My Apothecary Jar- Obama Kush

Cannabis is My Lifestyle: Memoirs of a Marijuana Mistress- Chapter 4

My Apothecary Jar- Obama Kush

Hope all is high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia, and welcome to my Apothecary Jar. In this chapter, I am going to showcase one of the strains that my honey grows and give you a little background story on how he ended up with this beautiful lady in the first place.

Obama Kush

Cannabis& Coffee my favorite combo

It is that time—time for harvesting ,and a time for that lesson in patience that I am constantly being tested on, but oh well, yippee, it is harvest time! The lovely lady for the photo shoot and interview today is Obama Kush. I wonder if it is Obama approved? It should be because she is absolutely stunning, and I sure wish I could get a smell to come across this paper.

Harvest Time

woo hoo!!!

We had taken a trip over the mountains to do some visiting in Yakima and there was a jar of finished flower from Ms. Obama herself. We had heard about this strain and had wanted to find it, but most people were pretty greedy with their connections or cuts, always wanting to be exclusive, I guess? It was real lovely in the jar, and after getting a chance to admire, taste, and feel her effects, my honey had fallen in love. All he could talk about was how he wanted one of those cuts so he could give her a grow himself. He talked about her so much that apparently the gods above heard him, and next thing you know, we had a phone call that the grower was willing to give my honey a cut. He was so excited that he could not wait to go get it. He loaded himself into our car, and away he went. Now he planned on just doing a turn and burn, as we would call it…just drive over the pass and back…so I stayed home. I love to travel, but sometimes my body is like “fuck you” and not willing to cooperate for turn and burns. The recovery isn’t worth the brief moment of travel. I got messaged when he made it to Yakima and he let me know he was on his way home with his new lady.

Now when he got home all safe and sound, I got to hear the other part of the story about how he almost died on the way to go get her. Not a cool thing to hear at all! Apparently going over Hwy 410, the car decided to have its brakes freeze and he lost all brakes on a downhill of solid ice and snow, not cool … not cool … not cool … my breath still stops thinking that if I would have lost him … especially over a plant. I love cannabis, but I surely love him an infinite amount more. Obviously he ended up stopping the car, but not without scaring the shit out of him, and this was on the way there. So in a sense, my honey damn near risked his life to get this particular strain, but she has made up for it in her beauty, aroma, and effects. She has surely become one of my honey’s favorite strains to indulge in…he is a Kush guy and I am an Indica chick.

Obama Kush is a blend of Afghani (indica) and Og Kush (hybrid). Both parents we have actually had the pleasure of growing. They didn’t make the cut, but we have had her parents in our home. Due to our medicinal needs, we tend to stick with strains that work to kick pain's ass. I don’t want to feel what I have to deal with at any point in my day, so I require high THC strains to operate and take it down a notch. Obama seems to take away the pain but not leave me couch locked, which is nice when I got shit to do. Her effects leave me feeling nice and relaxed, but yet still left with motivation to get things done. Now she can lay me out if I give in to her sweetness, but I am hard to take out. I would have to put her in an uplifting category if I got to slap a label on her.

You know what really slaps? Her aroma, and her flavor will slap you in your sniffer and your buds … taste buds, that is!!! She has the aroma of over-ripened earthy berries …it is the best way to describe it … it may sound gross or odd, but let me tell ya, it smells delicious! It is not a fruity foo foo smell either, it is more along the lines of a dank, nasty, fruity earth smell, and guess what … the flavor is spot on with the smell. I love earthy flavors in cannabis and mixed with the dank fruit of this strain makes it a delight for the palette.

Despite the near death experience, Obama Kush has brought some life to the grow room and continues to give back by a being a beautiful, effective medicinal cannabis strain. I am thankful my honey made it home safe and sound and for having her in my Apothecary Jar.

Stay lifted!

Love, Light, & Gettin’ Minds’ Right!!!

SinSeriously Yours,


Love, Light & Gettin' Minds' Right!!!

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