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Manufacturers of Cannabis Vaporizers Tap Into Multi-Billion Industry in Medical Users

Cannabis Vaporizers Market: Portability Compelling Value Addition to Products

By Shubham JamdadePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Cannabis vaporization—or more popularly vaping—is gathering steam. The trend has evoked a persistent interest among both recreational users and for medical purposes; albeit the propensity for the twois unequally divided. Stridently over the years, the cannabis vaporizers market has evolved in expected and unprecedented ways. Products of different shapes, sizes, vaping mechanisms, and prices have either enchanted consumers or perhaps kept them away. The heterogeneity of the technology aside, general external environmental factors—particularly the complexity of legislations—has influenced the contours of the cannabis vaporizers market evolution.

Vaporization for Cannabis Administration Gaining Currency—What Fuels Preference?

Numerous health benefits of cannabinoids—there are more than 100 of them in cannabis plant-have galvanized enormous interest among smokers and non-smokers alike. With this, the ways where these group of compounds can be administered has also increased. More than anything else, vaporizers continue to anchor consumer inclination, with a number of them reporting a positive experience with the growing array of devices in the cannabis vaporizers market.

The concealability and efficiency are the key product attributes reinforcing the consumer preference toward cannabis vaporization as the mode of administration. Manufacturers have toyed with a variety of methods to satiate the cannabinoids’ urge of their consumers. Young adults—patients and non-patients included—have shown a strong penchant that other means. Without doubt, cannabis vaporizers manufacturers eye massive sales opportunities by targeting smokers. A study by a global market research firm has found abundant possibilities from medical and recreational users: it projects the valuation to touch US$ 26.52 Bn by 2031.

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Legislations Spur Recreational and Medical Applications

Regardless of the fact that cannabis legislations, if any in certain countries, are seldom straightforward and clear, these have positively impacted the market dynamics. Nevertheless, policymakers are keen on increasing oversight of the cannabis industry. And, unsurprisingly, the trend of vaping cannabis has caught on momentum in recent years. Especially among young adults and adolescents, the recreation and medical use of cannabis is making big news such as in Canada and the U.S. The many similarities that cannabis vaping devices share with e-cigarettes has perhaps been a veritable goading for young smokers to try cannabis vaping—especially when the health benefits of cannabishas gained widespread attention.

Devices meant for cannabis dry herb vaporizers are a popular category of portable flower vapes. Manufacturers in cannabis vaporizers market are eyeing vast opportunities there, with a few of them increasingly offering advanced design characteristics to help vapers to get the most out of medicinal herbs vaporization.

Portable Vaporizers Evoke Wide Attention

Portability is a huge customer value proposition in the cannabis vaporizers market. Stridently, they can be as sleek and slim as laptops or as fancy as pens. On-the-go portable vaporizers are assuming new form of vaping. Best handheld cannabis vaporizers have unlocked new avenues by targeting smokers to make a shift toward vaping. Amusingly, the devices have become more discreet.

Popularity Of Cannabis Vaporization Among Medical Users

Will Therapeutic Advantages Help Players to Shore Up Profits from Medical Cannabis Vaporizers Sales?

The growing number of medical cannabis card holders and non-patient users are drawn toward the medicinal benefits of CBD. Companies have witnessed growing sales of medical cannabis vaporizers in Europe, Canada, and Israel. The growing awareness about cannabis (flower) therapyhas led market players to focus on the safety well as effectiveness of cannabis delivery methods. Aside from the technology aspects, therapeutic efficacy of cannabis vaporizers among medical users needs more research studies on vaping behavior in them. Companies in the cannabis vaporizers market are expected to shift more dollars into R&D for understanding the risk/benefit profile of their prospects. Furthermore, regulations will be a vital aspect influencing vaping behavior in medical cannabis users. Companies such as Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG are geared toward offering reliable and medically certified vaporizers to tap into the avenue.

All said and done, for stable revenues, future market demand for cannabis vaporizers needs more backing by research studies. This certainly raises new opportunities masked in the challenges, and will shape the growth dynamics of the cannabis vaporizers market.


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