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Various Questions About Various Drugs

Move over ganjacation, a new type of class is in session!

Potent is constantly receiving emails from their readers about different drugs, and while we generally keep them genre specific, this week we decided to include inquiries about a variety of topics. Besides, variety is the spice of life! Having been someone who had dabbled a little here and there, I feel confident I can offer up some knowledge that can help readers. So move over ganjacation, a new type of class is in session!

Transgender Sinsemilla

Question: I tried growing some sinsemilla last year from some dynamite Hawaiian seeds. Despite my efforts to weed out the males, two of my ladies turned into males and pollenated themselves. The smoke was very good and what I want to know is will the seeds my plants produced be as good as the originals, or should I make another trip to Hawaii?

Answer: We never would want to deny you a vacation to Maui, but you can save yourself the trip and the expense because seeds from hermaphrodites (transsexuals of pot) do grow and in fact will produce only female plants. The ratio of seeds that do sprout may be slightly less than from normal seeds, but the outcome is assured. Also, the second- and third-generation plants will adapt to the environment and look more like domestic pot than Hawaiian. However, the genetic makeup remains the same, and hence the THC content ought to be about the same quality if you maintain a similar environment. Aloha!

May Cause Drowsiness

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What is Dalmane? Can I get high on it?

Dalmane (generic name, flurazepam hydrochloride) is a benzodiazepine compound that is chemically related to Valium and Librium. It is a non barbiturate sleeping pill usually prescribed for the relief of transient and intermittent insomnia. Like all downer drugs it depresses the central nervous system, and in social settings the recreational user finds that it acts to release inhibitions and causes mild but short-lived euphoria. The Physicians Desk Reference lists some of the "adverse reactions" including dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness and staggering.

Such possible reactions are usually a tip-off as to the kind of high to expect. Recreational users we have seen report a high somewhat like "a half a Quaalude but not as good," while non recreational users report that it is a very effective sleeping aid with little or no hangover. These mixed reviews may have to do more with the user's expectations than with the chemical. A word of caution: Dalmane, like all other drugs of this class, does not mix well with alcohol and other depressants and can be habit forming.

Guided Trip

A friend gave me some magic mushrooms to take on my vacation, and though I am an experienced tripper, I have never tasted mushrooms. I did not want to display my ignorance to him, so can you tell me what is the correct dosage and what can I expect from the trip?

We assume that your mushrooms are of the homegrown variety or that you have had them analyzed by a mycologist or a Street-drug analysis program to be sure they are authentic and not one of the psilocybin’s poisonous relatives. The dose goes by weight: 1 to 5 grams dried or 10 to 50 grams fresh. The low doses are for beginners or those wanting a light trip. The higher range is for those who Want to see God.

Psilocybin and psilocin experiences are similar to LSD in that your perception of time and space may be altered and your moods may change rapidly. Mushroom trips are known to be more visual colorful hallucinations are commonly reported. For centuries natives in Mexico have been using it ceremonially to "see with the eyes of the soul." The trip lasts about four to six hours starting With relaxation and dilation of the pupils, peaking with visual and auditory hallucinations and ending with mental and physical exhaustion.

Johnny Hash
Johnny Hash
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