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Moroccan had nothing

Moroccan had nothing

By Alexis ChristianPublished 12 months ago 4 min read

A trip to Morocco

Abdullah Meed took out a thousand gold pieces and gave them to Judt. Jute went home happily with the money, told his mother about his adventures with the Moroccans, gave her the 1,000 gold pieces, and said: "Mother, here are the 1,000 gold pieces. Put them away and arrange your life for a while. I'll go with the Moroccan, and in about four months I'll be back with a lot of money. Pray for me, mother."

"Son, I'll be lonely when you're gone. I'm afraid for you."

"Ma, rest assured that Allah will give me peace. The Moroccan has a very good heart." He went out of his way to praise the Moroccans.

"My son, I hope so! Go with him, and perhaps he will bring you good luck."

Judt took leave of his mother. When Abdullah Ahmed saw Judt, he asked, "Have you discussed it with your mother?"

"Well, she wants me to go."

"Ok. Come, let's ride this mule together."

So they set off on their mules. Starting at noon and trekking into the sunset, Judt was hungry. Seeing that the Moroccan had nothing with him, he asked him, "Perhaps you have forgotten to bring something to eat, Sir."

"Are you hungry?"


So they jumped off the mules. The Moroccan called to Jute, "Take off my saddlebag." When he had taken off his saddlebag, he asked:

"What do you want to eat, brother?"


"By Allah, tell me what you want to eat."

"Bread and cheese."

"Alas! Poor thing! Bread and cheese are too cheap. Choose something better."

"I'm very hungry. Anything will do, as long as it's food."

"Do you like braised chicken?"

"Very much."

"Do you like honey rice?

"Very much."

"Like to eat..." The Moroccan lists twenty-four dishes in a row.

Judt heard this and thought, he's crazy. With no kitchen and no cook, how could he get all this delicious food? Don't let him dream about it. So he quickly replied: "Enough, enough. You have nothing at hand, but you tell me all these delicious things. You want to make me feel bad!"

"Yes, Judt."

"Said the Moroccan, reaching into his saddle-bag and taking out a gold plate, which contained two steaming chicken; He reached in a second time and took out a plate of roast mutton; Again and again he took from his saddle-bag the twenty-four dishes he had counted, no less. "Eat, poor fellow!" he said.

Judt was shocked by what he saw and said, "Do you have a kitchen and cook in your saddlebag, Sir?"

The Moroccan laughed and said, "This saddlebag is enchanted, and there is a servant in it. We could have asked him for a thousand dishes at the same time, and he would have cashed it in no time."

"What a wonderful saddlebag! Judt was full of praise.

They drank and munched a hearty meal. After eating, throw away the leftovers, put the empty plate back in the saddle bag, and then take out a kettle, pour water to wash. After dinner, they said their prayers and packed up for their journey. They mounted their mules and trudged on. The Moroccan asked, "Jutes, do you know how far we have come from Egypt?"

"No! I don't know."

"We've been walking for a month."

"What's going on here?"

"You know, Judt, this mule is a great horse. He can travel a year in a day. I walked slowly today to take care of you."

And they walked, and they walked, toward Morocco. Take rich food out of the saddlebag for three meals a day. They stayed up all night and walked for four days. When Jute needed anything on the way, the Moroccan gave it to him from the magic saddle-bag, to his satisfaction.

Arriving in Fez

On the fifth day they finally reached Fez. Along the way, the Moroccan met many acquaintances who greeted him and kissed his hand. As he went along he came to a house. He knocked, and the door opened, and there stood the daughter of Maeder, beautiful as the moon. Mader commanded:

'Rahoman, open the palace door for us!

"Yes, Dad, I'll be right there." 'she answered, turning and hurrying into the room. "What a noble princess she is!" said Judt, looking at her lithe and graceful figure and almost falling into ecstasy.


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