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Because it's completely logical to add cannabis and cannabinoids to our diets!

By Richard HuffmanPublished 7 years ago 10 min read
What do I do with aaaaa-lllll the spare time I have? Well, other than smoking, trying to write more poetry, Facebook and my 9 groups there, shooting my YouTube videos, and writing these stories for my, hopefully rapt audience; I love to color. It's great for distracting me from the pain, and my arthritic fingers get a little workout. I'm happy to announce that if you like coloring, I recommend gel-pens, and Amazon has marijuana themed books! Like the above pic! I also enjoy Mandalas, but never like trying to color animals.... kinda looks like a pre-schoolers coloring! And, on with the show...

Pharmacology today, is basically big Pharma pushing pills that are deadly poisons, and the FDA approving these new drugs based on the word, and (I believe), false reports of the clinical trials from the pharmaceutical industry. And cannabis use is the 'logical' thing to do. It's not about getting high, it's not a gateway-drug, and I have made myself the guinea pig experiment to show the healing side of cannabis and hemp oil, and the logic in this issue is of the utmost importance to the human race. I don't believe in Big Pharma's clinical trials. And the FDA has to be bought and paid for. Get this...

Every new drug is supposed to be put through the clinical trials phase to show the FDA that it's safe and effective with a minimum of adverse side effects. So, the FDA approves these new drugs as "safe for human consumption"; but, isn't it strange that after a year or so on the market, this same FDA pulls the drugs they originally approved as safe, off the market, as unsafe!? WTF!? And I have seen these TV commercials for the newest classes of pharmaceuticals that are either something they've tripped over in their labs, just look at the generic names of the newest pharmaceuticals! Adalimumab, for instance. What's it made from? How was it discovered to treat certain diseases? And these big Pharma assholes are either creating the equivalent of Frankenstein's monster, or they're just rehashes of drugs that have been on the market already, and they put the same meds in newer, fancier packages, and charge us, and/or the insurance companies higher prices!

This is why I believe the pharmaceutical industry has bought politicians, and even medical professionals. Morphine sulfate, now! I know what I'm taking... morphine, and my Seroquel, Valium, and Amytriptaline! I know what's in them.... But the lies and misdirection of these new "biologics" just proves my point and is the only way I can begin to understand the FDA's approval of these new classes of drugs, is that someone is being paid-off, or the clinical trials from the pharmaceutical industry is all made up lies, and massaged false data to get the drug on the market as fast as possible, so the big guys at the top are guaranteed their multi-million dollar bonuses and shit. For cryin' out loud!

These pharmaceuticals are costing pennies per pill to manufacture, and the public has to pay the prices they demand. And it's all bullshit! The opiates therapy I'm on in conjunction with medicinal cannabis is the safest way to help me get through my day to day pains, anxiety and depressive issues. But I'm lucky in the respect that I'm able to take such high doses of morphine and other pills; as many of my Facebook friends have told me their horror stories of opiates, and a lot of them are still trapped in states that haven't pulled their heads out of their asses to see that half of the country's already joined the cannabis movement. I believe that cannabis legalization has to be spurred on, and I have made it my personal campaign to bring cannabis use into the light of the 21st century. So! Still trust your gov't? I stopped believing in the pharmaceutical industry after starting my research five years ago. I'm constantly finding new, and really scary shit! At least I know what I'm taking, and my pills have a long history of efficacy, and a minimum of side effects.

Now, just the fact that they're still advertising these poisons at the same time as the lawsuits are in the works, and it's still being lauded as safe for human consumption!? That's scary...

So, pharmaco-logical. I'm trying to help legalize medical cannabis use for everyone else! I have it, and I am the guinea pig, proving these lies, and bullshit propaganda as false. And what's my average reward for this? The Justice department and the DEA buttwipes lie, and perpetuate these lies as gospel, and they single me out as a drug addict! And those who are in the real "holier-than-thou" crowd are being brainwashed by televangelists, and are told that people like me are nothing short of red-eyed, two digit I.Q.'s, addicts, evil and vile drug pushers trying to let pre-teens get pot! What bullshit! Arizona had a proposition for recreational marijuana use, and the Anti-weed crowd lied about Colorado not getting the money to all of the schools. Colorado responded by telling them to stop lying! See, Denver schools were supposed to fill out paperwork for getting their share of the cannabis money, but they failed to do so. And, the estimated first year of income from MMJ sales was below the target amount, so basically there wasn't enough cash for the schools. So, the Anti-weed Nazis in Arizona painted a false picture of recreational marijuana use. And pissed off Colorado.

They also painted a picture of kids having pot-dispensing machines in our school hallways! And pot candy was going to be pushed on the younger crowd. Well, they frickin' won; influencing the voters with lies, and misdirection! First off, there's no such thing as a pot-dispensing machine, and I am 56 years old and I like the pot candy! And it's only available from a licensed dispensary! People who get on their soapboxes and preach what THEY believe is best for us really piss me off. Now, I'm an avowed, and comfortable with my own personal faith, atheist. So, if I ever go off on an anti-God rant, just forgive me. I'm usually addressing these huge Mega-Churches that spend $2 million on a huge, 50 foot steel cross in front of their church. Now, the collection plate; parishioners money, is going there. Wouldn't that $2M be better spent housing the homeless? Feeding the poor street children, among others? Instead, these evangelicals preach about loving your fellow man/woman, and they live in palatial estates where their parishioners would only be able to go to their estates as maids, gardeners, and the like. Hypocrisy! Telling us how to live, while they're living high on the proverbial hog! From other people's money! And they believe that they deserve to live better than their flock! Fucked up, ain't it, when you think about it. Well...

These two cousins/sisters/whatevers their botanical relation may be are straight out of mother earth, and nature. Science, baby! I study just about anything that might increase my knowledge, and that's where the 'logic' comes in. I study stuff like chaos theory, religions, medicine; I've said before that I started out with my medical training all the way back to elementary school! I started helping the school nurse, and she had booklets for kids my age to start early in the medical field, and I went through all sorts of extra medical correspondence courses while I was in the infantry, and I got qualified as a medic, and a bunch of other diverse courses like, weapons and demolitions, driving, mechanic, and a slew of military courses that I did just for fun, but I excelled as a medic/infantryman. Sniper school too, and both cavalry and infantry scout also. And I turned into a very effective man-hunter too. But, all those extra courses allowed me to have a myriad of choices in the civilian sector. See, I knew that man-hunting, sniping, shit like that that didn't have any civilian jobs. One of my faves was as a delivery driver for a local company in Tucson that I delivered to all of the local hardware stores. But, let's get back to medicine, and my research of cannabis. I feel that I've really gotten down to the brass tacks of the actions/reactions of cannabis and cannabinoids on our bodies. I'm happy as hell to help educate folks who still believe in the lies and negative hype surrounding the use of MMJ.

My YouTube channel has 107 videos posted, all titled Marijuana: (xxx-xxx), except for 3 vids, one on Valerie Jarrett, and two on Kratom; and I always stop on a different time so I can easily find the ones I want to share. Hope you're all watching one or two of them. I tend to ramble when in intense pain, which you can watch the pain leave as I medicate live. I hope more folks subscribe to my channel, as I'll never run dry when it comes to the subject of cannabis and hemp.

Now! I'm so happy to see that President Trump is getting rid of the "beleaguered" Justice department's Jeff Sessions. You know that asshole, I'm sure. He's the buttwipe that didn't even say a friggin' word about going after the meth labs, and the Cartels. Instead, his first official action after the election was to say that he wanted to interdict the already established MMJ programs in the 29 states, and DC! DC!? Dumbass, that's stupid right there! DC legalized, and that's the seat of power in our government. His arrogance and rhetoric was just too much for me, and the President too; I have been tagging the President already in my videos, and I have tagged Sessions too, and gave him a double-middle finger salute. It's just beyond reason to attack us MMJ patients whose states have legalized at least medical use. The Tenth Amendment of the Bill Of Rights stands strong for us cannabis consumers! That's why I stay busy shooting videos for everyone else to gain access to medical cannabis, if nothing else! Medicinal cannabis is just that...medicinal! Sessions actually believed that he had the pull to do that shit! And his statement of, "Good people don't smoke marijuana." Again I've gotta say, WTF!? I took that very personally. I'm not wasting my time here. I'm researching more than Sessions ever has. That tells me that he's just another bought and paid for politician, or he's one of the holy-rollers that think that Satan put the cannabis family on this planet, and it's all the devils work! Well, I say, fuck you, Sessions! Read Genesis 1:29! That's my answer whenever someone on Facebook starts lecturing me that it's a disgusting, vile, evil plant that's killing teenagers all across the country! That's from 'ChristiansAgainst Drug's' group on FB. They're spreading the most idiotic lies; saying that 'dabs' are killing teens all over, and the dabs are injected in the eyes! Wha-fuck!? Really? And I posted on their site that they were all idiots, and of course, they blocked me! Good! I don't want to see their B.S. lies and shit. If there's a God, he put the plants here.....

But there's something wrong there...the Cannabacaea family has been on earth for millions of years before people! My favorite question for the holier-than-thou crowd is; "explain to me why the Dinosaurs weren't mentioned in the bible." That shuts 'em up sometimes. Or they actually believe the dinosaurs never existed, and science lies. Huh? I'm sorry, but in my estimation, science and technology is all based on numbers, and numbers don't lie. E=MC2, and these people shun that as lies. I see more lies in an episode of the 700 Club than there'll ever be in science. So, let's close this...

Science trumps people's personal feelings, and if all you can come up with for an argument is that people die from cannabis use, you're really misguided, and ill-informed. As the Mega-Churches go, they perpetuate these BS lies, and they push their propaganda on us, without a care for the people whose lives are being saved, and changed for the better through the utilization of cannabis and hemp for medicine and industry.

It's totally illogical to deny the populace of a proven life-saving medication! Cannabis and hemp ARE MEDICINES! There's legislation happening recently that would guarantee our returning veterans will have access to medical cannabis, and that right there will save lives! Many vets are coming home screwed up in the head. See, they're stationed in a country where the majority of the population hates us, and our boys and girls in uniform are living in a place where you'll never know when someone you previously thought was friendly, can walk up to you and set off a bomb. That takes a toll on our troops. The unknown that can happen to anyone, anytime. And that's the basis of their PTSD. And we spend billions of dollars daily sending our boys and girls to war, and they've been coming home fucked up in the head, hypervigilence taking control, and vets today have a higher incidence of suicides. Cannabis can drop that figure by half, or more! So, it's only logical, as Spock says, to legalize these plants that can cure so many diseases, disorders, syndromes, and CANCERS! Where's the logic of pushing IV poisons at thousands of dollars per dose on cancers that are proven to be cured by cannabis, without putting it in remission. Remission means that it's still in the patient, and I have found through my studies that the Cancer industry does NOT want a 'cure' for cancer. They'd lose money. And that's inherently stupid, dangerous, and just plain old wrong! Cannabis, not hemp is the cure. THC and CBD together work as a "power-couple" to cause 'autophagy', that state where the cancer cells eat each other until there's no trace of the cancer. John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, and the smartest move he can make is to get a hold of some Rick Simpson Oil. It's only logical...

*The following three YouTube videos talk about the cure for cancer*

See y'all in the next story...

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II'm a 56 year old disabled and homebound veteran who has at least 7 different types of chronic pain syndromes and I am now a medical marijuana patient in Arizona who's an activist for the legalization movement for medical cannabis.

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