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Marijuana Cultivation: Essential Steps to Growing High-Quality Cannabis Buds

Secrets to Growing Top-Shelf Buds

By Kurtis WilcoxPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Practically everyone can grow cannabis without much effort, making tons of mistakes, and produce buds that will do the job. But if your goal is to produce high-quality cannabis buds, that’s where the real struggle begins. Going for the perfect smell, taste, potency, and look is a bit tricky, so we’ve prepared some essential steps that will get you there in no time.

You Can’t Beat The Genes

While your grow skills certainly play a vital role, the fact still remains that the plant can’t end up better than its genes are. If you want sparky, dense, and potent buds, you’ll need the right genetics, to begin with. It’s basically like cooking—delicious dinner requires top ingredients. So the first step is to research about your options. Once you pick one, get informed about the specifics of the chosen strain so you can provide the proper growing conditions.

Avoid Humidity And Temperature Fluctuations

It’s important that you’re constantly aware of humidity and temperature in the room since even the slightest fluctuations of these two factors can cause a drastic impact on final yield. Matching these conditions to your plant's needs is a cornerstone of the growing process and basically determines the quality of buds. Carefully manipulating humidity and temperature is especially important in the flowering stage since it will prevent smells from burning away, bring out the colors such as purple or pink, and increase resin production.

The Right Amount of Nutrients

It’s crucial to provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients for each growth stage. In the second half of the flowering stage keep in mind that less food for the plant is more. Chemical taste of the buds is associated with high nutrient levels, so by keeping the nutrients low at this point, you’ll improve the taste of your final buds. Also, make sure your nutrients are rich in potassium and phosphorus, and low in nitrogen since a large amount of nitrogen will lead to small buds.

You Need Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is also essential, and not only affects the growth in terms of speed and size, but also increases potency, density, and yields. Common household lightbulbs won’t do the job—you need to choose between LEDs, HID lights such as MH or HPS, or T5 fluorescent lights. LEDs are the most popular solution, but make sure they’re full spectrum so you can adjust the wavelength that will fit your plant’s needs throughout each growing stage.

Don’t Harvest Before the Buds Are Ready

Considering all the effort and preparations that go into the growing process it’s very tempting to harvest as soon as you see the buds fattening and sense their smell. But for the optimum yield, it’s crucial to wait until the buds are ready to harvest. There’s a small window of two to three weeks for harvest, so resist the temptation to take them down prematurely and ruin everything you have worked for, for so long.

Drying And Curing Are Not Just Finishing Touches

When it comes to drying and curing most growers consider the process already done, but this step is actually an essential one. The way you do it can add or take away from the potency, scent, and taste, so it’s very important to pick the right technique. It’s especially important to dry your buds as slowly as possible (more than five days, ideally 10), so they don’t end up harsh, crispy, and smelling like cut grass.

Putting these essential steps to practice might be challenging, but they’re the proper knowledge base that will surely lead to high-quality cannabis buds that you'll enjoy.


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