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The Anxious Lemonade

by Kyra Lopez 12 days ago in product review

My experience gulping down THC infused lemonade and paying for it in the end.

The Anxious Lemonade
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Have you ever found yourself rocking back and forth in a corner, debating on calling an ambulance after drinking some "harmless" lemonade?

No? Is it just me here?

Either way, man....do I have a story for my Vocal readers.

The most embarrassing experience I have ever endured with THC infused products occurred last summer in the middle of June. It was a bright warm day, my brain was in a good mood, and I wanted to visit "Wake n Bakery" in my home city of Chicago.

Due to my anxiety disorder, I normally do not have it in me to try THC in combo with CBD. Normally, I just get a large rose tea from this place with some extra CBD shots and call it a day. That is, until I made the grave mistake of trying out my friend's drink.

When my friend emerged from the shop with two drinks in hand, I happily began to sip on mine while eyeballing the pretty colors of their lemonade. It looked SO GOOD. They had a fruity and floral lemonade with bright colors that swirled around the glistening ice cubes in their cup. This elixir was AESTHETIC. The presentation was immaculate!

My tastebuds began to water. This looked way better than my order!

Without even thinking about any of the side effects, I told myself that I had to try it.

After all, it was hot out and my own drink was depleting quickly.

Maybe the THC wouldn't be too bad?

Cautiously, I took a few sips of their beverage. Upon tasting the first sip, I noted how amazing this flavor was. This is when my luck turned sour, and a few sips turned into a few large gulps. Gluttony had overtaken me, and so I kept going!

sip. sip. sip.

It was extremely delicious!! While enjoying its flavor, I wished I had ordered it myself. But, there just one problem: I didn't even think to ask how much THC they had put in their drink.

With a puzzled look, my friend let out a few chuckles. At this point, I had almost downed half their lemonade! Feeling slightly embarrassed by my over indulgence and rudeness, I quickly offered to buy them another.

My friend accepted the offer, but gave me a grave warning.

"You really drank a lot there, I had added a lot of extra THC. You might be feeling that pretty soon!"

My face turned pale and I almost instantly regretted what I had done.

For the first 30 minutes post lemonade fun, I felt normal. Nothing was out of the ordinary and I resumed my walk back to their apartment. However, what I didn't anticipate was for my near departure into hell when I got settled in to my friend's living room.

After an hour of having this devilish drink in my bloodstream, things started to get...well... weird.

Being someone that has never tried edibles or even smoked before, I had no idea what to expect when it came to having this sort of experience. My mouth was becoming parched, and waves of endorphins began rushing down my spine. I was getting hot, and I started to realize the utter horror in my mistake.

Like an idiot, I knew I had drank WAY too much!

The THC wasn't affecting me in a good way...AT ALL! I was a very anxious person on normal days, so this was kicking my system into overdrive. For the next few hours at the apartment, I struggled to fight off waves of oncoming panic attacks and the uncomfortable flashes running up and down my spinal nerves.

Nervously, I called my friend Ricky and laughed into the phone for 20 minutes attempting to piece together my story. I begged and pleaded for help, every word turning into a mushy pile of nonsense. I was unable to think, and Ricky just sat on the other end of the phone line questioning my sanity and my decisions.

The foolishness didn't stop there! Trying to take myself to another part of the apartment to wash my face with cold water was when the circus kicked into gear. I was having trouble moving, laughing to myself, and panicking inside my tiny mind at the same time. I tried talking to their roommates and ended up spilling a ton of water on myself at the bathroom sink, almost toppling over in a sad heap!

The roommates laughed at my misfortune, cracking up as they watched me move from the bathroom back to the living room.

Yeah, I was growing more nuts by the hour! I wanted all of this behavior to stop, and my panic was growing more intense. Trying to distract myself, I decided to sit on the floor behind the couch, guzzling a bottle of water and rocking myself.

Picturing this image again, it becomes more pathetic every time. When I sat ont he floor, clutching my water and talking to the wall, I debated on going to the hospital.

Maybe I needed anti anxiety meds and to be knocked out into a long sleep? Who knows, but the comfort of a hospital bed was very enticing to the hamster running miles on the wheel in my brain.

When my idiotic brain was finally recovering from melting onto the carpet (only 9 hours later), I couldn't do anything but swear this incident could never happen again.

I thank my friend for letting me stay and keeping me safe, but I had to recharge after such a terrible experience.

Looking back on this embarrassment, I realized that I never wanted to do that to my anxiety ever again! My brain wanted to choke me the next day, and I don't blame it. Some people are able to tolerate high amounts of THC and can smoke every day without issue. These folks absolutely baffle me, and I am quite jealous of their calming experiences with THC.

However, I know now what my body can and can't handle from this embarrassing story. It CAN'T handle a large THC lemonade, so I will just have to stick to rose tea CBD.

Ahhhhhhhh....Welcome back CBD

product review
Kyra Lopez
Kyra Lopez
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