Is it a gateway drug?


A lot of people disregard marijuana, weed, pot, reefer, etc. as a gateway drug. I believe it can be depending on the person, as it was in my case. Trying any substance can easily lead to curiosity of other substances. I smoked marijuana for the first time my freshman year in high school. I fell in love with the effects of being high. I got to the point to where I would skip class to get high with friends. My senior year I would smoke marijuana every night before bed. I noticed I would be extremely sleepy and groggy the next morning. I would fall asleep during class and get in trouble. Marijuana would make me lazy, tired, and unproductive. I told myself I would never try any other drug, especially meth or heroin. Marijuana would lead me to curiosity of other substances later on.

I was still smoking marijuana heavily at the age of 22. One fateful day, I went over to a friend’s house. He pulled out a small balloon and told me it was heroin. I was bored with marijuana and figured no harm, no foul. I became addicted to smoking heroin after the very first hit. Just about every dollar I was capable of getting my hands on would soon go to heroin. I would eventually try meth. Meth was not my drug of choice but I would use when it was around. I associated with the wrong crowd of people and found myself on the wrong side of the law. I dropped out of college three times. I was incapable of holding a job and finding steady employment.

I would eventually break free from my heroin habit by moving out of the state I was living in. Dabs were starting to become a trend. I tried it a few times but it was not really my thing. I was already too deep into the world of drugs. Dabbing was not going to prevent me from using other substances. I would once again get bored with marijuana. I was unimpressed with the dab craze, so a new addiction would arise. I found myself addicted to cocaine. I was financially stable at this point in time so now I found myself spending money on cocaine. I found the supply to meet my demand.

My love for drugs above all else cost me relationships with family and loved ones. I resorted to using any drug that came my way to kill the pain and loneliness. I was struggling with severe depression, guilt, and suicidal thoughts. My family was having to witness all of it firsthand. A lot of people who knew me knew hard drugs changed me as a person. Unfortunately, I was blind and ignorant to it. I finally made the decision with my family to enter a drug and alcohol treatment center. I realistically should have gotten help at a younger age. I have been clean and sober since the day I left treatment. I started a new life in a sober living home. I am grateful for my sobriety and thankful for every day I wake up. I have found a newfound freedom and love for life that few people will ever know. I love the person I am and the life I live today.

Marijuana was a gateway drug in my case. I suppose it ultimately depends on the person and willpower. After I tried marijuana, curiosity got the better of me when the opportunity to try other substances came my way. If anything, I honestly wish I had just stuck to marijuana.

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