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Marijuana: Good or Bad?

Inhaling or Consuming

Marijuana: Good or Bad?

As many of Americans have noticed, marijuana is becoming a regular part of everyday life for some. Educating yourself on the effects and benefits of marijuana is essential in making the decision on whether concern is needed. Now there are still many things we need to learn about it but evaluating the facts in our possession as it moves forward can be an invaluable asset. Smoking and the rise of edibles raises some questions. Which is better? For those that need the medicinal benefits of marijuana, can you do one or the other without increasing or influencing other ill effects? Are the effects of THC different between smoking or consuming marijuana? These are just but a few but let us look at what we know now.

First, assumedly when you smoke anything it has to influence your body right? According to the data, there is some concern about smoking marijuana. Marijuana has the same type of chemicals as tobacco smoke. Typically, when you inhale marijuana, you hold it in for a moment which exposes your lungs longer to chemicals like benzopyrene and Benz anthracene which has been known to cause cancer. Marijuana contains 50%-75% more of these cancer-causing compounds than regular tobacco smoke. However, it is difficult to tell if these can truly cause cancer because the THC and CBD found in marijuana also have anticancer properties which currently causes the data and studies on the effects of smoking marijuana and its contribution to cancer incomplete.

According to the latest studies, marijuana can be abused and addictive in severe cases. Many users complain of withdrawal effects that last up to two weeks. When taken daily to alleviate pain and nausea it can cause addictive side effects. The THC in marijuana also has side effects of its own. Symptoms usually include altered senses, changes in mood, impaired body movement, difficulty thinking and problem solving, impaired memory and learning, and in severe cases hallucinations, paranoia, and difficulty breathing. These symptoms, however, are not all that different than most pain medications. So as always, it is important to pay attention to how you are influenced by using marijuana as you would for anything else that may alter your body.

Consuming marijuana, as an edible for example, is said to be healthier than smoking marijuana. Smoking has been known to cause throat and mouth damage, gum disease, mouth sores and bad breath. It is absorbed into the nervous system through the lungs. This results in feeling a high in 1-2 minutes and usually lasts 1-3 hours. When consuming marijuana, THC is absorbed immediately throughout your gums and then digested in your stomach like food. It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to feel a high but lasts up to 7 hours and provides comfort more evenly throughout the body. While smoking marijuana, the high you feel is caused by the THC which produces a psychoactive chemical called Delta-9. Consuming marijuana, however, produces Delta-11 which is much longer lasting and it most cases produces a more relaxing feeling.

There are many mixed feelings about the uses of marijuana. The most important thing is to educate yourself before considering the use of it and to be safe. If marijuana proves to be beneficial to you then staying up to date on case studies and the effects of marijuana is important. It will not affect every individual the same. Medicinal purposes have many benefits and in some cases are the best alternative to pain and nausea. Recreationally, it should be carefully considered, and preparations should be made to prepare for potential symptoms, addiction, and possible long term health effects. As mass production of marijuana begins to grow, more data will likely become available.


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