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Top 5 Ways to Hallucinate

by Auckland Martens 4 months ago in list

Shrooms, Shamans, and the Subconscious.

​Want to explore alternate realities from the comfort of your couch? Watch a movie on the inside of your eyelids? Have a hobbit like journey through an enchanted world of machine elves? This is the article for you. Buckle up and prepare to take an eons-old mythical journey as we delve into the world of hallucination. The following five methods of hallucination are the place to start. Each accompanied by a recommended book on the subject, should you want to delve even deeper.

1. Psilocybin Says: All Hail The Mushroom King

The mushroom cult is perhaps one of the oldest in the world. Reference to the sacred fungi can be found in countless cultures throughout history, despite the Catholic Church and other institutions’ fight to suppress it.

Albert Wassaman, who studied psilocybin’s use in Mexico, reintroduced it to western culture with a Time Magazine article in the 1950’s. That article didn’t exactly ignite a mushroom revolution in the states, but it was read by the curious young Americans who eventually would.

The McKenna brothers had plenty of company in their quest to experiment with these and other psychedelics but nobody had a trip quite like the McKennas did in La Chorea, a remote area of the Amazon.

Their documentation of their mushroom laden field trip throughout the galaxy is unrivaled and Terrance’s ability to embody the ‘personality’ of the mushrooms was uncanny. To experience this intergalactic travel on your own, just travel to some place where psilocybin mushrooms are legal and chomp away!

If you’d like to read about it a bit more before you take the plunge, read True Hallucinations by Terrance McKenna or The Brotherhood of The Screaming Abyss by Dennis McKenna. Enjoy your trip.

2. Close Your Eyes and Drift Away

Have you ever heard of Oneironautics? Of course not, but here’s your intro. All hallucination plays with the landscapes of our inner mind. These landscapes, specifically those of our sub-conscious, are what dreams are made of.

The experience of dreaming is our subconscious mind projecting its thoughtscapes onto the movie screen of our dreams.

So, you still ask, what is Oneironautics? It’s the ability to have complete control of these dream scenes, to be the ‘director” of your own movie.

The elusive ‘lucid dream’ is within your grasp. You can create, heal, and command your real life through programming your subconscious in your dream world and oneirnautics can help you do it. For a complete guide to lucid dreaming, check out A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming by Tucillo, Zeizel, and Peisel. Close your eyes and fly away.

3. MK Ultra High

MK Ultra was a covert CIA operation that ran the gambit from dosing unsuspecting government employees with LSD to scouring the nation for potentially psychic minds that could aid them in “Remote Viewing”

If the recently declassified reports are true, the government used to employ people who could, through their mind’s eye, travel to any place and time and observe the scenes unfolding there as if in real time. Not only was this project undertaken by our government, it also was deemed at the time to have produced an abundance of credible Intel that assisted in several secret operations and recovery missions undertaken by our military.

If you’re familiar with the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, you may be familiar with Eleven’s ability to travel to and remotely view other scenes. This fictional account is based on real life declassified documents of our government’s practice of using remote viewers to secretly gain intel.

If you want an in depth how-to on the art of remote viewing, read Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse. This book was published in 1996, a full two decades before the government declassified some of the documents relating to this program. His book also contains a more traditional Native American “trip” in which he sits in a sweathouse and smokes a “sacred tobacco” and is led on a spiritual journey in which he discovers that he is a warrior of the Bear Clan who has to die, which he does, and then has a beautiful rebirth.

Another famous Remote Viewer, declassified documents confirm, is the late psychedelic artist, Ingo Swann whose work is pictured above. Ingo was amongst the programs most successful viewers and his art seems to indicate an innate connection to the themes of the subconscious landscape.

4. The Natural Trip

“In Charles Bonnet Syndrome, sensory deprivation, parkinsonism, migraine, epilepsy, drug intoxication, and hypnagogia, there seems to be a mechanism in the brain that generates or facilitates hallucination—a primary physiological mechanism, related to local irritation, ‘release,’ neurotransmitter disturbance, or whatever—with little reference to the individual’s life circumstances, character, emotions, beliefs or state of mind.”

What Dr. Oliver Sacks is explaining in the above quote is that there is a part of our brain that creates hallucination and that this part can be stimulated just as easily from inward occurrences as it can from outward influence. That is to say, some times your brain hallucinates, so to speak, on its own. Some see this as a medical condition; some see it as gift from God.

A small group of people with temporal lobe epilepsy experience what is known as religious, mystical, or ecstatic seizures. Leo Tolstoy experienced these types of seizures and described them as pure bliss. Some patients have reported to be so taken by this experience that they find ways of inducing these seizures so as to revisit the ecstasy they induce.

You can read all about these and dozens of other types of ‘naturally occurring’ Hallucinations in the book aptly titled “Hallucinations” by Oliver Sacks, a doctor and incredible author who describes his wadings into the murkier depths of neurology and the brain in his several books on the subject.

5.The Mother Ship; DMT

People who smoke or ingest DMT literally go to alternate dimensions and realities. Among the experiences recorded in Dr. Rick Stassman’s studies with the molecule, people with DMT in their blood have traveled to alien inhabited labs in the future where the alien doctors explain to them that they are glad we’ve discovered the tool of DMT as a way to make contact with them.

Sounds crazy right? We’re only scratching the surface of the weird experiences that Rick Strassman and his team witnessed while administering DMT to research participants. Check out his book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Strassman details the reasons why he believes DMT provides us access to other realms of existence just when we need it most in our lives.

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