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Meeting Uncle Acid

by A.Star 2 months ago in fact or fiction

Enlightenment and LSD

Meeting Uncle Acid
Photo by Aalok Atreya on Unsplash

I just arrived in London and living in a hostel close to Hyde Park. I'm looking to rent a room and start a restaurant job and see what London life is all about. I also want to progress in my career as I was a floor supervisor and want to be a great manager. An old friend of mine from Romania is the only connection I have in London, so I went to visit him to help me get some Marijuana as I love to smoke.

Fabio and I used to work in a night club by the Black Sea, he was a bartender and I was waiting tables on the floor. I was 19 at the time and recently moved to the big city with some friends, rented a flat and took our first steps towards independence and freedom from our parents. It was all super fun, very scary at times, especially the week before rent payday, but we always laughed and somehow managed to get the money for the rent. When we started working in the night club Me and Fabio, together with Tommy would be drinking a bottle of wine throughout the service just to keep our vibes smooth and have better interaction with our customers. So each night we would drink a bottle of wine between the 3 of us. Nine months down the line of working in this club each one of us had his bottle of whisky behind the bar and consume it within a night or the weekend. That's when I realized I had to quit that job. This is how I've connected with Fabio, in party mode. But now my drinking days are behind me and I prefer to smoke weed instead as it's not harmful to my body the way alcohol is.

So 10 years later we meet again, this time around we don't party as we used to, at least I'm not. It's good to see each other and Fabio is doing his best to help me out with anything I need to get me started, so on top of the weed I requested he hands me a tiny paper square. It appears to be bloated paper, with perforated edges and some colours on one side, looking very much like a mini postal stamp.

- What's this, I ask with amazement?

- Ohh, this is LSD or Acid, call it what you wish. I thought you may want it since you're into Ayahuasca and all this trippy stuff. I don't do acid, I'm scared of hallucinations or losing my mind.

- Wow, bitch, that's so freaking cool. I was just reading about LSD in the past days and I was intrigued as it appears to evoke some spiritual insights. Wow, that's so amazing, thank you so much.

- Ohh, you see perfect, I thought you may enjoy it. I like to keep on my crystal meth pipe. Wanna try a puff?

- No thanks Fabio, I don't know what it is, I haven't read about it and it just doesn't feel like my vibe. But the Acid surely feels awesome, I can't wait to take it. I think tomorrow I'll just go to the park and try it. I'm so excited.

- Ok, as you wish. Be careful with the acid.

- Everything is going to be OK, don't worry about it.

I've spent most of the day with Fabio, smoking the weed and catching up, laughing at the good old times. Next day, I wake up and have breakfast at the hostel then I make my way to the park merely 3 minutes away. I have rolled my last 2 weed joints and, on my walk in the park, I put the trip under my tongue full of curiosity and excitement and then light up one of the joints. I walk for about 10 minutes until I find a beautiful spot, under a gorgeous oak tree, close to a water pond. I begin to feel anxious and a bit nervous, I realize there's no turning back now and for the next 4 to 6 hours I can be in Heaven or Hell.

The sun is shining and the breeze is calm and cool. Birds fly free and joyfully tweet all around. I put my earphones in and listen to my Darpan playlist comprised of the songs: Love-light, A miracle of love, Awakening, Blessings, Love energy, Together and alone, We are one, Peace Reprise, Metamorphosis.

I've been sitting under the Oaktree for about 30 minutes and nothing seems to happen so I light up my last joint. As I sat there smoking I begin to feel a sense of ease in my body as if I'm getting lighter. All of a sudden I feel like something is creeping up on me, from the back of my neck and head, it feels like an inside job and I begin to laugh. Everything seems so funny, for no particular reason, it's just funny. The smile on my face is stretched from one ear to the other as I observe everything with curiosity. Starting with my body the sensation of being so light and easy, like a snowflake. There is almost a feeling of getting bigger, a sensation of space inside the body. I realize my mind is very sharp and aware although my sight is getting blurry and fuzzy. I find myself very aware of my breathing and began deeper and longer inhalations, somehow it just feels so good to do so. Aware of my breath I keep on staring at my arms as I feel discomfort now in most of my joints like I just need a good stretch. Why do I feel so empty and spacious in the body, I ask myself when it hits me. Psychics say that everything is made up of atoms, and these atoms are made up of protons(positively charged particle) and neutrons (particle without charge), which comprise the nucleus and electrons(negatively charged particle) that orbit the nucleus. This makes up for less than 1% of the atom the rest 99% is empty space. Wow, it's so amazing to be aware of this at such a fundamental level and more so to experience it first hand. I love the trip so far it's amazing.

I feel waves of excitement building up inside. The winds have a blow in the trees and I see what appears to be a reality warp. Suddenly the trees look so alive and like their having a wonderful dance with the winds. As the wind reaches the Oaktree I'm sat by, it moves its branches in such a delicate way it appears as it's moving my branches and I begin to ponder, what's going on? I've never experienced such a level of awareness and clarity. Every question I ask is answered instantly, and I just seem to know the answer is true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The music is very very helpful and seems to be perfect, every word is in perfect timing with my thoughts and as I was drifting with the music I suddenly feel... enlightened. I feel just like Buddha reaching enlightenment under the cheery tree. I've been reading about Buddha, meditation and enlightenment for a few years and always wished to achieve such a level of wisdom but was never very fond of the idea of years of meditation in a cave on a mountain top although, I have considered it quite a few times. But I never truly got it as I understand it now. The peace and blissfulness, fully present here and now, there's no past and no future, only NOW. And how magical and wonderful the NOW is, how full of love and joy. I'm so excited, tears of gratefulness roll down my cheeks, I feel relieved, like living a dream. A dream that I was playing in the distant future, is suddenly my present experience. I don't even know if I'm crying or laughing with joy, with gratefulness and appreciation. I feel so honoured, so blessed, so supported from Above.

Sitting with my back on the tree and my legs straight on the grass I have a sense of detachment from the body as my awareness rises. I feel like my back and the tree is attached, and his roots are my roots and my legs are his legs. As the wind blows through the branches, it feels like my branches are moving. I put my palms on its trunk, and they feel like his own palms. Suddenly we are one in awareness and senses and we have some sort of communication going on. It is not word-based communication but rather a mix of feelings and images all confirmed by some sort of Inner Knowing. I begin to see the water pond and the surrounding trees through the eyes of the oak and so much beauty is revealed to me. I see a flock of pigeons taking off and the way they fly in the sky is magical. Around the flock, I can perceive some sort of invisible energy that moved the flock from here to there, and as it passed close to the ground, in the proximity of other pigeons sitting on the ground, it would magnetize them into flight with the flock. I watch with amazement how effortless they flap their wings and glide through the air in such harmony with one another.

"Does this trip get any better than this? How freaking lucky am I?"

I love the colours and how they appear to have some sort of structure as if coming out from the grass or the trees. The way clouds move on the sky as if a nostalgic novel is being painted on the blue canvas. Every single blade of grass seems to be standing out and tiny yellow flowers become so obvious, also standing out in the green fields.

- Hey mate, sorry to bother you, do you have a cigarette by any chance?

I turn my head and here is a man next to me, with a very smiley face and emanating good vibes, like some sort of aura. He looks mid 40's, south Mediterranean. I feel so happy and say:

- I can give you some tobacco if you wish.

- Yes please, that would be amazing. Wanna come to join us?

Pointing out to another guy under a tree about 20 metres away.

- I'm cool thanks, but maybe you can help me get some weed.

- Come let's ask my friend, he knows the area.

As we get to his friend I realize both of them seem very happy and relaxed. I wonder if they are also tripping. The friend waiting on the grass looks like he is in his late ‘30s, Brazilian with a big golden maple leaf on his forehead and presents himself as King Solomon.

- Wow, that's so cool, nice to meet you, King Solomon, I'm happy to meet you today, I've read about your wisdom and was always fascinated about your connection with God.

- Yes, Yes, this is me, as you can see from my crown, pointing out the leaf on his forehead.

- Look, Mr King Solomon, your friend here said you could help me get some weed. I'm pretty high and feel like I need a smoky cushion if you know what I mean.

- Yeah man I got you, let's walk to Portobello Market. What you on? MD?

- Wow, so cool, thanks, Mr King Solomon. I'm on acid, LSD. I've never heard of this "Emdi" but it looks like you're pretty happy, and I'm getting good vibes.

- Yeah man it's super cool.

We go out of the park and walk for about 10-15 minutes. In this time I realize walking is not as easy as I thought and I'm a bit wanky, like I am tipsy, although somehow it appears as if my feet are walking on their own and I don't have to do much, just focus where I want to arrive.

The market is colourful and crowded, smokes of grilled chicken carried by the wind and noises from all sort of people buying and selling fresh fruits next to merchants of jewellery or souvenirs. I feel so happy and so excited when a chubby Indian man, dressed in a silver shining robe and a purple turban approaches me with open arms and a big smile. On his chest wears a small board with rainbows and a colourful inscription: "Free hugs". I give him a long and happy hug and feel so much love and good vibes. He then looks me in the eyes and says:

- Somebody is very very happy, nodding his head and smiling.

- Yes I am, thank you very much for the hug, it was amazing. Namaste!

I smile and continue following up with King Solomon and his friend. We arrive in the Rastafarian area, where Jamaican music is playing loud spreading the reggae vibes. Some are selling CD's, others clothing and jewellery, they also grill chicken, but I can smell more marijuana then chicken and I want to grill some weed.

I've been feeling super excited for a couple of hours now and it seems like it keeps on getting higher and higher and need some weed at this point, to chill a bit and process all this information.

As soon as we're here, I feel in my element and quickly approach the first guy I see smoking. A tall and skinny Jamaican brother with long dreadlocks and a cool rasta cap.

- Respect man, can you sort me out with some weed bro?

- Yea, how much you want?

I get £20 worth of weed and start making my way back to the park along with King Solomon and his friend. Passing by the shops I get 2 beers for the guys as that's what they were drinking in the park, and a fresh coconut for myself. I also get a couple of bananas and a mix of berries for myself. I get back to the park and thank the guys for their help as we split up and I return to the same oak tree. I roll a joint and while doing so I realize my vision seems so different.

It's like looking through a magnifying glass and suddenly the joint, my fingers and the weed inside the joint, everything in my point of focus seems 10 times larger. Smoking the joint and looking around I realize that staring at the same tree the distance between us seems to change and now the tree is closer and bigger and then in the next instant it's further away and smaller. I keep on rubbing my eyes as everything seems to be quite fuzzy now and distances with everything around seems to change every second. It dawns on me that the Theory of relativity doesn’t apply just for time but for space too as they are 2 aspects of the same. I eventually close my eyes completely, letting myself get carried away by the vibes of Darpan still playing in my earphones. I have so many realizations, and it takes me back to Mother Ayahuasca. It seems like Acid is a small child compared to the Grandmother Aya but it's clear they're from the same family somehow and this can only be good for me. I seem to have the same sort of insights and higher frequency thoughts as in my first Ayahuasca ceremony. It also looks like there is a personality behind the substance, although quite very different from the Grandmother. While the Grandmother Ayahuasca is warm and soulful and quite personal, Uncle Acid is a bit more of a neutral scientist, observing and experimenting while also very insightful and friendly. Uncle Acid is light, playful, magical and fun. I realize this is meant to be, I had to have this experience, I had to come to London, and what a welcome I've got.

"Thank you London, I love you already. Thank you, angels, that guided me here and handed me the Acid. Thank you, Adrian, for having the courage to follow your intuition and come here. Thank you, Buddha, for supporting me on my journey. Thank you, beautiful brother-Oak, I will always remember you and will always be connected with you. Thank you Darpan for your magical music. Thank you so much spirit of the LSD. Thank you, mother Earth. Thank you, Father Sun. I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Tears roll down my cheeks, I've never felt so light in my body, so aware and lucid, with such an enhanced sensitivity, so in tune with my senses, so complete and whole, so connected, feeling so alive with each breath. After 5 years of meditation (or my interpretation of it), the most I've experienced was a brief moment of a higher awareness a couple of years ago, but this, this is a whole new level. I'm gonna call this the Buddha level.

The giant canvas begins to change colours into orange-violet-indigo as the sun is descending towards the horizon. It all feels so magical it's impossible to describe, like a fairy world, always in plain sight yet never observed or even noticed. I stand up and give a long warm hug to the Oaktree and its no different from hugging my human brother. There is so much love. Making my way back to the hostel, I realize my vision is back but still slightly enhanced, my walking is good and relaxed, not as tipsy anymore, and the sense of achievement and fulfilment is through the roof if there would be a roof at all. Not even the sky is the limit, there are no limits at all as far I understand. As the trip begins to fade away I have reflections of the highlights of the day and it seems like the trip is a beautiful parallel to our life, almost like watching the final movie, I am feeling grateful and fulfilled, no regrets only joy. I realize the Acid spirit is present and he lets me in on the fact that the global Kabbal is falling, like a bull falling from his feet and I will play a big role in it. I'm so happy, so excited and honoured. I wonder how could I ever have such a great influence on such a great and powerful structure, but then again, I could have never thought I will ever experience what I just did and my life was quite full of beautiful surprises so far, I can only reason that it will only get better and better.

Well... for NOW, I'm just so happy for today, so grateful for this fascinating playful experience. "I love you, Adrian, you are so courageous and so beautiful, I love you, I love you, I love you."

fact or fiction
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