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The 5 Best Albums to Listen to When High

That You've Probably Never Heard Of!

By J. P. FrattiniPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Yes, I understand that this list has been done before (many times), but here's the catch: Pink Floyd won't be on it. And as much as I love the prog-rock gods themselves, every single person who has gotten high has listened to Dark Side of the Moon. Today, the focus will be on more independent, obscure, or simply overlooked albums! All of these can be found across every major music distributor, from Spotify to Bandcamp. So here are my top five get-high-to albums that you've probably never heard of!

5. 'Uncle Tony's Coloring Book' by Blockhead (2007)

Kicking off our list is the legendary new-age hip-hop producer himself, Blockhead. This album takes sampling, looping, and instrumentation in a whole different direction from the typical Trip-Hop/Instrumental Hip-Hop record. With an eclectic sound derived from his use of live acoustic drums, electric guitars, and synthesizers, combined with clever uses of hypnotic repetition and samples, this album gives a great sonic experience the whole way through. Its low-key (and sometimes lo-fi) vibe offers a relaxing tone for the next time you decide to sit down and light up.

4.'Becoming Me - EP' by Taji (2017)

A very interesting indie-folk record that offers lo-fi recording, bright guitars, and some very great percussion throughout. The quality of the sound is a little rough around the edges, considering some of it was even recorded out in nature, but it only adds to the charm. Taji's voice also offers a lot of personality. With kind of a muddy, John Mayer-esque voice, alongside his intricate guitar playing and energetic performances. This EP of six songs is a great feel-good set to listen to. And if you end up enjoying this EP, check out his previous effort, Swimming. Both of these projects amplified my last experience on edibles, so I can't recommend them enough.

3. 'Relatives in Descent' by Protomartyr (2017)

Post-punk, proto-punk, dark, energetic, this album will definitely induce something. With atmospheric (but robust) guitar riffs, hard-hitting percussion, thick bass lines, and Joe Casey's strong baritone, the poetic lyrics are just the icing on the cake. When the strain sets in, you'll be pondering the lyrics all night and be equally engulfed by the instrumentation and vocals. And it all comes together in the end with an interesting balance of soothing and driven. Best listened to with at least one other person though, you might want the company.

2. 'Assembling' by Two Sheds (2015)

Another folk record on the list, but another goodie nonetheless. This album was described by the band as "a dare" and was written/recording in six days. With amazing indie-folk instrumentation with a variety of experimental sounds and recording techniques, and Caitlin Gutenberger's hauntingly sweet vocals, this album will make you feel warm inside as it sends chills up your spine. This is possibly the most intimate album on the list, so it’s perfect for when you're smoking with your significant other.

1. 'Debut' by Björk (1993)

This is probably the most mainstream album on the list (using that term loosely), but I still think it tops the list simply because it encompasses so much. Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk's debut album incorporates musical styles from minimalist-electronica to big band compositions. The vast array of sounds on this record lends itself to being listened to while high simply because of all of the experimentation. Despite some of the extreme differences in sounds from song to song, they all still seem to connect into one single listening experience. But with Björk, this is just the starting point. With a long discography of eclectic and experimental work, this will be just the beginning.

I hope you all found these recommendations useful! Have fun the next time you decide to light up, and maybe give one of these records a shot!


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