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Vape Replacement Coil: How And When To Replace Them

What is a coil?

By Jessica SmithPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

Are you wondering about replacing the coil of your vape? Do you want to know when and how you must replace the coil? If you are finding the answer to these questions, you’ve reached the right place.

The coil is an essential part of your electronic vaporizer, and it can affect your entire vaping experience. Whether you have just begun your vaping journey or become a pro, the coil in your vape will need replacing sooner or later. Here is all you need to know about the right time and process of changing your vaporizer coil.

What is a coil?

Coils are often called the atomizer heads and are a primary component of your device. It heats the vape juice and creates the vapor that you can inhale. The vape coil, made with resistive and absorbent material, heats the e-liquid or Nicotine Free Vape Juice present in the tank to transform it into vapor.

Each coil comes with a lifespan, which depends on the time and frequency of your usage. When it runs out, you can get vape replacement coils and place a new one easily.

When should you replace the coil?

While you can make efforts to prolong the life of the coil, it still cannot go on for an eternity. There comes a time when you have to replace the coil of your vaporizer. The trick here is to know when your coil needs a replacement.

Here are a few tell-a-tale signs that can help you identify the right time expertly:

1. Burnt taste in mouth:

The most common and prominent sign that your device’s coil needs a replacement is the burnt taste. Whenever the coil goes bad, it will start leaving a burnt taste in your mouth upon vaping. No matter the type or flavor of vape juice that you use, you will always experience a burnt taste.

If you are experiencing burnt flavor when you take a hit, it is an indicator that you must change the coil. While you can resort to cleaning the coil upon getting a burnt taste, the coil will already be damaged by the time you realize it. If you continue using the same damaged coil, it might cause further damage to your device. The first thing you must do when you get a burnt taste is to change the coil.

2. Leaky vaporizer:

The last thing you want your electronic vaporizer to do is leak in the middle of your vaping session. There can be plenty of culprits responsible for making your e-cigarette leak, and the coil can be one of them.

When your vaporizer starts leaking, it is time to open up the device and carefully examine it. Check if there is a problem in the coil that is causing the leak. If yes, then it is wise to change the coil to avoid leaking.

3. The vape juice tastes weird:

The burnt taste is undoubtedly the strongest indicator that your coil requires replacement, but it is not the only different taste that you will experience. In some cases, the vape juice might also taste weird. While you may not point it out, you can notice a change in the flavor.

Another issue with an old coil is that the flavor can linger. When the coil reaches the end of its life, it can hold onto more vape juice's flavor than a new one. Even if you try to switch the flavor, you will still get hints of the older vape juice. If you want to experience a new taste with vaping, it is best to get a new coil.

4. Gurgling sounds:

Like leaking vape juice, you can also notice that your e-cigarette is making gurgling sounds every time you inhale the vapor. While it is not a direct indicator that your coil has gone bad, it might be one reason. The gurgling noise caused by the coil indicates that the coil isn’t working correctly. If you continue hearing a bad gurgling sound, it is time to replace the coil. But, if the sound persists, there might be a bigger issue with the device.

5. Lesser vape production:

When you are vaping regularly, it is quite challenging to notice that your device produces less vapor. Depending upon how often you use the vaporizer and your vaping rhythm, you will see that your device is producing less vapor only when the vaping experience doesn’t satisfy as much as it did before.

If you notice fewer and less dense clouds of vapor upon inhaling, it can be an indicator that your coil is not working correctly. It can significantly impact your entire experience, so it is best to replace the coil.

How to change the coil of a vape?

Now that you are well aware of the signs that your vape coil needs to be replaced let’s understand how you can change it. Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Expose the coil:

The first step is to disassemble the vaping device. While it may sound like a daunting task, it isn’t complicated once you get familiar with your ecigarette’s structure. You can unscrew the tank easily from the bottom of the vaporizer and expose the coil. It is wise to disassemble the device when it is dry, but you can use paper towels to minimize the mess.

2. Empty the tank:

If the tank is full of vape juice, it is time to empty it. You can either dump it into the sink while running water alongside or throw it into the trash can. To avoid the mess, you can fill a bag with something absorbent and then empty the bag's tank.

3. Unscrew the coil:

Now, you can start unscrewing the coil by twisting it anti-clockwise until it comes out. You can use your hands to unscrew it and use paper towels to avoid the greasiness.

4. Pre-saturate the coil:

When you get the new coil, the cotton inside it is still fresh and will start burning if you place it directly in the device. You must drip the cotton with 7-8 drops of vape juice to avoid the burning. Wait for a minute and let the cotton absorb the vape juice.

5. Add the new one:

Place the coil at the bottom of the vape and then twist the coil clockwise to secure it in place. Make sure that the cotton is facing towards the tank.

6. Place the tank and add liquid:

Once the coil is placed, you can screw the tank in place and fill it with your favorite vape juice.

Final Thoughts

If vape juice is the blood of your vaporizer, the coil is the heart. To continue enjoying your vaping experience, it is essential to know when the coil is giving up and the right time to replace it. You can keep in mind the vaporizer's evident signs to know when you must change the coil. Carefully following the process to replace it with a new coil will ensure you enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience.

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