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Suitable for planting in the garden of the wood hydrangea, flowering spectacular, easy to take care of, a novice can also raise

The embroidered ball symbolizes reunion and happiness, so it naturally forms a round ball

By La nicePublished 6 months ago 4 min read

When we go to a wedding, often sucked by that dream wedding venue, especially the flowers on the wedding venue, which not only has a beautiful flower posture, but the shape is also very chic, which has the shadow of the hydrangea, hydrangea symbolizes the reunion of beauty, natural can form a round sphere, many bride's hand bouquets is it.

But ordinary hydrangeas are suitable for planting in pots, lacking a sense of atmosphere, today I share with you the wood hydrangea just to make up for the disadvantages of hydrangeas, the plant is incredibly tall, and looks very spectacular. There are two classic varieties of wood hydrangea, divided by the place of the appearance, which is Chinese wood hydrangea and European wood hydrangea.

These two types of wood hydrangeas give a different feeling, Chinese wood hydrangea is more like northerners, bold and atmospheric, while European wood hydrangea is more like southerners, showy and elegant.

Wood hydrangea is lucky because it has a unique growing environment, the Yangtze River basin, the soil is very fertile and rich in water resources, the wood hydrangea grown in this place, the plant is huge, the branches and leaves are vigorous, looks very vigorous, no wonder people say this place is the heaven of earth and plants.

When cultivating wood hydrangea, we must remind ourselves not to rush, especially those who are more impatient, because the growth speed of wood hydrangea is very slow, just like a snail crawling slowly, also in the case of sufficient water and fertilizer, this is just the unique growth way of wood hydrangea.

People can choose different varieties when cultivating wood hydrangea. I have observed two wood hydrangeas that perform very well, the fighting ball and the hemp leaf hydrangea, what exactly are their advantages? The bucketball, which does not have an amazing amount of flowers, but creates a very unique sense of atmosphere, is perfect for taking pictures.

The hemp-leaf hydrangea, on the other hand, has an amazing amount of flowers and the plant is always growing vigorously, but it is difficult to take care of because its branches are debauched and if you don't want to find a way to groom and guide them, they can easily grow into a clump and affect their appearance, but once they come into bloom, people will be attracted to the huge flowers on the branches.

Many novice partners want to own wood hydrangea when they first see it. These partners should never get their hands on seedlings with very short years when they are cultivated because these seedlings are fragile, and only those experienced florists can keep them alive.

Besides, it is not good to distinguish the species of hydrangea during the seedling period, so to avoid buying the wrong one, it is better to choose a seedling with a longer year.

The flowering of wood hydrangea spans almost a whole year, so it is clear that not only the plant grows slowly, but also the flowers bloom slowly. The tiny buds appear in the summer, then in the fall the buds become full, and in the winter and spring, finally, the fully bloomed wood hydrangea can be seen.

The flower color of wood hydrangea is pure white, without a trace of miscellaneous color, very pure and elegant, but it is said that this is not the most beautiful moment of wood hydrangea, so when is the most beautiful moment of wood hydrangea? It is the budding period because the buds are not pure white, there is a touch of soft green dotted in it, both elegant and fresh.

Like most plants, wood hydrangea cannot be pruned without pruning. To avoid hurting the plant and to allow the wound to heal quickly, the time of pruning must be chosen well. For example, after the flowering period is over, it is a good time to prune the plant to remove the unattractive and unhealthy branches, which can beautify the plant.

You should also pay attention to sprinkling some fertilizer on the roots of the wood hydrangea, to meet the growing needs of the plant and improve the quality and quantity of the flowers, so if you like it, take it home and cultivate it.

Now is the best time to plant them, so don't miss out if you love flowers! Plant them now, and soon you will see romantic and lovely flowers blooming, adding a unique color to your life.

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