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Tips for enhancing your marijuana high

by Siddhu 7 months ago in how to

Marijuana has the potential to be a positive force in your life but only when you use it properly.

Tips for enhancing your marijuana high
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The medicinal effects of Marijuana are almost widely known in this day and age. More and more countries every day are moving towards legalizing this amazing herb. However, many people still consider it "bad" while those who smoke it put it on a pedestal like it could do no wrong.

But in reality, it is neither good nor bad. It is just medicine. It can do wonders if you're using it the way it is supposed to be used. From my own experiences with the magical herb, I have compiled a list of tips that can enhance your high and stop it from becoming a negative force in your life.

Tip #1. Avoid alcohol and tobacco when you're high

As far as I am concerned, mixing tobacco and marijuana is haram. Many people who smoke weed often also smoke cigarettes including me.

However, I quit smoking cigarettes when I realized that tobacco is messing with my high. Cigarettes make me feel low. I didn't realize it until I started smoking weed because I got used to ignoring its effects.

Like tobacco, Alcohol also works differently from marijuana. While alcohol makes you and your senses numb, Marijuana enhances your sense. Both Alcohol and Tobacco releases dopamine to make you feel good.

Dopamine is quite addictive. Hard drugs like cocaine and heroin also release large amounts of dopamine. Anything that releases dopamine, in general, is quite addictive including love, sex, work, and even food. When you add marijuana's high into this equation, the addictiveness increases as their effects are enhanced.

If you want to cure your depression, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol or making a joint mixed with tobacco.

Tip #2. Drink coffee or tea instead

Those who smoke cigarettes when they are high often do it so they can focus on the work at hand. Dopamine in the right amounts can help you focus on one thing. Many stoners often have an ADD type of personality because they tend to go with the flow. But those who have to work or need to focus often end up smoking a cigarette.

A better alternative is coffee or tea. I like lemon tea with mint leaves and a bit of honey. It seems to wash the smoke residue that is left in the mouth. The mint leaves bring freshness to your mouth. Although I like the taste and smell of weed in my mouth, my colleagues like to disagree.

Tip #3. Smoke in limits and take breaks b/w sessions

We have a saying in South India that more or less implies that anything can become a poison when taken in large amounts. Although you won't overdose and die by smoking too much weed, it still messes with your tolerance levels and alters your brain chemistry. If you smoke more, you need more to feel the same high you felt before. It makes you smoke more and you won't feel high as intensely.

What I like to do is: I stop when the blunt put itself off. My logic is that if you're so high that you didn't take a puff for so long that it is not lit anymore, you're high enough. I save that blunt for later. That high usually lasts about 2 hours for me. So I won't smoke it for another 3 hours at least.

What also commonly happens is that people smoke weed continuously every day for a long time and so they might not feel the same high they once used to feel. If that's the case, it's better to take a tolerance break and not smoke for at least 3 days in order to reset it.

Tip #4. Share your blunt with a friend or two

When I was in high school, my math teacher would tell us to teach each other what we know. As he would say, knowledge is the only thing that grows on sharing. When I shared this thought with my friend, he disagreed.

"Knowledge is not the only thing that grows on sharing," he said passing the blunt to me. I smiled. He was right.

In my experience, I realized that a good company can make your high better. Although I often enjoy solitude and smoke alone, my high always seems to be much stronger when smoking with friends. I also find myself being able to connect with people much easier.

However, bad company and toxic people can easily drain your high. So carefully pick and chose who you smoke with. Not everyone is chill and honest when they're high, you know! I found it the hard way.

Tip #5. Eat before you smoke

You could say this is a strange tip. It is. Because food tastes better with weed, the obvious choice would be to eat after you smoke. But the problem is you won't be able to enjoy food the same way when you aren't high.

Another problem is that you end up eating more than you should. I realized that I ate more when I am high and gained quite a lot of weight as a result. But this is not a tip that I follow every day because eating while high is one of my favorite things to do. But I usually save it for a cheat day.

Tip #6. Eat mangoes before smoking

Mangoes have a special ingredient in them that softens your blood-brain barrier letting those THC molecules pass through easily. Mangoes literally enhance your high.

Tip #7. End your day with a blunt

It's better to end your day with a blunt rather than start your day with it. When you come home from a hard day's work tired and stressed out, smoking a blunt will no doubt make you feel better. It can not only heal your physical pains but also mental strains.

Since you're low all day, when you smoke at the end of the day and you feel that high, it would be much stronger. If you're high all day, it will become a normal state to you. If there are no lows, there are no highs either.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Try them out and let me know what your experience is.

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