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Things that Smell Like Weed

Your nose will experience déjà vu with these common things that smell like weed.

By Parag PatelPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

If you are someone that loves the smell of marijuana, then you must have encountered, at least once, a place or a certain object that smelled very similar to the beloved herb. Cannabis is known for its very distinctive smell, which is not only enjoyable but relaxing to many people. Sometimes it can be an inconvenience. But hey, thats what vapes are for. And, although nothing will ever compare to the sensation of smelling some fine grown buds, here are a few things that smell like weed.

Symplocarpus Foetidus aka Skunk Cabbage

When it comes to pot the first thing that comes to mind in terms of scent is a skunk. This particular plant, called skunk cabbage, smells like exactly that. During the blooming period of this vegetable, the strong skunky odor can surely confuse you into thinking of some of the strongest marijuana strains.


This one should not be a surprise considering beer does include hops as an ingredient. Hops not only smell and taste like weed, but also stem from the same family called Cannabaceae.

Cleome aka Spider Flower

Oddly enough cleome, aka spider flower, not only smells like marijuana but looks very similar as well. The leaves in particular on cleome (shown above) replicate those of cannabis, just don't try and smoke it.

Axe “Touch” Spray

Ever wonder why you get busted for smoking pot in your room after heavily spraying down your room with Axe? Ironically, the same item you use to try and cover up the smell of marijuana can actually be getting you in trouble. It's been said that certain Axe "Touch" sprays have distinctive pot-like smells to them.

Moss Phlox

Moss phlox might be that one plant you steer away from growing in the garden. A couple actually got accused of growing pot after a "NOSY" neighbor insisted to police that there was a grow operation going on next door, only to find out it was moss phlox.

Body Odor

Strangely enough, body odor does have a very familiar weed scent to it and it's not necessarily because you smoke a lot of weed. The compounds in the herb may just influence how you smell. Although there might be a lot more to our unique aroma, our scent is an outward expression to our lifestyle and daily habits.

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil

Unlike most of these on the list, Malin + Goetz perfume oil is actually meant to smell like cannabis! This wonderful oil blend is made up of peppers, patchouli, fig, and sandalwood to help replicate the true essence of weed, just make sure not to spray this in the wrong environment, like if your going to court or getting pulled over.

Stinky Candle 

This one might be an eyebrow raiser since it isn't an actual item but a particular place. According to recent poll, 57 percent of the residents in Washington D.C. smell marijuana at least once a month. But we can't be too shocked about that considering they are now one of the few states to have recreational marijuana legalized.

Stinky Candle 

Well this one is a given due to its name and marketing. The Stinky Candle Company in fact makes candles to smell just like a pot and is said to smell like a joint in rotation. And for $10 you just can't go wrong with this soothing aroma

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