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The Major Mental Health Benefits Of Using Cannabis Products

by Ric francis about a year ago in product review
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Discover the best mental health benefits that come from using cannabis products. Explore how consumers and medical patients use cannabis to enhance mental wellness.


Maintaining good mental health in our daily lives is essential for maximizing our quality of life. With so many factors getting in the way of good mental health, can cannabis help us reach our goals? Discover how recreational consumers and medical patients take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis products.

Using Cannabis and Mental Wellness

When it comes to cannabis, it matters how you use it. There are both productive and unproductive ways to take advantage of the properties of the cannabis plant. Along the same lines, our daily behaviors and dietary habits can either support or hinder our pursuit of mental health.

Today, we are going to discuss how people use cannabis to boost their mental health. We’ll explore how people fit cannabis into a complete and well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Find ways to use cannabis to achieve the goals you want to reach in life. Cannabis is an immensely powerful plant capable of tremendous things.

That said, here is a quick caveat. Cannabis is not for everyone. It is also not suitable for every situation. If you are having troubles with your mental health, please reach out for professional assistance. There are many resources across Canada that are there for you in these situations.

When used responsibly as part of an overall healthy lifestyle - cannabis has been known to help provide some major mental health benefits. Discover the top mental health benefits of cannabis below.

1. Cannabis and Mental Disorders

When it comes to dealing with mental disorders and medical conditions, nobody should do this alone. Self-medicating with cannabis is not a sustainable long-term solution to your issues. Seek out professional medical assistance. Ask those health providers if medical cannabis may be right for you.

Medical cannabis has been demonstrated to provide numerous mental health benefits in the research literature. Some of the best-studied topics include PTSD, substance use disorders, and chronic pain. Cannabis has demonstrated the ability to help people manage symptoms and improve their quality of life in these situations.

Chronic Pain

Canadians living with chronic pain are another group who have been greatly helped by cannabis. Anyone who has experienced persistent pain knows how badly it impacts our mental health. Cannabis is commonly used in Canada to help people function more highly while living with pain.

Substance Use Disorders

Using cannabis to help with other substance use disorders has exciting promise. If we can use cannabis to stop using tobacco, would there be mental health benefits? Well, it appears that the answer is yes. Researchers have shown that tobacco users report poorer mental health than cannabis users when directly compared. It’s worth noting that the cannabis group also has better physical health (Lovell et al., 2018).

It was not all good news, however. The cannabis group did appear to have worse learning, memory, and reaction time than the tobacco group. This further supports the idea that consumers should use cannabis modestly and take frequent tolerance breaks.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an incredibly impairing and distressing medical condition that occurs in some people after traumatic events. PTSD is characterized by sleep disturbances, flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and more. Many medical patients have found the support provided by cannabis helpful when managing PTSD.

In all of these cases, medical supervision must be involved. These are not everyday concerns that should be dealt with alone. Mental health is critical to living life, and getting help when we need it is vital.

For others, cannabis is more of a daily boost to help manage the stressors of life. In the following sections, we’ll turn to quality of life and discuss the areas of life where cannabis provides the best mental health benefits.

2. Quality of Life

Quality of life includes both objective and subjective factors. Objective factors include basics like food, security, and housing. If using cannabis impairs your ability to maintain these critical securities in life, consider taking some time away. For many of us here in Canada, we are fortunate enough to have our basic needs met. When this is the case, we can focus on the subjective and qualitative aspects of living.

Many consumers find that Cannabis helps them with the little things in life. For example, cannabis can help us maintain states of joy, comfort, and mental creativity.

3. Relaxation and Stress-Relief

Cannabis has this beautiful ability to melt away stress. This ability seems so obvious it can easily be overlooked. Stress is never more impairing than when it hurts our mental health. Few things just make the worries of the world fade into the background. Cannabis is one excellent solution to stress.

Whether you go for a walk, watch a movie, or take a bath - getting the benefits of these therapeutic activities can be maximized with a bit of cannabis. When we are high, the rest of the world fades away. This helps us focus on what we need - what will boost our mental health. For many of us, spending a little more time being selfish will do our mental health some real good.

4. Improving Sleep Quality

Cannabis helps consumers and patients get proper sleep. While smoking a bowl right before bed may not be the best idea, doing so an hour before bedtime might be perfect. Everyone is different in terms of when that ideal last cannabis session occurs. Find out what works for you and try to stick with it. Even if this means making sure you put the weed away two hours before bed, it’s worth it to sleep deeply.

5. It’s all about how you use it

Keep in mind that it is important to consider what you do while high. Spending time cooking, walking, socializing, and doing other productive activities while high can be great ways to pass the time. If you eat junk food and hide from the world, things won’t get any better. What you do while high is your choice, so spend that time wisely, and you’ll note more benefits to your mental health.

6. The Perfect Cannabis Products for You

There are also plenty of options when it comes to cannabis products. Different people and different conditions may be better served by one option over another. Many medical patients need consistent and lasting relief provided by cannabis oils, capsules, and sprays. Recreational consumers often smoke flower or dab concentrates on providing that familiar high. Others love tasty and effective weed edibles like gummies, pot brownies, and more.

No matter what cannabis product you select, be sure to start low and go slow. Once you discover how your body reacts to different products, you can fit them into your pursuit of good mental health. We hope you enjoy learning the best mental health benefits provided by cannabis.

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