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The Mysterious Ballerina

by K. Alexandra 4 years ago in art

By: K Alexandra

The Sixth Installment of "Hard to Say Goodbye," "Welcome to the Maze of Emotions," "Hello to my Past life," "Hello to my Present Life," and "A Princess from the Clouds."

The sickness continues to grow within me...

The color of black became my new uniform I wear over my heart...

Is it hard?

To stare at my own reflection?


More like an infection?

But who cares?

As I continue to wander in my own home, Present appeared out of nowhere. Her eyes examined from my head all the way to my toes as if I was an experiment, "May I help you?" I questioned harshly. She let out a deep sigh then replied, "That tone won't get you anywhere in life K."

"First of all what a stupid response. What makes you think I want to go anywhere? I'm perfectly fine right," I was suddenly interrupted by an indescribable pain shooting within my chest, I quickly sit down as I desperately regain my breath; Present quickly sat by my side to aide my well-being. The ribcages continue to expand ever so slowly, anticipating for my heart to burst inside me, suddenly a whiff of smoke runs through my nose, tingling all my senses then immediately calming my chest... my chest was finally back to normal. I look at Present with surprised eyes, wondering how she got a hold of MJ, "I've had this medicine for awhile," the little girl replied, "I remember you use to take it whenever you were feeling pain in your wrist and from your surgery. I figured you need, now more than ever."

"How old are you?"

She smiles... she leaves the blunt in my hand then replies, "I do hope that this medicine will guide you back to your world of imagination. The world you always shared with your loved ones." I look down as I examined the blunt, I was amazed at how intricate it was made, my mind began to shift; a part of me wanted to thank Present but another part of me was not sure. I looked up, only to realize she had disappeared once again.

A single flame appeared out of the blue in front of me...

I looked around to see if anyone was playing a trick...

The only thing that was keeping me company was this single flame, that kept flickering very slowly.

The blunt kissed the flame...

The blunt began to simmer dally...

I inhaled its sweet, earthy smoke that began to cleanse my body, awakening every nerve, sending cool tingles in my spine. I then exhaled, but something was different... this cool smoke was turning into a ballerina... it was Mary Jane.

The smoke intricately created:

  • Her eyes
  • Her nose
  • Her lips
  • And her wavy hair

She looked at me with sorrow in her eyes, she motioned me to come over...

I hesitated...

She motioned me again, with a smile...

I cautiously walked towards her, she extended her hand towards me, I wasn't sure how comprehend this scene in front of me.

A smoke...

Coming from a blunt...

Transforming into a silhouette of a ballerina...

Time around me slows down as the hint of Mary Jane twirls within my nostrils all the way towards my chest, sparking all of my senses, especially my heart. My heart yearns for happiness and freedom, dancing through the colorful hallways, without ever stopping I recite these words for you...

"Mary Jane

Mary Jane

You make my heart sing, my soul dance, and my mind wander...

Wander upon the endless possibilities that has yet to come, and yet I'm not sure if I can handle the new journey ahead.

But with your sweet scent of herbs, the illuminating crystals, and the colorful green that represents the beauty of nature, it cures my body, my mind, and my soul.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Mary Jane

You're a creation of God.

Your medicine will remain precious, for you always remind me that this is only the beginning."


K. Alexandra

I am a 26 year old writer who enjoys creating stories and is always daydreaming in my big brain. So madams and monsieurs, welcome to my world of imagination, take my hand, sit back and relax, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the ride :)

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K. Alexandra
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