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OG Skunk Strain

OG Skunk blooms dense, rotund buds of a light-green shade with a sparkling layer of trichome crystals. Putting a flame to the flower will produce a clean, silky smoke with a combination of lemon, skunk, and diesel to tantalize the tongue.

OG Skunk Strain

OG Skunk blooms dense, rotund buds of a light-green shade with a sparkling layer of trichome crystals. Putting a flame to the flower will produce a clean, silky smoke with a combination of lemon, skunk, and diesel to tantalize the tongue. The heady and body consequences from this strain are equally matched and balanced. The cerebral excessive is uplifting and energizing, imparting happy thoughts and creative stimulation. The body high might also kill pain, reduce inflammation, loosen sore or tight muscular tissues, and relieve cramps. Those seeking awareness or motivation may discover OG Skunk helps, as that is both a medical and social use pressure. Not unusual aspect effects of OG Skunk encompass cottonmouth and crimson eyes.

The OG Skunk is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/forty% indica) strain that is a robust go among the insanely famous The OG X Skunk traces. Customers describe the OG Skunk excessive as very glad and euphoric with clean-headed motivational tendencies that encourage them to be active and address duties that they would normally avoid whilst now not dosing with this bud. This observed with the aid of a buzzy body high in a while that leaves you relaxed, drowsy, and completely secure. Because of the mighty aggregate of sativa and indica outcomes, The OG Skunk is a perfect pressure for treating patients affected by situations such as moderate to severe despair, in addition to continual pressure or tension problems. This strain has lengthy dense wooded area green leafy nugs with a sparse overlaying of thick amber hairs.

About OG Skunk

Lovers of DNA Genetics already realize they bring the warmth while dropping new strains, and OG Skunk isn't any exceptional. Through crossing OG #18 and Skunk they’ve given us the kin to two fan favorites which have extremely in-call for traits. Happily, the OG Skunk doesn’t disappoint.

With an above common range of 21% THC, that is a strong, albeit satisfied, high so as to have you buzzing around city with simply multiple hits. These nugs come out forest green punctuated by means of amber hairs and a thick layer of sticky white trichomes and syrupy resin. If the arrival of these little beauties didn’t draw you inside the smell really will. With the best of each mother and father popping out in its combination of flavors, customers can indulge in the candy citrus flavors and skunky candy and lemon aromas while playing how the smoke sweetens through the years.

For medicinal users, this stress is a terrific manner to get thru bouts of depression or stress as its miles a complete thoughts-cleaning bud. Experience as your heavy thoughts melt away and your choice to be high quality and productive take its vicinity. OG Skunk will give you the raise you need in some of approaches. Moreover, this pressure is brilliant for ache remedy and those with a lack of urge for food. More recent users must be conscious that the usage of this bud in extra can purpose anxiety and should proceed with caution.

Grow information in this plant is few and a long way among, with many noting that it is a slight to difficult stress to preserve healthy. it's miles unclear why that would be the case, but, amateur growers are not encouraged to domesticate this plant for this reason. The flowering time is expected at 7 to 9 weeks and it is able to flourish indoors and outside. Fans of its parentage will have a good time in OG Skunk’s capability to stay up to the own family call. For an fun revel in packed with upbeat motivation and rounding off well with utter rest, OG Skunk is the only to reach for.

OG Skunk is a sativa-dominant hybrid that brings out the tangy terpene profile of its mother and father OG # 18 and Skunk #1. The former is a descendant of the unique ocean grown pressure. Like hundreds of its siblings, it has the distinct lemon flavored smoke that induces a stimulating psychoactive impact that finally tapers into a chilled euphoria. However, like its determine, it has a weak point towards excessive ranges of humidity. To cope with this, the breeders introduced Skn # 1 to improve its universal sturdiness. It is an excellent healing herb as well. Its delicious smoke has the energizing exceptional of citric terpenes that invigorate the senses. Meanwhile, its restorative head to toe high is a great source of comfort for patients managing mental and bodily fitness suffering.

Information approximately OG Skunk stress

Starting place OG # 18 and Skunk #1

Consequences Uplifted – 10

Happy – eight

At ease – 8

Euphoric – 7

Creative – 5

Perfume - pungent, skunk, sour, fuel, diesel, citrus, sweet

FLAVORS bitter, fuel, diesel, skunk, fruity, citrus

Negative REACTIONS Dry mouth – 10

Dry eyes – 5

Annoying – 1

Headache – 1

Dizzy – 1

Scientific pressure – 10

Pain – 9

Lack of urge for food – 6

Fatigue – five

Insomnia – four


FLOWERING TIME out of doors overdue September to mid-October

PLANT top Unknown

THC content material % 16% to 22%

CBD % Unknown

INDICA/SATIVA % forty%/60%

INDOOR YIELD 14 to 21 ounces in line with rectangular meter

Outdoor YIELD 21 oz. or more in line with plant

Climate warm and Mediterranean climate

Boom degree Unknown

RESISTANCE TO sickness Unknown

• 10 is the very best

• 1 is the lowest


OG Skunk isn't always one to waste its time. inside minutes after the first or three puffs, it offers an uplifting euphoria that enhances the temper. A behavioral alternate is straight away noticeable as soon as the onset settles. Customers seem happier as compared to whilst the excessive began especially as a hurry of euphoria cradles the mind.

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