, the increased strength might make you prone to a long-lasting and intense high, and that is best experienced under relaxed circumstances.

Whether you are making your own moon rocks or trying someone else’s, they are an expensive and strong indulgence, and we recommend getting them (or your ingredients) from a source you trust. You want to be sure you are getting the highest quality for what you are paying for.

Moon rocks are an amazing combination that any toker should definitely try at some point. Not for the novice smoker, they bring together the strongest and most satisfying parts of a few different kinds of marijuana to create a delicacy that most smokers can’t wait to try.

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